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Teasing Myself

I sighed, closed my laptop, and turned off the light. It was 1:57am and I had to be at work at 8am - story of my life. I was restless with worry about impressing my boss at my new job, but staying up late and getting five hours of sleep was probably not the way to do it.

I was in a state of too much stress, not enough down time, and practically a zero in my sex life. Every 23-year-old's dream, I thought to myself. I fell asleep with this sarcasm on my mind.

I awoke in the night and glanced at the clock across the room: 2:37am. I did a quick mental calculation, determining I had exactly four hours and eight minutes left until my alarm clock was to go off. "Goddamnit, I do not have time for this restless middle-of-the-night bullshit," I said aloud to myself.

I rolled over and resumed a position I often sleep in - lying on my stomach with my hands under me and hands down my panties. I did not lie this way in a sexual sense, I just got some kind of comfort from lying with my hands touching my thighs. Tonight, however, when I reached down my panties, I expected to quickly drift off to sleep but instead discovered I was horny. The feel of my hands on my pelvis was not platonic as it usually was. This touch began a warmth in my pussy that I was familiar with. I felt myself start to get wet as I subconsciously started to gyrate my hips.

Ugh, come ON! I need my sleep, I thought, chastising my sexually charged body for picking such an inconvenient time of day to get worked up. I turned over on my back, removing my hands from my panties, hoping this feeling would pass and I could drift back into my on-and-off, sexually charged, stressed out sleep.

The longer I lay there, the more times I found an excuse to move just so I could rub my thighs together. I realized I was not going to fall asleep without dealing with my arousal. Wearing just a tank top and panties, I finally submitted to my desire and peeled my tank top off, arching my back to allow myself room to remove it. My 34DD tits fell into my waiting hands, where I pinched my nipples as they hardened. I brought my right nipple to my mouth and slowly circled my tongue around it. It hardened even more, almost begging me to nibble on it. I bit it gently, sending a spark of heat directly to my wet pussy. I felt my clit harden with my nipples as I played with them both.

I decided then that regardless of the time of day, I was going to make this last - I was hotter and wetter than I'd been in a long time, and I was going to tease myself.

I left my panties on, a favorite way to tease myself when I am masturbating. I ran my hands all over my body, starting with my hair. My thick brown hair was still slightly damp from showering, and I ran my hands through it, gently at first, then harder. I ran my hands down to my tits, again pinching and twisting my now totally erect nipples. I kept one hand on my nipples as I let my other hand wander to my belly, playing with the top and side seams of my panties. This was absolute torture. All I wanted to do was rip off my panties and attack my soaking pussy until I came, but I knew my orgasm would be better if I built it up like this.

My hand lightly tickled my belly and inner thighs, intentionally staying away from my pussy. The hand which was on my breast moved its way down too, so now both of my hands were exploring my body. I allowed my hands to caress my inner thighs and pulled them in to my pussy lips, careful not to touch my wet slit or clit yet. I rubbed my pussy lips lightly, and even this light touch was driving me crazy.

In my frustration, I took one of my hands off and back up to my hair, pulling it hard. My other hand, still between my legs, I finally allowed to move to the center of my pussy (still through my panties) and gently stroke my burning slit. My wetness had long since soaked through my panties, and my two fingers I was rubbing with were soaked within seconds. I very slowly and lightly rubbed back and forth on my wet slit, occasionally bumping my clit, making me gasp. My other hand moved from my hair back to my tit, which I pulled toward my mouth. I flicked my tongue on my nipple while I circled my clit ever so lightly through my panties.

I was going crazy at this point. Frantic for release, I slipped my ring finger under the side of my panties, just to test how wet I was. My other fingers stayed on the outside of my panties, but I allowed myself the satisfaction of dipping one finger into my throbbing cunt. I moaned out loud at just the feel of that one finger. I was absolutely drenched. I could feel my juices dripping down my pussy and leaking out the side of my panties. My finger slowly inched its way into my panties from the side and felt between my hot lips where my slit was - I quickly removed my finger and brought it to my mouth, moaning as I tasted myself.

Knowing how close I was, I tried very hard not to touch my pussy too hard. One stroke too many and I would cum too soon. I slowly slid my panties down my smooth legs and off my feet. I was now totally naked up against my sheets. I ran my hands up my calves, then my thighs. I lingered at my inner thigh, careful not to touch my pussy. I ran my hands up my belly and again massaged my tits, bringing both nipples to my mouth this time. I sucked and bit them harder than before, which made me even wetter, if that was even possible.

I made the decision to move my non-dominant hand down my body to my thighs. When I use this hand, it feels like someone else touching me, which is so much hotter sometimes. I kept my right hand up on my tits, pinching my nipples, and worked my left hand down my belly and firmly caressed my inner thighs.

I could not resist any longer.

I moved my hand to my pussy and with one finger, began to glide up and down my soaked naked slit. I was so swollen and wet that my finger easily slid up and down my cunt. I turned my hand up so it was aimed toward my pussy and allowed two fingers to slowly go into my cunt. I gasped my breath in and when I breathed out, it was a guttural throaty moan as I started to fuck myself with my two fingers.

It didn't take long before I was on the brink of orgasm. I slowed down, with MUCH self control, to allow myself to build up again. This time, I decided, I would allow myself to cum. I began slowly fucking myself with three fingers and used my thumb to circle my wet clit. This gave me little spasms in my stomach and I almost came on the first thrust. I started slowly and continued to pinch my nipples with my right hand. I sped up and started to buck my hips to meet my hand. My breathing got fast and ragged and I started to moan as I felt myself approaching a raging climax.

I felt it build up within me. It felt like it started from my insides and exploded from my clit and pussy outward in my body. My hips were thrusting into my hand and as I came my movements became less rhythmic and my hips froze up in the air as I sped my thrusting hand up. I cried out, unable to stay quiet, and allowed my orgasm to fill me. I let my hips come back and hit my bed as I continued to jerk around with the intense orgasm. As I started to come down from it, I kept thrusting my fingers in and circling my clit, riding it out as long as I could.

Eventually, I found myself lying in my bed with my hand, thighs, and sheets soaked in my pussy juices while I sweated and my chest heaved. I pulled my fingers out and slowly licked them clean. I loved to clean myself up. I reached for the bed stand for a tissue to tidy up my thighs and pussy and I rolled over, more content than I had been in months. I decided not to look at the clock, but to just drift off to sleep in my blissful state and hope that my post orgasmic glow would override my sleep deprivation in the morning.


This is my first story on Lush, so any feedback would be appreciated!

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