Sylvia's Visit

By lafayettemister

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Part 1
It was another Friday night at home with nothing to do but watch tv. Stu was just out of college and working at a church with the youth group. His roommate was a band director and was at the football game and wouldn't be home until much later. His job at the church offered him good hours but the pay was horrible.... and why he's home on Friday night... again. People assumed that he was a good church boy and he was perfectly happy to let them think so... but he's just like all the other guys his age. Sex was usually forefront in his mind.

He had just finished eating and decided to be a little bit productive and went into the kitchen of his townhouse to do a little cleaning. Just as he had begun to unload the dishwasher, the doorbell rang. He was a little annoyed, as he wasn't expecting any visitors and had planned to watch some porn.

He opened the front door to see an old friend. Sylvia. More accurately, she was an acquaintance. He'd known her since high school and they'd always been friendly and gotten along, but never really hung out much. Which was somewhat of a disappointment for him because Sylvia was very sexy.

Sylvia was about 5'4 and well put together. Her face was flawless and she had dark curly hair, Stu's favorite. She was wearing shorts that showed off her very nice legs, topped off with a perfectly proportionate butt. And a blue t-shirt that pulled across her large, but high tits. Leaving the fabric stretched between the two... a great look on most women but even better on her!

Stu was very surprised at the visitor at his door and assumed she was there to see his roommate. They did graduate together after all. 

"Hey Sylvia, what's up"

"Not too much, I just thought I'd drop in and see how you were doing. I haven't seen you for a while"

"Well come on in, I'm just about done unloading the dishwasher"

She followed him into the kitchen. They began talking about the normal stuff, catching up. When out of the blue she, with a sly grin, leaned over and made a joke as she pinched his nipple. After a few minutes, she did it again... and again.

He grinned and warned "Do that again, and turnabout is fair play"

They started chatting again, and once again she twisted his nipple.

"That's it, my turn," and chased Sylvia out of the kitchen. He caught her in the living room and went for his revenge. She put her arms in front of her breast to block his attempts, both were laughing. Her blocking was ineffective and he got a handful. She squealed in delight as they fell to the floor, wrestling with one another. As they rolled around on the floor he hoped that she wouldn't notice that his dick was fully hard; thank goodness for jeans.

Stu gains the advantage and straddles her body. Both are breathing heavy. Was it from wrestling or from anticipation. He pinned he arms beneath his knees. "Now, let's see what I can do to you now," she playfully "fought back" but she knew it was useless.... happily useless.

He began to run his hands over her chest. Her nipples were poking through her shirt and bra. "What have we here" as he lightly pinched her nipples. her eyes partly closed from the touch to her now aching buds. He continued to feel up her tits, groping them all over. Sylvia was giggling and smiling and her breathing had become a little erratic.

He shifted his weight just enough to get the fabric of her shirt from underneath him. He began to lift her shirt.. and inch at a time. "You wouldn't dare!" she said. Stu didn't even reply. He pulled her shirt all the way above her tits. All that was between him and them was her bra. Which conveniently clasped in the front. With a flick of his fingers, the clasp gave way. There in all their glory was Sylvia's spectacular breasts. They were better than he ever imagined they would be.

As he began to play with her nipples, she arched her back and turns her head sideways. There were only soft moans coming from her now. He leaned down and began licking circles around one breast. Each circle got smaller and smaller until all that was left was her very erect nipple, but he moved to the other one and does the same. Her nipples were fully erect and begging for attention. The look in her eyes told Stu that she needed more. Slowly, one last circle around her tit. He zeroed in on one nipple and took it into his mouth.

The shock of finally getting her nipple sucked caused Sylvia's back to come off the ground and she groaned with pleasure. All the while Stu had been holding her arms in place, but she offered no resistance. Stu kissed up from her breasts and kissed her neck. Then, with a passion that surprised Sylvia, he kissed her deeply on the mouth. Their tongues danced together. He is hard, has been hard and surely she could feel it pressed against her.

He sat up and stared down at her.."Well, let's see what other trouble we can get into." He reached behind and moved his hand up one leg. Slowly it went under the leg of her shorts. He looked at her and she begged him with her eyes to continue. Up to the junction between her legs. His smile was enormous as he felt that her panties were completely soaked. Slipping his finger inside her panties he ran it up and down her slit. His fingers slid inside her easily, they were both lost in the moment.

Stu pulled her t-shirt completely off, then pulled her shorts down. Slowly he peeled her wet panties away from her drenched pussy. The sight of her laying there completely naked is almost overwhelming. He slipped off his clothes and laid beside her. They began to kiss passionately again. His hands were all over her body. He wanted to know every inch of her skin. Finally his hands found their way between her legs. The warmth was drawing him closer. While he slipped a finger into her pussy his thumb began working on her clit. She gasped at the first touch of her sensitive button. 

She ground her crotch into his hand as he finger fucked her. Thumbing her clit the whole time. Sylvia was unable to speak.. all she could do was moan and groan. Stu continued the assault between her legs, then moved his head down to suck on her nipples. They were his favorite part of her body. Perfect in every way. The movement of his fingers got faster. He sucked and licked her nipples with more vigor. Her breathing was erratic. Just as he put another finger inside her and slid it in and out... her hips buck wildly.

"Mmmm, oh my god! Oooooohhhh"

Stu kept working on her pussy until the orgasm subsided. Taking his fingers out they were glistening with her juices. He looked her in the eyes as he licked and sucked them clean. Her eyes widened at the sight. He kissed her once more so they could both savor the taste of her.

Stu helps her up and lead her to his bedroom... she lays on his bed. Still with a rock hard dick he walk to his closet and gets 4 ties. He turned to look at her, both smile ear to ear at the thought of what he was going to do next...........