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The African Holiday

What starts as an errand turns out to be very enjoyable
My wife and I regularly go to the Gambia in west Africa for a bit of winter sun. We always stay in the same 4* hotel, and normally the same block over looking the pool area.

Over the years we have got to know several of the other regular guests, most of whom are mature women, nicely curved and big breasted. All be it, often saggy, but hell, I still think they look delicious.

Anyway on this particular day my wife asks me to go back to the room to get her some more magazines. Reluctantly I get up, straightening my swim shorts so as not to show my semi swollen cock, disappointed that I was moving away from looking at Pam’s lovely saggy breasts. She is in her mid 50’s, blonde haired and fairly short, but she has a lovely face, chubby legs and belly and as I said, such delightful, saggy breasts, topped with dark areolas and she is just about to put her sun lotion on again.

Moving through the bodies I take in the other sun bathing beauties, large breasts here, small pert tittles there, brown arses in small bikinis bottoms, I am taking them all in.

As I enter our block I climb the stairs to the first floor. Entering our room I walk over to the balcony. Looking down to where we are laying I get a beautiful view of Pam, and her friend Lynne, sitting upright, topless, working in their suntan lotion over their bellies and then up onto their breasts.

Looking up and down the balconies there is nobody about and with the front of our balcony having a couple of drying towels on it so I could only be seen from the waist up I slide my hand into my shorts and gently stroke my cock, whilst waving to my wife.

I get braver as I watch the two mature lovelies caressing their large floppy boobs, working in the lotion. Another check up and down the balconies and I slide my shorts down to my knees. Whilst leaning on one elbow, I slowly stroke my hard cock, enjoying the gentle breeze blowing across it.

My wife is busy talking to the pair of them so she does not notice, so I continue, and start to think I can get away with this wank before she wonders where I am.

In all honesty though I am also so engrossed in eyeing up Pam and Lynne to be too bothered. The wife is so busy talking I think to my self, I’m sure I can finish this wank and still have time to get back.

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry, but you are being very naughty sir!”

I jump out of my skin and spin around, my cock still in my hand and my shorts around my knees. Standing in front of me is our room maid Aeysha, wearing her brightly coloured African style outfit that all the room maids wear.

She looks down at my cock which is on display as I struggle to try and pull my shorts back up.

Then with a big smile she says “Sir you should have locked the door or put the “Do not disturb” sign up if you want to do that!”

Red faced, I try and apologise, still with my cock outside my shorts which are stubbornly refusing to allow me to pull them up.

“Why doesn’t sir let me help him, he obviously needs to be relieved?” Aeysha asks and steps forward.

As Aeysha reaches me she hold out her hand, offering to take my hand and I oblige. Together we make our way back to the bed, hand in hand and me with my cock still hard poking out the top of my swimming shorts.

“Lay down sir!” Aeysha orders. “Let me slide these shorts off?” With that she gently tugs them back down my legs and off of my ankles. I am now naked and at her mercy as she stands up and dead locks the room door. “We don’t want anybody else catching you do we sir” Aeysha says smiling at me.

She sits down next to me and strokes her finger up and down my cock before cupping my balls, all the time smiling at me.

As she leans forward I can see the top of her chest in the “V” neck of her tunic, her dark brown skin contrasting against her bright yellow and green African print top.

Aeysha strokes my cock again and laughs at me. “Would sir like me to take my top off so he can see my breasts? If I do will you give me a bigger tip?”

I nod enthusiastically. With that Aeysha stops stoking my cock and with both hands lifts the top up over her head to reveal her naked, rounded boobs.

I stare at their beauty; they are surprisingly large for such a slim woman. They are rounded with a slight sagginess and the small stretch marks make me assume that she has children at home. Her areolas are virtually the same colour as her skin and are very round in shape and slightly puffy with nice hard nipples in the middle.

“Ok sir? Do you like what you see? I will let you touch them whilst I relieve you!” Aeysha says.

With that she leans forward and puts her finger around my shaft and slowly starts to rub my cock. I immediately reach out with my hand and cup the nearest breast to it. It is firm and warm and very smooth, I stare at the contrast between my white hand and her black skin.

Aeysha is rubbing faster now, which reminds me that my wife is still waiting for her magazine. Looking down I enjoy seeing my white cock in between her brown fingers as she wanks me off.

I beckon her to move closer and she does. Now I have both breasts in my hands and I mould them in my palms and pull on her nipples. They are gently wobbling as her arm and hand works my cock.

I can feel the base of my cock begin to swell with cum. Not much longer I think as I roughly massage her tits, and she smiles back.

She knows it’s not much longer too, and strokes me harder, pulling my foreskin right down and then right back over my helmet.

I squeeze her breasts and tense up. As I hold them I look down and I am about to burst. Aeysha can feel it too and pulls my foreskin back and waits. Almost as if I was ordered to, I cum there and then, my spunk flying up out of my cock before landing back on her hands.

The sight of my creamy white love juice sitting on her black hands turns me on even more and I seem to slowly pump out the residue of my spunk for what seems like ages. All the time watching it trickle down my cock and then over her fingers.

Finally, I let go of her breasts and they flop back to their natural position.

Aeysha takes her hand away from my cock and it drops semi-limp onto my belly.

She gets up and walks into the bathroom to wash my cum off her hands.

On returning she throws me a toilet roll so I can clean my self up.

I watch her as she puts her top back on her lovely brown breasts gently wobbling and bouncing before they disappear under the light cotton material.

I wipe myself clean and slip my swimming shorts back on. I give Aeysha her generous tip. It must be good as she smiles and gently pecks me on the cheek as she thanks me.

I thank her and she leaves the room winking at me. “Anytime you get uncomfortable sir just come back to your room!”

“Oh I will Aeysha, don’t worry!” I reply.

Grabbing the magazines my wife wanted I make my way back to the pool, Pam and Lynne are now laid on there backs with there fabulous, flabby mature breasts resting across their ribs and slightly slid down their sides.

My wife is also topless now; her big boobs being much younger proudly sit up higher on her chest, with her nipples nice and hard.

“You’ve been a long time?” She enquires. “Yeah I had a bit of a dodgy tummy!” I quickly reply.

I get on my sun bed and pick up my book, thinking I might well have a another dodgy tummy tomorrow too!

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