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Taking Help to my 18 year-old Friend a Stage Further

Giving my friend advice and guidance on sex
I lay there beside Lori, still with my prick inside her little blue cotton knickers and her hot wet pussy till she slowly opened her eyes and groaned, "Fuck, Adam, that was out of this world - you almost drove me wild when you put your prick inside the leg of my knickers and into my hot wet little pussy then, when you came inside me, that was it."

"So you liked it then, Lori?" I asked, gently easing my prick first out of her pussy then her knickers, "You liked having my prick inside you like that?"

"Oooooh, yes," she sighed, "If that's sex, teach me everything you know."

Wanting to make sure she was aware of what she was letting herself into, I said, "Some of it is pretty hot and kinky."

Grinning, Lori simple replied, "Bring it on, Adam, bring it on."

Suddenly feeling the need for a drink, I asked, "Would you like a drink, Lori?"

"Yes, how about a gin and tonic, if you have any."

Easing my prick back inside my y-fronts and jeans again, I got off the bed and disappeared into the kitchen where I got us both a G & T. When I returned to the bedroom, Lori was lying stretched out on her back on the bed but she had pulled her skirt down again.

In an effort to let Lori catch her breath, I sat on the edge of the bed.

As we sipped our drinks, we discussed what had happened between us since she moved in with me and, while we both agreed it was all a bit sudden, Lori made a point of telling me that she was extremely glad with the way things had turned out.

Suddenly, Lori said, "You know, Adam, we haven't discussed how we're going to work out the money side of things."

"That's easy," I replied without even having to think about it, "I'll look after the bills and we split the food."

"Jesus," she gasped, "You make it all sound so easy." then, finishing her drink she handed me her glass, asking politely, "Could I have another, please."

I picked up her glass and again headed for the kitchen but, when I returned to the bedroom this time, I saw that Lori had been on the move as one of the top drawers on her dressing table was slightly open. I wondered just what was in that drawer - could it be the ones she kept her undies in???

Again, we sat discussing the future as we finished our drinks then, hoping I wasn't about to upset Lori, I asked, "Did I hear you right when you said that you'd never masturbated?"

Lori lay there looking at me for a few minutes then, almost whispering, she responded by saying, "Yes, you heard me right, Adam, "I ..... I've never masturbated"

"But why?" I gasped, "There's nothing wrong with masturbating, it's perfectly normal, I've known a few girls who did it."

Lori caught me unawares as she asked, "Did you see any of them doing it?"

"Y... yes," I stammered.

"T ... tell me how they did it, Adam?"

Sure she was using this as a way of building up to masturbating for me, I replied, "One of them was still at senior school and was wearing her school uniform the night it happened. We were on our own in her house and, when I suggested she do it for me, she agreed readily. She sat opposite me and slowly lifted her bottle green gymslip up till it was around her waist, happily showing me her lovely tight bottle green cotton school uniform knickers. My prick was rock hard as I sat staring between her open legs at where her gym knickers were pulled tight between her legs then, with an evil smile on her face, she slipped her right hand between her legs and began fingering herself through her schoolgirl knickers. She must have been fairly excited as it was only a short time till she groaned, a dark stain appearing on her bottle green knickers as she made herself cum for me."

"And what about the others?" Lori asked then.

"The were older girls," I said, "And they more or less masturbated the way the schoolgirl did, skirt of dress up, legs open, hand either between their legs or inside their panties, masturbating furiously till they came."

Looking flushed, Lori wanted to know how I felt after watching the girls masturbating.

"Horny as hell," I told her honestly, "And, every time it happened, I had to masturbate when I got home."

Lori sat there, obviously thinking about what to do till, after a few minutes, she smiled and said, "Alright, Adam, I ... I'll let you see me masturbating but on one condition."

Ready to agree to absolutely anything whatsoever, I gasped,"Alright."

"Tell me what to do, Adam, "Tell me every little thing you want to see me doing."

Fuck, I thought as I sat watching her, how much fun was this going to be!!!

"Alright, let's begin," I said eagerly.

Lori simply nodded so I began by saying, "Play with your nipples, play with your little nipples till you make them hard."

Watching me intently, Lori slowly moved her hands up over the front of her white blouse then, when her fingers were on her nipples, she moaned loudly.

"That's a good girl," I told her, "Feel them, finger them, pinch them and make them lovely and hard."

Playing with her little nipples was obviously having a good effect on Lori as she started writhing on the bed then, when she took her hands away for a few moments, I gasped, "I can see your nipples pushing against your blouse and bra, Lori."

"This feel good, Adam, I can feel my nipples getting harder and harder as I play with them."

"Okay, lets move on," I said, "Use one hand to keep fingering your nipples and slip the other up your skirt."

I watched intently as she slipped her right hand up her skirt, and, when she groaned, I guessed it was on her knickers.

"What can you feel, Lori?" I asked.

Almost whispering, she replied, "M ... my knickers, Adam, I can feel the front of my knickers."

In the absence of any objections from Lori, I took it that she was happy with what we were doing so, getting bolder, I croaked, "Lift your skirt."

The poor girl was getting excited as she reached down with her free hand and took hold of the bottom of her skirt then, groaning softly, she lifted it right up, making me gasp whenI saw that she was wearing white knickers, tight little plain white cotton knickers that made her look like a little girl.

Not needing any prompting this time, Lori opened her legs wide and slipped her hand between them, crying out, "Fuck .... Oooooooohhhh .... Fuck ...... , Adam, they're wet, my white knickers are so lovely and wet between my legs."

In an effort to further her education, I told her, "You have two choices now, you can either masturbate yourself through your knickers or put your hand inside them."

Lightly stroking her hot wet pussy through her knickers, Lori gasped, "Which do you prefer, Adam?"

"I love a girl masturbating in any was she wants," I began, "But I have to admit that I love watching a girl's hand moving inside her knickers."

Without a word, Lori slowly moved her hand up to the waistband of her knickers then, groaning loudly, she slipped it under the elastic.

As I watched the outline of her hand as it moved down inside the front of her knickers, I couldn't stop myself from opening the front of my jeans and easing out my throbbing prick.

Opening her eyes wide, Lori moaned, "It's big, Adam, your prick is so big and hard - is seeing me with my hand inside my little white cotton knickers doing that to you?"

"You bet," I gasped, slowly stroking my prick as Lori fingered herself and, as she did, I dark stain began to appear on the gusset of her knickers, a stain that got larger and darker the faster she fingered fucked herself.

My lovely little Lori lay there on her bed, her hand buried deep inside the front of her white cotton knickers as she unashamedly masturbated herself for me till, after a few minutes, she whispered, "Watch me, watch me masturbating, Adam, I'm going to cum .... I'm going to cum soon."

The only sound in the room for the next few moments was our heavy breathing and the sheer excitement of it all made me get up and kneel on the bed between Lori's legs.

Obviously guessing what I was about to do as I started stroking my prick harder and faster, Lori wailed, "Come with me, come with me, Adam"

Watching her hand moving inside her knickers was a fucking great turn on for me and I was'nt surprised when she suddenly screamed loudly, "I'm cumming ..... I'm cumming, Adam, watch me, watch me with my hand inside my knickers, masturbating for you."

My cum started building up in my balls till I erupted, shooting a long jet of cum over the front of Lori's knickers, and then the crotch of them, making her groan, "Cum of my knickers ..... Ooooooohh, I'm cumming too, I'm cumming too."

We both relished the delight, me of watching Lori with her hand inside her knickers and her watching me stroking my prick as we both masturbated ourselves.

I was sure for certain that this was a day neither of us would ever forget as we lay on her bed, each of us wrapped in our own thoughts.

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