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The Boudoir Photo Shoot

Girl Friends Fun at Photo Studio
I could not manage to make it home before Adam, who caught me red handed with my Bordelle shopping bags. We had agreed to be financially cautious this month and I watched his transient ischemic attack as he processed the label with its bankruptcy potential, weighed against the number and variety of fucking it promises. I quickly dashed into my closet and buried the bags in some corner. He frowned and scowled at the closed door while I gave him a peck on the cheek and promised that I did not do anything bad. Well, okay, nothing bad with personal finances anyway. I was definitely naughty and evil in the Bordelle dressing room with Meredith. I felt guilty thinking about instigating her to masturbate in that SO sexy place. I just hoped that she does not confess to Sam and suffer his wrath.

I started worrying until a week later, when Meredith calls and tells me to meet her at a studio with my purchases and anything else I wanted to bring. I packed my selections neatly into a gym bag and sneaked out of work early. I have to hand it to her to pick a classy place. The studio was impressively appointed and decorated tastefully. The two of us were soon changed into plush robes and giggling like teenagers getting our hair styled and our make-up done. With far less hair, I was finished first and was about to admire myself when Adam rang my cellphone again.

”I’m getting my hair done, Sweetheart. I can’t have dinner. I’m with Meredith; we’re going to go out later for dinner.”

Meredith is shrieking at me to let her talk to him. I dropped the phone into her hands while fussing at the makeup artist that she layered on too much eye makeup on Meri.

”Hi, Adam, sorry I am borrowing Mallory but we’re getting ourselves all gorgeous.”

”Really, Meredith? All gorgeous, for what? Aren’t you two too gorgeous already?” he asks, trying to hide the irritation in his tone.

I am telling the make-up person that I don’t want Meri that vampy. I want soft and pretty against some edginess. I start directing where I want some pearly white-pink, where to dot the smoky caviar brown. I vaguely hear Meredith bantering.

”Oh, you’re always so sweet, Adam. Uh oh, Mallory is taking over on eye design. Yeah, really, you wanna see?”

I take one of the little brushes between my fingers and now there are two of us working on Meri’s eyes. I am dragging some pearlescent black liner, creating a hint of cat eyes.

”WOW, you look really beautiful, Meredith,” Adam’s voice suddenly booms out from my phone.

I swing around, ”MERI, you can NOT do facetime with him!! You can’t show him!”

”Let me see what Mallory looks like,” his commanding voice continues to boom loudly.

I give a dramatic model pout and eyelash flutter at the phone before putting my head next to Meredith and we are both facing Adam, giving him a side by side comparative view. He stares at me and then Meri, then me, then settled on Meri. I saw that stealth glance at me, and I knew. Sam is going to get a great album but Adam is going to get an experience.

”Sweetheart, don’t you think Meredith’s mouth needs work?” I ask him.

Adam thinks to himself, oh yes, that mouth needs me working it over for sure.

”How about a very very sheer red, give her a soft, big pout?” I ask the makeup artist while I stick my little pinky into a pot of gloss and start smudging it on Meri’s lips.

I get really close in, and I whisper to her that we should have some fun with Adam. Going behind her and holding up a mirror so she can see herself, I reach over again and dab her pout. Then I push a finger into her mouth. She looks from the phone to the mirror and then sucks my finger rather anxiously, staring back at the phone.

”VERY GOOD girl,” I whisper behind her ear as I look up at the phone.

Adam’s expression reflects that frisson of anticipation and possibility, like I just pop the champagne cork.

The hair and makeup people packs up after declaring me and Meri marvelously composed, vibrant, and ready for the photographer. Taking the opportunity of the private moments before someone else joins us; I ask Adam if he likes our nail polish.

”Meredith’s is Pearl Drop,” I tell him while I pull one of her fingers up to my mouth.

I think Meredith is getting the hang of my pace because she automatically pushes her creamy iridescent white tip with flecks of gold shimmer into my mouth. And as I lick her finger and suck it in, she is licking my opalescent ”Pussy Galore” pink tipped finger.

I stroke her hair, “such a good little puss.”

After we have our little mutual digit oral fun, it is time for us to get changed.

”Show’s over, Adam. We have to get dressed.”

”Now WAIT a second, you two can’t tease a guy like that!! And what the hell are you getting ready for? How about a little girl-on-girl lip lock??”

”This was all cute and innocent, but I can’t get Meredith into trouble like that.”

Meredith pretends she is not disappointed that I am putting the end to the tease, but agrees.

“Yeah, show’s over, Adam. You two are crazy. Sam will have a cow and well, he and I, well, we’re not as free-spirited as you and Mallory.”

Adam and I exchange a look and burst out in laughter before we give each other a kiss over the phone. I whisper to him, but for Meri to hear also.

”I will work on her later for you. Bye, Sweetheart.”

”NOOOoooo,” he roars, ”take me with you, just you.”

Without further words, I give him a short look and I drop my phone into my pocket.

Meredith and I proceed to the dressing area in the studio. We chatter about what we are going to wear first and make our choices. Looking around at the spacious dressing area, I proceed to claim one section with its own mirrors, giving both of us space and privacy.

I say to Meri quietly, ”There’s plenty of space in here. I’m going to give Adam a little private strip tease, okay?”

She chuckles and shakes her head in feigned despair, ”you are just hopelessly wicked.”

I quickly scope out a little shelf and put my phone up on it, ensuring it was aim just in my little dressing area. I caution Adam to control himself while I give him a little taste of eye candy. Then I start strutting away from the phone, making a dramatic drop and fling of my robe. I attempt to give a little dance all naked but start laughing at myself, feeling silly. I make sure to give him his favorite view as I bend over low showing ass and cunt.

He growls, ”You’re making me crazy.”

I laugh again and blow him a kiss good bye, ”maybe later lover.”

I glance over to see Meri watching although she quickly looks away. I proceed to put on the bra, the corset, and stockings. I can hear Meredith busying herself dressing. I think to myself it is time to psych up sexy for the pictures. To be truthful, that might just be an excuse. Since our little dressing room adventure, I have been insatiable. I come behind Meri while she finishes dressing and pet her beautiful hair.

As we step into the studio in the next door, they are finishing preparations for us. It all looks like everything is pretty much ready. Two men are removing a teeter totter, and a bunch of toys from the last photo session. I stare at the huge teeter totter for a second and immediately tell them to leave it here for us.

I have no idea why I said that, ”Huh… maybe we can use it for some playful shots……..”

The photographer gets busy and we spend the next half hour posing and smiling and pursing lips as he instructs. We make another wardrobe change and return. I am bored.

”So, tell us, if Meri and I want to get really crazy for some of the photos, would it freak you out?”

”Crazy? What kind of crazy? I’m a professional, I don’t freak out,” he says.

I drape my arm around Meri’s shoulders and with the other hand I yank one side of her bra down, exposing one totally juicy tit. ”Crazy like that,” I show him.

Meri yelps and he laughs and scoffs, ”BRING it, ladies, bring it.”

”Oh Meredith, I have a great idea. TOWEL FIGHT!!” I dash back to the dressing room to grab our Hermes.

I snap one of the silk scarves against her ass although it doesn’t have the same impact as the towels we used back in high school and I toss a couple of scarves over to her. Soon we are running around and whipping each other with our scarves. The photographer is egging us both on and clicking away with his camera. The two of us are giggling silly like kids and Meri can still whip my ass; at least the scarves hurt less than the towels.

We finally pause, laughing still. Meredith, full of herself, declares her victory, ”I can still beat you at this, Mallory.”

”Maybe I need to blindfold you like last week to even the playing field.”

”HA! Sore loser!”

I get up quickly and wrap one of the scarves around her eyes. ”OH WAIT a minute, I know what we should do,”

I pull her by the arm over to the teeter totter. Meri pushes the scarf up a little to see where the heck I am dragging her.

”You sit on this side. You sit first.”

Meredith hesitates looking at it, ”I don’t know, you know I don’t like heights.”

I snicker at her, ”don’t be silly, you want me to really blindfold you so can’t see it? You really have gotten scared of stuff. Cuz SAMmie won’t let you try anything.”

She gives me a dirty look and tightens the scarf back after she gingerly sits down on the teeter totter. I look at her for a second, just sitting there on the down half of the seesaw, hands gripping the hold bar very tight. And I wonder. I go behind her and I pull the blindfold tighter and pull her bra down enough to expose her nipples.

I whisper into her ear, ”Let’s make some pictures I bet Sam would REALLY like.”

The photographer raised an eyebrow at me but remained silent as he starts clicking away and I go over to the other side of the teeter totter. I manage to pull it down slowly, elevating Meri on the other side. I can see she is gulping, trying not to let on.

”I’ve got you, Meri, don’t worry,” as I sit down fully on the ground on my side and she is up in the air.

Meri’s legs are dangling, her tits bouncing softly, her nipples jutting out. I give a forceful push with my legs and up I went.

”Push me up, Meri, push me up!!!”

I urge her as her legs descend to the ground. She gives a weak attempt at first but after a few rounds of me bouncing hard to jerk her straight up into the air, she gets a hang of it. She tries to speed up so that she gets grounded more but I am a biker with serious quads. I jerk her up with a powerful thrust of my legs and hold her up there as I anchor down on my feet and legs. Meri lets out a little scream and I can see her shuddering and her legs are kicking in a panicked manner.

”Oh Meri, that would be a great shot!”

”Take her picture like that,” I tell the photographer.

”Meri, hold one of your tits in your hands and push it out more. Come on, I bet Sam would love that.”

Meredith shakes her head, ”nooooo, I’m gonna fall, let me down, Mal, let me down!!”

”Not until you do it, take your left hand off slowly, you can do it,” as I watch her struggle, her arm trembling but after a few seconds, lifting off the hold bar.

I watch Meredith take her milky white breast and slowly start fondling it, pushing her palm against the lower lobe and pressing that full tit even fuller and higher. God, I wanted to suck that pink eraser head. I hear the photographer clicking away but it sounded so much in a distance.

”Take your other hand off too,” I tell her quietly. ”Let me see how you like to touch those tits. I’ve got you, Meri. DO IT RIGHT NOW.”

She whimpers and lets out a weak protest but again she slowly takes her other hand off the hold bar to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. I watch, mesmerized by the finger tips rolling those little pacifiers. I move very slightly and lower her end just by a few inches, still grounded on my side by my tiptoes. I watch her sway slightly. Then I raise her back up. Lower, higher. I jerk and she bounces against the wood. I do it again, jerking to bounce her. I shudder at my own pressure against the wood. The pressure and the ache intensify and give me an idea.

I move us into a neutral position and get off, lowering Meri to the ground slowly. I ask one of the photographer’s staff to bring me my wrap from the dressing room while I walk quietly over to Meri. I rub her neck a little, and then I unclasp her bra.

”I think it’d be a really sexy look if you wear my fur boa.”

She pleads in a little voice, ”What are you doing to me, Mal?”

”Whatever I want, Meredith, whatever I want.”

I move my hands down to cup her breasts, fingertips glancing her nipples slightly. I keep moving my hands down, pulling her panties down her legs. I couldn’t help myself as I lower, I sink my teeth hard and deep into her ass cheek. She moans while obediently steps out of her panties. I reward her with another bite on her other cheek.

Taking the boa, I wrap it around her waist, tucking the long ends between her legs, terminating behind her and up her ass. She is whimpering and petting the fur.

”God, Mallory, you’ll won’t want this back.”

”You can have it,” as I guide her back to the teeter totter. ”Sit down.”

”These are going to be the last shots,” I tell the photographer, ”make them good.”

I climb back on the teeter totter.

”Hang on tight, Meri, it’s going to be our last ride for today.”

Meri is wiggling around in the seat and rubbing up against the fur, ”what is this, it feels delicious, Mal.”

”It’s some kind of fox,” I tell her while I make sure her hands are gripping the hold bar. ”I sure hope you like fox, Meri.”

I push hard on my legs and jerk her all the way up. ”You can take the blindfold off if you want, it’s up to you.”

I let my legs go some, then push hard and bounce her right up again. And again, and again, and again. She is purring now to each bounce, to each bang against her crotch.

I shorten the teetering distance and keep her up high, bouncing her with shorter intervals. I watch her squirm in the seat.

”Take the blindfold off, Meri,” looking up at her.

Knowing the height intimidates her, I give her a few seconds to adjust herself after she drops the scarf to the ground. I watch the phobia claim her. I start bouncing her softly. I watch her off-balanced and gasping for air, trying to calm down. I bounce her harder, a little faster. I hear her gasping louder. I see her pivot her hips. I lower her until we are about even then I push my legs hard and thrust her up again. She lets out a little scream, follow by a moan as the seat bangs the fox against her pussy. I jerk and bounce her harder.

“Fuck the fox, Meri, fuck it ‘til you cum,” I push my weight forcefully on the ground, jolting her again.

There she is, rocking her hips and ass, pressing herself against the fox, her tits bouncing up and out, fucking my fox. She goes from staring at the camera which is clicking frantically to staring at me. Her eyes huge and glowing green.

“That’s it, Meri, let his long, coarse hairs stroke your pussy.”

She is moving now in a rhythmic pattern and proceeding from long gliding strokes to a harder pressing rub. I feel the aura of languorous sensuality she is creating and I smell her erotic anticipation. The fox strokes over every part of her enlivened cunt; his hairs mingling with hers. I watch her heart race, her pulse beat, her breathing heavy and low as she fucks the fox with her bare bold flesh. My own heart is racing as I too, want to scratch the decadent itch of a want so sexy and transgressive, it is making my head rush white hot. I can feel the breathy mouth-feel of the slink and glide of the fox against the slick of Meri’s pussy.

I jerk and bounce her some more, slowly stopping, letting her hang way up there now, in her fevered ride fucking the fox. I watch her suspended in the air, giving into her libidinal impulses, fucking the pelt with climactic dominance until she lets go of the hold bar and grabs the fox with both hands to pull it inside her fur, soaking it with her cum.

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