The assignment

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Get some brandy, and have an intense orgasm
The assignment that I, your teacher about yourself, am giving you tonight is quite simple. I want you to celebrate yourself. You know what I mean, love yourself as only you can in a way that is special and that helps you to fall in love with the most important person in your life, yourself.

Here is what I would like you to do as soon as you have the chance. Do you have any brandy at home? If not, visit a liquor store and buy a small flask of the stuff. But don't just go there like you were buying bread. Before you go, reflect on what you are going to do. See yourself, giving yourself pleasure. Maybe even read one of my stories first, so that you start to get the sensations that we love so well.

All the way to the liquor store, think sexy thoughts. Imagine how it will feel, imagine the sensations of an approaching orgasm (but keep your eye on the road!). When you enter the liquor store, I want you to be nice and wet. Look around you, all the people in there and not one of them knows how aroused you are, none of them can feel the wetness in your panties, or know what you are planning to do with the brandy. Make the purchase its own erotic experience. Trust me, you won't regret it! Maybe you should go get a fresh supply even if you have some at home.

When you are home, pour some brandy into a glass, and leave it beside the bed. For heaven sake, do not mix it with coke! Take the print-out of my story about the Bird-of-Paradise flower (the Flower of Love), and any others you like, and leave them on your bed. Anticipate!

Pleasure delayed is pleasure enhanced.

Go have a shower and get yourself cleaned up just as you would if you knew that I was going to be coming over there to make love to you. But DON'T play with the running water this time! Uh uh! I have something just as interesting in store for you.

When you are nice and clean, dry yourself off, and put on a sexy nightie, long tee shirt, or something like that, and a pair of your silkiest or satin panties, the ones that you like to feel against your crotch when you are getting aroused. I know you have such a favourite pair, don't you?

Go and lie on the bed, and read one or two of the stories that you laid out earlier. While you are reading, you may tease your nipples; twirl them around between you fingers & slowly drag your finger nails around and around over the little dark, bumpy area surrounding each nipple. I know your nipples are sensitive, and they get so nice and tight when you read those stories. I also know that you like to tease them; you like me to watch you tease them, so be slow and sensual about it. Imagine me watching.

Rub your hand slowly down your belly, and across your pubic mound. Move both hands down your thighs, and lift up the hem of your nightie. Push both hands against the inside of your thighs, and bring them up into your crotch. Move them up and down at the edge of your pussy, but do not touch your vulva. Let your panties get a little wet, and then run your fingers back and forth around the wetness. Feel it soft and silky in the material of your panties, but stay away from your clitoris.

Repeat this moving your hands up and down the inside of your thighs a few times, feel the wonderful burning sensation that it builds up, but resist – I am serious here – resist the temptation to touch your clitoris. You will thank me for saying this later.

Lift up your bum, and take off your panties. Dip the middle two fingers of one hand into the brandy, and get lots of the fiery liquid onto them. Take your brandy soaked fingers, and let the brandy drip onto your vulva, and mix it with your own juices. You should feel a hotness that is quite pleasant, and that makes you really want to tease yourself some more. Keep adding brandy until you feel that it is just right, all the while smoothing your fingers around your lips. 

You should feel a delightful burning sensation that intensifies every movement you make with your fingers. Tease yourself for as long as you can. Resist the temptation to shake your clitoral area around and make it come quickly. Believe me it will be much better if you tease it as long as you can stand it. You can add brandy every now and again as well, but be careful not to add too much. You want it on your vulva, not on the inside!

Do what you like most; probably move your lower pubic mound around in circles, until you feel like you are almost ready to come. Then slow down, hold back, get some more brandy. Take each of your pussy lips in turn, and roll them between your fingers. Then go back to what you do to make yourself come. Just when you can't stand it any more, you should hold back again. Keep doing this as long as you can, but when you feel that you can’t stand to wait any longer, let yourself cum. You should explode in a furious orgasm, and I'll bet it is one of the best ones you have ever given yourself in a while.

So my darling lover, write to me and tell me how it was. Was I right about the size of the explosion? It excites me to think of you lying there doing what I asked you to do just for your own pleasure. In a way, I am having sex with you, since I am telling you what to do, and you are pleasing yourself. About 70% of sex is in the mind, and only 30% is physical anyway! Now what would you like me to do with myself?