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The Bath

Follow up story about masturbation in the bath

The Bath


Walking upstairs to the bathroom the fantasy was already running through my mind. It turned me on so much to think he could want to do that to me, to fulfil my every desire and need. I leaned over the bath, my breasts trying to escape the prison of my bra, whilst I turned the taps on and watched the water run, hot and steamy. The room quickly misted up, feeling like I was in a sauna. I wanted to feel the heat, let the water condensate off my hard nipples.
I shut the door and locked it. I didn't want anyone to see me, I wanted to be alone, free to do anything I wanted. I pulled my top off slowly, letting the material rub against my lacy bra, brushing my already hard nipples. The jeans, they went next, pushing them down over my round ass was easy but prizing them away from my tight pussy was a challenge. They eventually released and dropped to the floor, I stepped out of them, taking care not to get them tangled up in my 4 inch heels. Stood there, in my lacy red bra, thong and heels I felt amazing. I placed my foot on the side of the bath and ran my fingertips down the inside of my thigh, to my feet and slowly released them from the heels. I did the same to the other. I reached around and unclipped my bra, letting it fall away and my pert large breasts bounce free. My pussy was throbbing, all I could think of was the shower, the way he touched me, caressed me, pleased me. I felt myself getting wet, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would have to satisfy myself.
I placed my fingertips into the water, perfect temperature. I leaned over and turned the taps off, letting my nipples brush the water. They hardened, aching to get in and feel the water surround them. I was ready. I inched my thong down between my damp thighs and pushed it away. Naked. I let my hair down and shook it out, thick and wavy like a mane. I spread my legs as I stepped into the water, it was hot and so was I.
I sat down and moaned deeply as the water hit my sensitive pussy. As I lay down and let the water run over every inch of me my skin tingled and my clit became alert. I ran one hand from my aching breast down my stomach to my pussy lips and waved the water onto them. I moaned again. I was trying to be quiet but I couldn’t..I just couldn’t. I knew he’d be imagining me, imagining what I was doing and he knows just how loud I am, so I couldn’t disappoint him.
I closed my eyes and started to imagine that night, that amazing night. I was shocked to see him stood there watching me, but secretly it was turning me on, exciting. The thought of him watching me made me wild. He greeted me by stroking my pussy, lovingly and slowly but then he slid two fingers into me. It felt amazing but it was a shock. How I wished he could be there, with me in the bath, rubbing my pussy, making me moan like he did. I started to fondle my breast, letting my nipple rub against the palm of my hand, hardening with each squeeze I made. I imagined him, sucking on my pussy, running him tongue from the start of my lips right back to the hole, gently and cheekily pushing inside me every now and then.

The thoughts of that night over took me, I lost control and ran my hand down to my pussy and pushed my legs apart. Running my fingertips up the inside of my legs, my thighs to tease myself lasted a few seconds until the thoughts took over and forced me to start rubbing my cherry red clit.  

I moaned, loudly, not caring who heard me or who might be listening in. I was enjoying myself, for him and that’s all that mattered. I continued to rub my clit; the pleasure was intense but not enough. My large soft breasts were teasing me, taunting me, so I grabbed one, firmly in my hand and let my tongue run around the nipple. I closed my eyes tight and started to flick my growing nipple with the top of my cold metal tongue ring. The sensations vibrated through my breast and my fingers moved.

I slid my fingers from my clit down between my pussy lips and started to go back to that night again. Oh how he pleased me when he span me round, forcing a deep kiss on me. He broke the kiss to trail kisses down my neck, I struggled to kiss him again but he was in control. I wasn’t complaining. It was when he started to tease me that I complained, but this didn’t bother him, he positioned himself at the entrance of my tight, soaking pussy and looked me deep in the eyes. I was rubbing my fingers between my pussy lips harder now, the memories were so strong, I could feel the tension building. I ran one finger around the entrance to my pussy hole, it was tight but wet. I thrust one finger deep inside myself as I remembered how he had looked into my eyes, deeply as in one long movement he slid his hard cock deep inside me. My pussy devoured him, each thick and bulging inch. I slid my finger in and out of my pussy but kept my mouth latched onto my nipple.

But one finger wasn’t enough; I wanted more so I forced another finger deep into myself. I moaned deeply and loudly, releasing my nipple from its grip and pressing my mouth against the side of the bath. I moved. I lay on my side, legs wide apart, one foot resting on the side. The water was at my pussy entrance level and every time I fucked myself with my two fingers water bashed against my clit. I moaned, gasping for air, having to bite my lip to restrain myself. I wanted him to be there, to lift me like he did in the shower, to pin me up, to fuck me, rocking me. I wanted to restrict him by wrapping my legs around his waist, locking my ankles together, forcing him to delve into my pussy deeper and harder. I fucked myself with my two fingers harder and harder. I wanted to climax, I wanted to orgasm, to feel that amazing rush like I did whilst he fucked me against the shower wall.


I had no choice.

I had to make myself cum over him.


I moved to my hands and knees, the water lapped against my pussy and my clit, making me gasp. My breasts bounced happily in the water and my nipples enjoyed being flicked by the hot tingling ripples. I pushed myself down, placed my hand between my thighs and started to rub my pussy lips once more. I used my other hand to rub my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, as he did to get deeper inside me. I scratched my nails against the bottom of the bath as I started to gently rub my asshole. I scratched hard like I had struggled to whilst the water run over our steamy wet bodies in the shower. I slid three fingers deep inside me; there was no escaping it now. I wanted him. I wanted his cock.

I wanted to push against my cervix like he had, I wanted to fuck myself hard and deep. I can hear him, panting and moaning in my ear, telling me he wanted to cum deep inside me, ordering me to cum all over his hard throbbing cock. I finger fucked myself harder and harder and faster and faster. I can’t take it anymore; I moved my other hand to between my aching thighs. They were on fire but I started to rub my clit. I want to cum; I want my pussy to jerk like he did inside me, the way he thickened and the way my pussy contracted every time he thrust inside me.

I fucked myself as hard as I could and moaned as loud as I ever have, moaning his name, moaning my desires, my need to be satisfied. I bit my lip as I started to come; I screamed ‘Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck’. I came. I felt the cum drip down my inner thigh and mix with the water, as it had done that night. I turned over and lay down, letting the water brush over me again. It was still hot and my skin tingled at its touch. I slowly rubbed my pussy and gently rubbed my breasts. I lay my head back and closed my eyes.


Thinking of him, of that night, of The Next Shower.


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