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Tending The Gardens - Part One

When a search of a service provider takes an intriguing turn for the better...
She awaited his arrival, heart thumping loudly in her ears, as she tried to collect herself. She had only known him a few weeks, discovered his service by sheer serendipity. So many calls later, she finally struck gold.

Of all those she contacted he was the only one willing to deal with her peculiar requests and personality. He was so polite, polished, poised and confident. This appealed to her tastes and her demeanor.

She felt a flush come over her overwhelming her senses as she replayed his arrival on the first day. Wearing that black tank top, tight jeans, arriving atop that shiny metallic chrome and black Harley (she believed that's what it was). He looked so "cut", so handsome with those piercing, knowledgeable, intense steely blue eyes. Just the way she liked them! Mmmmmm... nice start, she thought to herself.

She could feel his essence right from the start, the first day they met. Strange how powerful the attraction was and so immediately. She sensed a mutual magnetism and interest, as well, and hoped it wasn't just her rich imagination. She could see the gleam in his eyes as he caressed her thoroughly with just his look. His smile and approach seemed to say much as to his approval of her own lithe form and appearance. Again, she prayed she was reading him right. She was glad she wore the tighter fitting spandex pants and the lower cut sweater for this meeting, plus she had just gotten that shorter sexier hairdo her stylist had been coaxing her to try, like forever? Good move she thought to herself.

The day was upon them for a first appearance at the property, a review of the outside needs, to restore order to the chaos it had become, so overgrown and untidy.

She could hear the roar of his engine as he approached from around the curve just ahead of her driveway. He was dressed like a gypsy this time, looking mean and cool, and ready for just about anything life could throw at him.

Wow… what a vision, she thought. She could not believe her good fortune. Of all the companies she contacted, what were the odds that this would be the one who would deliver the goods. "Deliver the goods", now there's a warm thought, she pondered momentarily. If all they delivered was HIM, she'd die a happy women.

His bike gleamed as he rounded the corner. Polished, spotless, brutish… matching the rider.

He was already grinning broadly before he even arrived at the drive. He looked kind of boyish, devilish, full of hell, as she anxiously stood outside the door watching his every move and expert handling of that big bike.

He pulled in, pulled up, leaned the heft of heavy metal over to the side and gracefully dismounted, all in one liquid motion, as was her impression at that moment. "Liquid motion", she liked the sound of that, the thought of that. Another flush pulsed along her frame, this time taking hold of her physically in a manner that gave her a direct and pleasant sensation between her legs, unmistakably. She shivered and trembled for a moment before restoring control (barely).

He moved up close without sparing a moment, practically catching her off guard. He stepped right over to her putting his hand on her shoulder and guiding her towards the yard as if they had been through this "dance" a thousand times before. His hand felt natural on the back of her shoulder, unassuming, lightly poised, a slight tremble of his own giving something away he may not have wanted to at this stage.

As they stood and surveyed the chaos of her yard, his hand remained, as she did nothing to displace it or give signals that it wasn't welcome. She sensed his ease most of all, and his fluid command of the language. She liked that he was so articulate, educated. His conduct as to the task at hand was admirable, as he cut right to the crux of the needs before him, asking all the right questions to save them both time, yet maintaining a relaxed and confident poise, meeting her eyes often, that had a very comforting effect on her.

She liked him immediately and felt a hard to define connection. Was it an aura kind of thing perhaps? She was receptive to that kind of thing. Maybe it was as much to do with hormones, her loneliness, and all those aching nights lying in her bed alone, listening to the wind howling in the trees, the breaking of sticks in the woods, as nocturnal beasts roamed about in search of prey or substance.

Night upon night, thinking how she would like her own beast to find her alone, roam her landscape, dine on her substance, fill her loneliness with something that would end her own hunger once and for all.

Upon ending the mundane chit-chat as to service requests, she noticed his hand finding her back again. This time it slowly slid down to settle on the "small" of her back, and there was no doubt as to the tremble she could detect. This moved her, elicited excitement and desire from her, and re-fired up the heat she felt earlier between her legs. She was certain there was a subtle wetness developing there. God but he was a thing of beauty to behold. Broad chest, rippling forearms, biceps that could hug her to the moon and back, no doubt. Strong broad shoulders and a butt that was tight as a native drum skin. Yum, she thought to herself, for about the tenth time since he arrived, how I would love to grab those buns and pull him close.

It seemed the natural thing to do to invite him in, seeming as there were still contract numbers to discuss, and besides he looked so damn thirsty (and hungry). She knew deep within that once inside she would be even more susceptible to her longings and desires. Once out of view of the public and in the confines of her carefully adopted sanctuary, rich with ambience and warmth, she knew her senses and his would be heightened and lit.

He graciously removed his footwear, without her even asking. What a gentleman, she thought to herself again. Good manners and upbringing obviously. Once inside their eyes locked on each other and he studied her for a number of moments, concentrating but wordless. Ordinarily this would be cause for some degree of nervousness or awkwardness, especially with someone she barely knew, yet there was none of that here.

Comfortable in the moment she stared back into his own eyes, studying them intently. She allowed her eyes to then caress his body, as he did likewise with her. His eyes settled on her cleavage and she could see his baby blues glowing with sensual intention and lust.

She noticed a flush coming over his neck and cheeks, and with that acknowledgement, discovered her own, as she felt a tremble once again and a urgent desire to feel his touch, but this time to her bare flesh. As if he were reading her mind his hand found her arm and she quickly covered it with her own hand, confirming her acceptance and allowance of this forward approach to continue.

His hand was warm, reassuring, light and strong all at the same time. Goosebumps sprung up along the length of her arm and continued to invade her lithe form. Her legs trembled this time and she knew she had to sit soon or her knees might give out.

She directed them both to a love seat placed near the fire, a low burning ember, but glowing with a soft golden cast to the entire room. The smell of some scented oil arrived to his sense of smell, along with a whiff of her perfume. He was amazed at her attention to detail within, and too with her own attire and carefully matched accoutrements. Her jewel was dazzling, as it all seemed to blend with her eyes and skin so supremely. The room was warm, richly furnished, inviting and lush... just like her, he thought to himself.

She inquired as to his thirst. After a pause and a careful long sweeping gaze up and down, in admiration of the woman seated next to him, he smiled broadly, cleared his throat in a teasing manner, and asked what she had in mind. She paused herself, thinking that one over. She knew perfectly well what she had in mind, but kept it to herself... for now.

She returned the complimentary "research" and carefully studied him, taking in even more detail of his masculine frame. She rested her eyes on his bulge, plainly visible between his thick rippling thighs. She lingered long enough to make absolutely sure he'd notice. However, before she could match his eyes again, she noticed a pulsing movement and sleight engorgement of the bulge. She had her answer before she even looked up.

When she did, he was grinning broadly again, that same boyish grin that had painted his face as he approached on his heavy metal machine on arrival. She loved that devilish smile, and the teasing lively gleam in his deep blue eyes. She took in his loosely arranged locks, nearly blonde, but more on the brunette side. She liked that it wasn't fashioned like some model, but loose and free-flowing. It spoke something to her about his demeanor and mannerisms.

He seemed a bit of a rebel in many ways, including his dress. His attire was almost more like something she might imagine Robin Hood or one of his men might have dressed like, in the Sherwood Forest, back in that day. Earthy, comfortable, unique, sexy, daring almost. She liked that he didn't conform and that he flaunted his own style. It fit him well. She felt a burning sensation flood her from deep inside, all the way to her outer flesh, as she studied him again. This was going to be good, she had a feeling already.

She asked if he drank wine, to which he affirmed his affection for such. She disappeared into the kitchen after excusing herself. While she fiddled about collecting glasses and finding a quality vintage to share (something that would test his sensibilities on another level),she had good visibility of him sitting out there alone.

As she gathered what she sought, she continued to observe his behavior. What she next saw took her breath away, almost caused her to drop the glasses and bottle clutched in her hands.

As he dreamily gazed into the fire place, one of his hands was massaging his bulge. Clearly his intent was to stimulate himself further. He did so unabashedly. His gaze looked so languid and appeased. She hesitated, lingered to allow this show to go on uninterrupted. This was too good to be true. She was mesmerized, in awe, finding herself drawn in and highly excited, charged.

His hand worked expertly caressing softly and very slowly his entire length. Occasionally his legs would spread slightly as his hand reached further down into his crotch, cupping his balls, moving even further still beyond his scrotum. His hand would return and gently stroke his ever growing length. She shivered and ached to see even more.

She set the glasses and bottles down carefully, quietly, then moved her own hand to her breasts, fondling softly, cradling each, cupping and finally pinching each nipple tenderly. She moaned softly, hopping he wouldn't be alerted. She could not take her eyes off his handsome strong form. He looked so muscular in that tight tank top and those skin hugging jeans.

One of her hands traveled to her loins and began their own exploration, carefully and slowly meandering towards the wetness that was easing an escape on to her tiny silken panties. She could not keep her hand from it's intended target much longer, as her need was furious by now. It had been so long since she had known the touch or sight of a man, a REAL man like this man.

Her moan escaped louder this time, as her knees buckled a tad, and her breathing came in gasps. She continued to message her own needs but simultaneously concentrate her view on his performance. He was busy as ever with a solid intention. His gaze seemed lost now, as if he were being transported to another place and time. His lips were slightly parted, and she could just barely hear his own gasp and low throaty moans.

How this turned her on all the more. She also noticed for the first time that he seemed to be flicking his eyes hard to the side, perhaps stealing a glance out of his peripheral to see if he was being spied on. In fact once this idea took root, she was more certain by the moment that he was indeed glancing sideways in her direction.

Was this his intention? Was he playing some hide-and-go-seek game with her here? Did he sense her intense needs all along, and devise some stimulating game-play to advance the sexual tension and sensuality between them? Was he this clever and were his instincts that good? Ohh my God, was she dreaming all this? His hand caressed his thigh for a few moments, as his cheeks seemed more flushed than ever, and not just from the heat of the fire. She could see them clearly from where she spied on him in the kitchen. She also could clearly hear his low moans coming more freqently now, and she stopped being so concerned for concealing her own responses to her searching prying fingers, now slowly transforming what had been only a slight wetness to a full-on warm flow of pre-cum. How she wanted this to go on, wanted more, so much more.

Then.. finally… it happened! Their eyes met... locked, and a fire, beyond any ever built in the mantle, ignited between them, eyes growing wide, mouths opening a bit more for each other. The hunger on both their faces blossoming full-on. His arousal beyond obvous, pulsing movements beneath the material of his jeans, her hands in plain sight, clutching her breasts, bra uncupped by now. No more pretense… it was ON!

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