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The Box On My Front Porch

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I've ordered myself a house-warming gift and now its time to warm up.
I was excited to see the box on my front porch when I got home from work and quickly hustled it inside and set it on my kitchen table. I wanted to open it right then, but I knew I wouldn’t get any work done if I did. I went up to my bedroom and changed into something more comfortable, pulling my long curling dark brown hair into a ponytail and putting on my glasses to give my eyes a rest. I left my tie-dyed anklets on but shed my formal work attire, strictly pressed cream slacks and a white button up with a bright pink cardi. I never wore heels when I worked; I wasn’t gifted with balance to pull off pumps and picture-taking. While people hire photographers to be artistic and different, they aren’t about to shell out a few thousand dollars for their daughters portfolio shots if the photographer shows up in scrubby sweatpants and a holey tee-shirt and nerdy glasses.

I looked in my full length mirror at my body. Clad only in my flesh colored Victoria Secrets full coverage bra in size 34C and a medium white lace and string thong that clung to my bare mound and generous hips and let me peek at my supple ass, a perfect size in my opinion, I longed for attention from either sex. I was only a month into my new home, and besides a fling with a police officer who worked too often when I wanted fucking, I was lonely. I had seen some pretty girls in the park by my house, but they were too bottle blonde and air-brushed for my taste. What I craved was a dominate woman who would take me by my ponytail and throw me on the bed, rip my thong from my body and….

I had to brush those thoughts away as I felt my itty bitty thong become saturated. Now was time to work, not play. I had all night for that. I freed my breasts and feeling horny and mischievous, sauntered around my house clad only in my moist thong.

I worked for an hour and a half, until I had to charge my laptop. I looked at my desk, it was mostly clean.

I rushed to my kitchen and ripped open the box like a kid on Christmas. There they were, in their pretty packages ready for me to rip them open and play.

I ordered a vibrator with ten speeds, a g-spot vibe, mild nipple clamps, a few butt plugs that vibrated and a few that didn’t and a glass dildo, a rabbit vibe and a few free porn vids topped off my box. I carefully unwrapped the glass dildo and popped it in the fridge, for later. I eased the nipple clamps on and gasped at the pain, and the tingling that made me want to grind my clit into the table. I grabbed the largest vibrating butt plug and washed it carefully in the sink and dried it before I put in the batteries. By the time they slid in place my juice was running down my leg. I pulled my thong off and threw it towards my washer and dryer, and popped the plug in my mouth and started to suck on it like hard candy.

I leaned over my kitchen table and spread my legs wide, and then dipped the plug in my vagina. I almost fucked myself with it; it was large enough to satisfy my craving. I rubbed the pointed end on my rosebud, and turned on the vibration. It was mid-grade, and I worked it in, letting my pleasure overwhelm my body as it stretched my anus so large. I hadn’t been as stretched since my ex-fucker had introduced me to anal. When I clenched on the end of it, I was moaning and groaning like a cat in heat. I was grinding my clit on the table and twisting my nipples, tightening the clamps.

As my orgasm overwhelmed me and I came down from my pleasure high, I knew I had better make myself earn my next orgasm and toy, so I went into the spare bedroom that I used as a home gym. I got onto my exercise bike and put it on intensity seven, and set a timer for ten minutes. By five, I was coated in sweat and my own pussy juice, my anus burning in sweet pleasure. When the buzzer sounded, I jumped off the bike and laid on my exercise ball to do a 100 crunches with weights. When my muscles burned I knew I had earned my next toy. I removed my butt plug and set it to wash later.

I took out the dildo from the fridge; it was so cold on my heated skin. I plunged it into my cunt and moaned at the sensation of a cold, filling cock in my vagina. I pushed the box off my table and laid on it. My knees hooked on the back of chairs, I fucked and fucked myself, the dildo no longer cold, but hot from the furnace it was burrowed in.

Never able to bring myself to orgasm by fucking with a dildo, I surprised myself when the orgasm came out of nowhere. My hips took a wild rhythm of their own and I clenched so hard, it spurred me onto another orgasm. I lay panting on my kitchen table, sweat and cunt juice coating my skin. I pulled out my new glass weapon and licked my juice away. It tasted good, so I cleaned my new toy with my tongue.

The clock told me it was late, and my orgasm and workout had left me drained. I wanted to play with my other toys but I didn’t have the energy. I left them by my table and shut down my house. I crawled into bed, naked and in bliss.

My alarm woke me too early for my liking, and I stumbled down to make my latte. I eyed my ten speed toy, and couldn’t help but putting it in my cunt and fucking myself on every speed. I screamed on the top speed, my orgasm making me see stars. I panted on the floor as my coffee grew cold.

On my way out the door, I saw my small regular butt plug in sky blue, matching my panties for the day. I grinned and lifted my skirt, dropped my bikini and probed my hole. Once it slid in I grinned, it wouldn’t be coming out until tonight. I slipped the g-spot vibe in my purse, thinking of what a fun day at the office it would be if I could keep the toy in during my meetings. Maybe I could get the pretty office secretary to hide under my desk…

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