The Conference Call

By CurlyGirly

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Weekly conference calls don't always have to be boring, as Wolverine15 soon learns...
I drove to Jason’s office to pick him up so we could go out dinner. I was arriving earlier than expected and, if I planned things right, most of the office staff would be leaving while he finished up his weekly conference call. Two of the qualities which most attracted me to Jason were his unwavering confidence and his total self control. However, making him lose control was an immense turn on for me, and I was on a mission to do that today. I was dressed for the visit in an outfit I knew he liked; a sort of understated sexy professional look including a white button down blouse, silver chains, dark gray skirt, whitelacedemi-cup bra, white sheer panties, white thigh highs, and black 4 inch heels. In fact, I had taken a risqué picture of myself in the same outfit a few months earlier and had given it to him as a gift.

As I entered the building, I realized my timing was perfect as the receptionist waved to me on her way out the door and most of the desks appeared empty. I headed to his office and gave a light knock on the door.

Jason looked up in surprise, smiled his crooked smile, and pointed to the phone just as he said, “I think those numbers are pretty accurate.

He motioned for me to sit in one of the chairs and wait while he finished up the call, but I had other plans. I closed the door behind me, quietly locked it, and walked slowly over to him with a little more sway in my hips than usual and enjoyed his appreciative stare. Jason wore my favorite blue shirt, which made his beautiful eyes appear an even deeper blue.

Bending down, I gave him a brief peck on the lips, and whispered, “Hey, Handsome.” in his ear while inhaling his fresh scent.

I kissed his earlobe once and flicked my tongue inside his ear, which I knew he loved, and felt a shiver go up his spine. Sliding my hand down his broad chest, I reached between his legs, and gave his cock a firm squeeze, which made him jump a bit. He certainly knew I was up to no good now.

He looked up something on his computer and said, “It should be about 70,000.”

Leaning against his desk, I took this distraction as an opportunity and slowly eased up my skirt. My movements certainly caught his attention, because he quickly turned to watch the skirt gliding up over my thighs. A bit of a flush formed on his cheeks when he saw the lace edge at the top of my thigh highs. With my skirt hiked up, I sat on his desk and slowly swung my stocking-clad leg. He absentmindedly mumbled another number into the phone as he watched my swinging leg.

Jason reached out a hand to stroke my leg, but I pushed him away, pointed my finger at the phone, and harshly whispered, “No!

He shot me a displeased look when I brushed his hand off my thigh. While he continued talking on the phone, I slowly uncrossed my legs and spread them a bit giving him a clear view of my sheer white panties. I definitely noticed a flush in his cheeks now and there was an unmistakable bulge in his pants. He continued to utter occasional comments on the phone, but I could tell his mind was no longer on the conference call.

As his eyes tracked my every movement, I slid my fingers up the inside of my thigh and traced the lace along the edge of my stockings. He continued staring, all but ignoring the conference call, as I moved my fingers between my legs and slowly rubbed them up and down on my mound through my panties. I spread my legs a bit wider to make sure he had a good view of the wetness forming on the sheer fabric, which was making them even more transparent. By the growing bulge in his pants, I knew he could see it all very clearly and enjoyed what he saw. He started to unbuckle his belt, but I shook my finger no at him, and he gave me an exasperated look.

Jason responded into the phone with a terse, “It should be here Tuesday.

As he spoke, I eased aside my panties and exposed my smooth-shaven pussy lips. I pulled my panties further to the side and spread my already swollen lips. He squirmed a bit in his chair as his hard, thick cock strained against the fabric of his pants. I slowly circled my clit and teased it for a few moments before dipping two fingers into my very wet pussy.

"You make me so fucking wet!” I huskily whispered to him.

He stammered into the phone, “S-s-sure ... ” and seemed to lose a bit more control and composure.

I rhythmically finger fucked myself a few times as he rubbed his throbbing cock through his pants. Making eye contact, I gave him a lascivious smile. I removed my now glistening fingers from my pussy and brought them to my mouth. I traced my wet fingertips over my lips once and then sucked them into my mouth tasting my tangy juices. A deep groan escaped Jason's mouth.

He feigned a cough into the phone to cover the groan and said quickly, “That shouldn’t be a problem.”

After I sucked my fingers clean, I rummaged in my purse, which lay next to me on the desk. Curiously, he watched to see what I was doing. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw me remove my favorite very powerful and very quiet silver vibrator. We both have had a lot of fun using the vibe on me in the past and today was going to be no exception. Still holding my panties aside, I trailed the now silently humming vibe down along my wet slit. I spread my legs even further to open up my pussy and pressed the vibe between my puffy lips. The feeling was amazing when the vibe touched my clit, and I couldn’t help but whistle with a sharp intake of air.

Jason quickly covered the receiver with his hand and struggled to keep his composure on the call. I smiled when I noticed an obvious wet spot forming on his pants, and I could visualize the thick veins bulging on his cock. I slid the vibe down even further and slipped it into my aching pussy. I thrust the vibe in and out of my pussy and slowly fucked myself. He watched every movement as I pulled the vibe almost all the way out and pushed it back in hard.

He muttered distractedly into the phone, “I can update it this weekend” as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

As much as I hated to, I withdrew the vibe from my dripping pussy and turned it off. Wickedly, I leaned forward and traced the glistening vibe along his lips and slid it in his partially open mouth, which caused him to almost drop the phone. He closed his eyes for a moment while he sucked my sweet juices off the vibe. I eased the vibe out of his mouth and flipped it back on as he slowly licked his lips; his eyes never leaving mine.

Knowing Jason and the conference call were not going to last much longer, I brought the vibe down again between my legs and pulled my panties aside. Placing it back on my hard little clit, I increased the speed and pressure. My hips automatically started to thrust a bit as I felt my orgasm building.

A slight “Mmmmmmm!” escaped my lips as my orgasm neared.

Fourth quarter projections are on target,” he mumbled into the phone while seemingly transfixed with the movement of the vibe.

I felt the wonderful and familiar warmth spread between my legs, and I growled a very low, “Oh, Fuck!” He lost all color in his face. “Baby, I’m cumming!” I breathed out.

With my lips still spread, I took the vibe off my clit as the orgasm crested just to delay it a bit. However, Jason had other ideas and reached forward and hit my clit with two hard SLAPS. The electric-like sensation immediately sent me over the edge as the orgasm ripped through me and my hips bucked uncontrollably. I moaned loudly. “Fuck, YES! Oh God, YES! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

He muttered into the phone, “Sounds good, very good” as I rode out my orgasm on his desk just inches away, and he looked at me with a smirk on his face.

My hips instinctively continued thrusting as my pussy walls contracted. I could feel the moisture dripping out of my soaked pussy and pooling underneath me. Panting breathlessly and with shaky legs, I flipped off the vibe that I still clutched in my hand and dropped it in my purse.

Right, have a great weekend. I’ll talk to you next week,” were his final comments on the call.

Jason slammed down the phone and exploded, “Oh My Fucking God!” as he shot up out of his chair.

He roughly pulled me up off his desk and ground his rock-hard cock against me. He wrapped his hands tightly in my hair and roughly pulled me to him. Even in my heels, I had to stand on my tippy toes as he brought my face to his and kissed me deeply with his tongue darting into my mouth. Smashed up against him and hungrily kissing, I clumsily unzipped his pants needing to feel his rigid cock in my hands. I could feel the precum oozing as I stroked his cock, and I rubbed it into the head. Jason untangled his hands from my curls and urgently unbuttoned my blouse and yanked it off. He pulled my left breast out of my bra and bent his head down and sucked the stiff nipple into his mouth and gave it a sharp bite.

Jason forcefully turned me around and pushed me over the edge of his desk. He gave me a very sharp slap on the right cheek, which brought stinging tears to my eyes. I felt the heat on my ass where the red hand print was forming. With me bent over the desk, he pushed his knee between my legs and forced them apart. His cock nudged between my legs and along my drenched panties. I felt rather than saw him lean across the desk and reach for something. He pulled my wet panties down a bit between my legs, and I heard a loud “ SNIP.”

What the hell!?!” I said, annoyed. He actually just cut my brand new panties with the scissors on his desk.

However, I had to admit to myself that his forcefulness aroused me even more. Once again, I felt his cock between my legs and the swollen head push between my wet lips and into my aching pussy with one hard thrust. I yelped with the force of his first thrust, but I loved the feeling of his thick cock filling me and it finally relieved the ache between my legs.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back against him, and said in a raspy voice, “You're such a slut, but you’re my slut aren’t you?

He knew it turned me on when he called me his slut, and I purred, “Yes, only yours.

He let go of me, and I fell forward bracing my hands on the desk while he fucked me like the slut that I was. With each forward thrust of his cock, I pushed back just as hard against him. Because I had teased him and pushed him to the edge, I knew this was going to be a quick, unrelenting fuck.

Harder! Fuck! Me! Harder!” I begged through gritted teeth as I heard the very wet sounds of our fucking.

His fingers dug into my hips and the sharp edge of the desk cut into my thighs as his cock continued to ram into me and felt like he would split me in two. I brought my right hand to my pussy, and I rubbed my clit as he quickened his already furious pace. With his hot breath on my neck and his deep groans, I knew he had lost his remaining control and was nearing orgasm.

At that moment, he grunted, “Fuck, Baby, I’m cumming!” while pounding me mercilessly and biting my shoulder deeply.

Rubbing my clit harder, another climax washed over me at the same moment Jason’s teeth sunk into my shoulder causing me to shudder.

Oh God, yes, yes, yes!” I cried as my orgasm crashed down.

I came hard on his cock at the same time I felt the first spurt of his cum shoot into me as he continued to thrust against me. The walls of my pussy continued to milk him as my orgasm ebbed. Jason’s cock spasmed one final time as he slumped against my back.

Jason moved aside my hair and kissed the back of my damp neck before he reluctantly pulled out and fell back heavily into his chair panting. I turned around and immediately dropped to my knees between his legs and took his softening cock in my mouth. Licking and sucking his cock and balls clean, I savored the taste of our mingled juices on him; the taste of “us.” Giving one final swirling lick and kiss to the head of his cock, I gently zipped him up and stood.

He watched with an amused smile as I slid off my ruined panties. He held out his hand, and I tossed them to him. He put my cum-stained, cut panties in the inside pocket of his jacket, which was hanging on the back of his chair. I adjusted my stockings and demurely pulled down my skirt.

Picking my blouse up off the floor, I put it on and buttoned it up and said, “Hey, I think you owe me dinner! Where are you taking me? Maybe somewhere with a private booth?” I asked as I took my vibe out of my purse, waved it at him, and winked.