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That Time of the Month

Caught masturbating by my girlfriend and punished
Any woman would tell you that she is often at her horniest state when she is unable to do anything about it, which is usually during her menstrual period. Sorry ladies, but I can’t relate because I’m horny during any period in my life. Anyway, may girl is usually in a ‘hands-off’ mode when Aunt Flow is visiting, so my sexual tensions cause a ‘hands-on’ effect, if you know what I mean. Debra, my live-in girlfriend, is well aware of my personal moments during her monthly. One day I got careless masturbating upstairs in the bedroom as I watched a porn video. It’s sometimes difficult to hear someone coming through the front door downstairs, especially when your mind is on coming and you know that you’re home alone.

So I am really getting into pleasing myself, using a combination of long, slow strokes and the KY-Jelly that heats up when applied. The scene in the movie I’m watching is almost at its climax as a thick, black girl is getting drilled from behind by a brother working with at least 10 inches. My self-inflicted pleasure is beginning to heat up as my mind begins to mistake my hand and the lubricant as the girl’s pussy in the flick. As the young lady featured in the scene is getting louder and louder, the guy banging her and I are getting closer and closer to blasting off into the orgasmic universe. All of a sudden the well hung stud pulls out and the dark vixen turns around quickly to catch his entire load with her mouth, and the rest is splattered all over her face and huge breasts. After seeing that, I shot my load with a fury similar to one after a good fuck. I start to moan and grunt in ecstasy as cum is deposited from my stomach to the top of my chest. Whew! That was a good one there because mentally, I was actually fucking somebody. After my heart rate returned to normal, I realized that I didn’t grab a towel to prevent from smearing nut all over myself. “Ah man……I made a mess.” Last time I did this I fell asleep before I could clean myself up. As I was cleaning up, little did I know I was being watched the whole time by Debra. So while I mopped up my juices, Debra ran back downstairs and acted like she was coming through the door for the first time.

“Hey, baby! I’m home!” Debra bellowed. I answered her clumsily as I tried to speed up the cleansing process and turn the porno off. When Deb got up to the room I was laying across the bed with my shorts halfway on my ass and the TV was switching from video mode to regular television channels. Debra asked, “Why do you look so suspect? Whatcha been doing?” I answered, but I was stumbling and stuttering the whole time. She had to know I was lying through my teeth. “Oh, oh, ah……nuttin’” Debra says, “Um, um…I bet”

I successfully changed the subject soon after by asking how her day went. She said she had a busy day but being on her period didn’t help, plus she had sex on her mind all day. “And Cy, looking at you with your shorts hangin’ off your ass isn’t helping much either. You know I can’t do anything right now. Can I suck your dick though?” I almost choked when she asked me that. It was so unexpected, not to mention I just came, still had KY-Jelly remnants on my dick, and I was basically useless for the next 30 minutes or so. Things looked pretty suspicious, however, when she saw the look on my face and she was almost in tears from laughing to herself so hard. I guess she didn’t want to make history today by watching me turn down a blow job so she quickly made an admission that she was joking. After a sigh of relief, she went downstairs to watch the news, and I went to sleep. I woke up about 3 hours later to the sound of women laughing. I thought I left the TV on but I turned and saw that it was already off. It sounded like Debra had company over. I used the distraction of company downstairs to jump in the shower, put on my sweats and come down to get a sandwich and to see what face and body that voice was coming from. As I came down the steps, I could see the legs and feet of our visitor. Nice, smooth, athletic legs, with feet that look like they just had a pedicure. She had her sandals off so I assumed she felt comfortable in here. When I reached the bottom of the steps, Deb and the visitor had these big Kool-Aid smiles painted on their faces, and I was introduced to a fox name Nicole. Deb told me that Nicole was in town looking for investment property. She and Deb went to college together and Nicole is using the trip to visit old friends as well. Nicole stood about 5’5” with no shoes on, caramel complexion, short textured hair, with a knockout body. Her breasts were exaggerated by a leather bustier she was wearing with a pair of cutoff blue jean shorts that exposed these muscular thighs and nice round ass.

I had to catch myself from staring because I didn’t want to get slapped into next week by Deb. Then Deb asked me if I liked what I saw. I knew right then she caught me looking at her friend’s pussy print through those tight ass shorts. I didn’t know how to answer that question, and from the expression I gave Deb, she knew that as well. Deb admitted, “Cy, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her either when I first saw her, so stop sweating and put your tongue back in your mouth.”

We all started laughing at my embarrassment when Nicole proclaimed, “Deb, he can keep that tongue out as long as he knows how to use it, girl.” Deb vouched for me respectfully. “Oh, Nikki, he definitely knows what to do with it. Maybe, if you’re lucky, we can get him to show you one day.” Nicole nodded her head with approval. “Maybe.” At this point I am in complete shock. Deb is one of the most jealous women I have ever dealt with in my life. I have never heard her say anything remotely close to sharing her man. Every time I bring up ménage e trios in a joke, I get cussed out, so I’m sure you understand my confusion. “What does that mean?” I asked Deb. “We just joking around with you, boy, so stop dreaming.”

With my eyes still occasionally glancing at Nicole, I noticed her eyes looking in a downward fashion. Her actions made me look towards the floor, and peeped by sweats poking out a little from the recent conversation. My dick has a slight curve when it gets hard so it looked like a banana in my pants. Nicole’s mouth was gaped open looking at my pole. Deb’s bent over and put her head where my dick is resting in my pants and looks up to Nicole and said, “see something down here you like?”

Nicole paused for a moment after realizing that Deb was talking to her and said, “Oh, uh…girl, I was checking out….uh, damn… caught me. Sorry Deb.” “Its okay, Nikki. I have been telling Cy that some of his pants advertise for him. I catch myself staring, so I know other women do too.” I started to feel like I put my dick in a fishbowl when I get dressed. But, still, to my surprise, Deb is so happy-go-lucky during this conversation that it is almost scary. And it has turned me on that my erection is beginning to grow even more. Nicole, still smiling, takes another glance at my cock and her eyes start to widen. I gracefully excuse myself to the kitchen because I’m still hungry, plus I needed to calm down and deflate my loins. While in the kitchen I overhear the girls talking about their plans for the evening. Nicole had no definite plans, as she figured a day of surfing the net for property she hadn’t screened before her trip. The two decided they would hook up after Deb got out of her real estate class tonight, which would be close to 10pm. When asked my plans I made up some cockamamie story to be working even though I had a planned vacation day so I wouldn’t be volunteered to entertain Nicole. It worked. Nicole is going to be at her hotel waiting on Deb, and I will be able to do whatever I want with the free time I have created.

The next day while Deb is at work and then off to class, and my needed day off is in full effect, I decide to finally get out of the bed and do some work in the yard. As I pull the lawnmower out the shed to the front of the house, I notice someone trying to leave a note on the front door of my crib. “Excuse me. Can I help you?” I startled the individual. They quickly turned around and to my surprise, it was Nicole. “I didn’t mean to scare you, Nicole. By the way, what are you doing here?” “Cy, I didn’t expect you to be here. I stopped by to leave a note for Deb when she got home.” She paused as she tried to figure out the puzzled look on my face. “So what are you doing here, Cy? I thought you had to work today.” ”Well, Nicole…..” She interrupted me. “Call me Nikki.” “Okay, Nikki…..I, ah…well, um….I needed to do some work around the….” She interrupted me again, this time with some resentment in her voice. “Whatever, Cy! You told Deb you had to work so you wouldn’t have to entertain me today. I’m not crazy.” “Okay, okay. You got me. Let me make it up to you by taking you to lunch.” I offered quickly so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings, but Nicole had a different idea. “Don’t worry about lunch, Cy. I ate already.” All of a sudden, a devilish look came across her face. “I would like something to drink though. Do you have time to do that for me?” “Sure, no problem. Is that all you want?”

Wow, I couldn’t believe I gave her such a loaded question. As much as I was fantasizing about this girl when I first met her, I knew trouble brewed if I ended up fucking her. I was almost afraid of her answer. Nicole began to give this sinister little chuckle and said, “Do you really want me to answer that question?” I turned around to look at her and stumbled on a rock decoration on the walkway to the front door. After catching my balance I was still speechless, then my mind started wandering again as I began to scan Nicole’s dynamite figure again. Today, it was warm so she sported a splattered paint colored design summer dress which was see-through. The dress was symmetric at the bottom, showing off that powerful looking left thigh and calf being exaggerated by the high-heel sandals exposing French-manicured toenails. The transparent design of the dress showed off the outline of the black thong lightly concealing her pussy. As my eyes traveled the road of the treacherous curves of her body encased in that revealing outfit, I noticed her dark, brown nipples rising like rock formations. Coincidentally, I had on those sweats again and the bulge in my crotch simultaneously increased with the growth of her erect nipples. Once again she noticed my dick trying to escape its captivity.

“Oh, I see you got those sweats on again, Cy.” “How can you tell?” I asked, waiting for the correct response. “Well, that’s the same print I saw yesterday, right?” She pointed directly at the lump in my pants, walking toward me with that one outstretched arm. After a couple steps, that finger poked me in my now-hard shaft. She quickly apologized for bumping into me and now grabs my dick and rubs it like a mother caring for their child after they bang their elbow against something. I felt as though I needed to play the hard-to-get role since this woman is good friends with my girlfriend. I’ll fuck her, but she is going to have to work a little harder to get this dick. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up sister. Whatcha doin’?” “Oh, my bad, Cy. I thought…..” “You didn’t think!” “I’m sor-…..”

“Don’t be sorry. Just get your ass in that house. I can’t fuck you out here!” Nicole had a frown on her face when I acted as I was chiding her, then that frown turned upside down into a smile after I boldly demanded that she get inside the house for the thrashing she has been seductively asking for. As Nicole goes into the house, I tell her that I am going to put the lawnmower away, but I actually wanted to make sure my nosey ass neighbors weren’t around when my new fuck buddy was giving me a penis massage. No one appeared to be eavesdropping on me so I made my way into the house. Nicole was ending a conversation on her cell phone as I walked through the door. “Everything’s going well. See you soon.” I suspected she was speaking with a business associate or something, so I paid it no mind. Plus, I got transfixed on the G-string outline showing through that window-type dress. Suddenly, I didn’t have to look through the dress anymore as she used that two-arm criss-cross motion to remove the garment over her head. Nicole’s body was immaculate. Her caramel complexion glistened from the rays of sunshine beaming from the patio door window, separating the light as it passed through the vertical blinds. Those rock hard nipples showed their true identity, also. They were huge as she favored them with a couple of gentle pinches and tugs. She gave a slight grin while her left hand departed from her breasts to travel a slow journey across the terrain of her 6-pack abs and arrive on her freshly shaved pussy. Her clit hung from her pussy like a X-mas ornament, and I was thinking about how I was going to suck and nibble on that big clit until she came in my mouth multiple times over. I wanted to taste that shit! Bad! She tickled that clit and inserted two fingers into that cunt and you could see the sweetness of her love juice dripping off those fingers. Apparently, she wanted a taste also, because she shoved that hand full of pussy liquid into her mouth, moaning as she sucked her own juices clean off her own hand. By this time I was so hard that a pre-cum stain was showing through my sweats.

The bulge in my pants was bigger than Nicole had seen the day before. The look she gave then was identical to that of yesterday. This time, however; Deb wasn’t there to keep her from doing what she did next. Nicole went from a comatose trance to performing a fluid motion of falling to her knees in front of me and using two hands, yanked my sweats down to expose my slightly-covered, rock solid erection, dripping pre-cum. Nicole’s mouth watered as she became mystified with my tool. With no hesitation and no hands, she worked her mouth and head to accommodate the size and structure of my dick. I thought Deb could give some head, but damn! Nicole was sucking my dick like a pro. Her head was bobbin’ and weavin’ similar to a prize fighter dodging punches. She had the dick so wet her mouth glided around it to emulate the feeling of a wet pussy. As much as I was enjoying this blow job in my foyer, I wanted to tap that pussy. “I want to fuck you, Nicole!”

She didn’t miss a beat when she acknowledged my request. Now she is using one hand to cup my balls, and the other to stroke my cock, using her saliva as an effective lubricant. “Cy, you can fuck me, but I need to taste some cum first. Cum for me, mutha-fucka! Cum for me!” I’m thinking to myself, ‘What the fuck?!?’ I got a stone cold freak, here!” And with those thoughts, and the dick stroking, and the dick sucking, I was about to do what she commanded. Her sucking actions accelerated as she knew I was close to coming. My knees began to buckle when I felt the pressure building in my dick. I couldn’t hold it any longer when I let out a huge bellow as I began to cum. Nicole didn’t stop working, though. She continued to suck and stroke my cock as cum gushed into her mouth and ricocheted on her face and fall down on her tits. Most of the cum was swallowed by Nicole, but that didn’t deter her from accomplishing her goal. I almost fell down as I struggled to keep my balance, much less consciousness. Nicole kept on sucking as my dick went limp, then as it became rigid and sturdy again. She cleaned me up pretty good, too. I saw very few traces of cum on my dick. She eventually stopped to observe her latest creation like a mad scientist. She managed to suck the shit out of my dick, make me cum, and then cause me to develop another erection more powerful than the first.

I couldn’t believe the head I just received. I would have paid some money for that. She wiped remnants of cum from around her mouth, licked some off her fingers and walked over to the stairs leading to the second level of the house. There she sat down about 5 stairs high, opened her legs wide open and began using her two fingers as a dildo. She was soaking wet as streaks of pussy juice was running down her legs. Out of nowhere she looked at her watch like she had somewhere to go. “Running late?” I asked her sarcastically. “Not at all, Cy. I ain’t going nowhere right now. Now get over here and eat this pussy!”

“Okay.” I said that with a squeamish, boyish tone. I wasted no time bowing down to my new fuck queen, and I quickly offered my tongue as a goodwill gesture for that gift of royal head she gave me. Since I saw that clit when she first took off her clothes, I had my mind set on attacking it. With uncommon gentleness, I spread Nicole’s pussy with both hands, carefully exposing the inner lips of her organ. You could see the excess pussy juices being stretched from one side of her love box to the other. I put my tongue to work by taking a methodic, slow lick from the area between her asshole and pussy all the way up to her clit. Along the way, my tongue collected a wad of her juices that tasted as sweet as honey to me. When I got to her clit, I began to exercise my full concentration. I licked, sucked, and chewed on that fat clit until she came, which took little to no time. I even used my nose to rub on that clit. She began to cum again so I opened my mouth wide and covered her whole pussy with my lips. With mouth open, I secretly used my tongue to tickle that clit. She just kept coming, and I kept licking. I decided to slow it down a bit now. She is positioned so that one leg was supported by the banister, and I was able to tongue kiss her pussy as if I was giving her a French-kiss on the mouth. She loved the slow, intimate nature of this technique and proved my theory by beginning to tremble. The shaking started with her legs and quickly spread to her mid section and pelvis. She’s coming again! When I looked up at her face there were tears coming from her eyes because she came so hard. She had slipped into total ecstasy.

She looks like she is ready, so now its time for me to dig into this sweet tasting pussy with my dick. I got Nicole to turn over on her knees so I would enter her from behind. Still shaking, she managed to get on all fours, with her hands resting a few steps higher than her feet. I instructed Nicole to rest on her elbows so I could have a better entry angle.

My dick felt numb at this point but it was pulsating and salivating in anticipation of penetrating that pussy. When she bent over to her elbows the pussy seemed to pop out from between her legs. I was able to get good leverage to enter her. I got behind her and teased her with my dick by rubbing the head of my dick all around her wet hole. She began her trembling again and begged me to stop torturing her. I appeased her desires. I slowly drove my dick into the wettest and tightest vagina I had ever encountered. She bucked slightly as I steadily inserted each inch of my manhood. “Oh shit, Cy! I didn’t know. I didn’t know!” Nicole managed to moan a few words as she took my length, her fingernails leaving trails into the carpet from trying to claw her way from the fucking she is about to receive. She took it like a champ, too. Gradually, the pussy began to adjust to my size. My thrusting increased as I saw that she was more capable of handling me. I lost count, but I think the trembling again indicated the 7th or 8th time she has cum today. You could see her juices dripping slowly and excessively from her pussy as my dick slid in and out with more ease now. Nicole was screaming at the top of her lungs, begging me not to stop before she reached yet another orgasm. As wet as the pussy was, I could still feel the heat generated each time she came.

She couldn’t take it anymore as the sexual bliss caused her to literally run from me. She managed to crawl to the section of the stairs that turn the corner. There, she had enough room to lie down. On her back, legs spread and trembling from her powerful orgasm, she was speechless until she looked up at me and stared amusingly at my dick. She didn’t expect this. My dick was still soaked from that puddle of a pussy that just ran away from me. She stretched her hand. “Cy, I want to taste my pussy.” I didn’t respond to her. I grabbed her hand to help her to a position where her mouth can reach my cunt-soaked cock. She licked the juices from my balls to the head, and then tried to stuff my whole dick in her mouth. She choked a little, but she kept sucking. I had to stop her because I wanted some more of that pussy. I now sat down on the stairs, offering Nicole to ride me. She obliged. Nicole rode my dick with ease, moaning and quivering each time my dick disappeared from view. Her nails were digging into my chest, but before she drew blood, I carefully removed each hand and held them above my head as if I was bench pressing some weights. She didn’t lose her rhythm as she kept riding me.

I was close to blowing my second load of the day. I wanted Nicole to catch my cum with her mouth as did before. My eyelids got heavy from the thrill, and with my eyes closed, Nicole stopped humping. I figured she was taking a break so I didn’t bother to look up. Then the strangest thing occurred. When Nicole stopped riding me, it felt like she pulled my dick out the pussy and put it in her mouth. The crazy thing about the situation is that I’m still holding on to Nicole’s hands and now looking right into her smiling face! What kind of pussy trick was this?! Gently, I moved Nicole to the side because she blocked the view of what looked like a head behind her ass. That head was giving me head; and some good head at that. I looked again and it was Deb. On any other day if Deb would have walked in on me bangin’ another chick, my ass would be grass, and Deb would be the lawnmower. But when I caught her eye while she gracefully licked Nicole’s juices off my dick, I knew I would get cut today.

“Calm down, Cy. Nikki and I planned all this from the moment I caught you jackin’ your dick yesterday. I felt bad that I couldn’t give you any pussy right now, so I had Nikki fill in for me, so to speak.” I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. My girl was really lookin’ out for a brother. Nicole quickly interjected. “Cy, Deb didn’t have to do much convincing though. I wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you, so don’t think this wasn’t genuine.” “Nikki, we have the rest of the day to get him up to speed. How ‘bout you help me get him to cum, now? From the taste of his dick, I see you taste even better than the last time I tasted you.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, or what had just happened. Nicole and Deb commenced to finishing the job; the blow job that is. Deb was sucking my piece as if she was trying to make up for lost time. Nicole joined her in the task, sharing my hard cock like Emcee’s pass the microphone. All you could here were slurps and gulps and moans. A couple of times the girls yanked my dick out of each other’s mouths. It felt like I was in a porno because of the surrealism. But Deb quickly took charge, sucking and stroking my dick at the same time as Nicole rubbed my balls, urging Deb to make me blast off. That unmistakable feeling was building up in my dick. I knew it wasn’t going to be long now. Deb moved faster and faster on my dick, sucking and stroking at a voracious pace until I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I came so hard in Deb’s mouth that some shot straight to the back of her throat, causing her to have a gag reflux. She kept tugging on my cock and I kept cumming. Nicole leaned in to catch drops of the volcano that erupted and spewed a cum-flow that traveled down the shaft of my mountain of a cock. Nicole snatched my dick from Deb and cleaned up the mess. I was spent. Two massive cumshots in less than an hour wore me out.

After Deb was finished with me, she went to work on Nicole, performing a muff dive that would be a classic memory for me. Although the show was worthwhile I was too weak to join in or stay awake. I’m sure Deb put Nicole to sleep too. When I awoke, Deb and Nicole broke down the whole plan to me on how Nicole asked Deb if she could fuck me and how Deb wanted to sneak in and blow my mind. Apparently, the girls used to do these types of things in college, and wanted to relive the past. Seems as though they enjoyed themselves so much, Nicole will be making a trip here every month. However, next month her arrival won’t be concurrent with Deb’s period. Deb later told me that she was a little jealous after seeing how much Nicole enjoyed herself and wants to be a full participant next time.

Now that’s the Deb I know!
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