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The Cute Boy At Work

I hate my job, I love my job, I hate my job, I love my job were the words that rattled through my head as I sat at the computer trying to figure out what report I was supposed to pretend to read next. “I’m pretty sure this is NOT what I signed on for.... .... agghhhh!, The words slipped out of my mouth, but apparently not as quietly as I thought.

“Pardon me? Did you say something?” It was Tanner... the cute boy at work. He was working at the computer next to me doing his thing. Not entirely sure what his thing is, but he does it every day.

“No... Sorry, just muttering to myself. I just can’t believe all the crap they expect us to get through in a day,” I looked over at him and had that exhausted, I can’t take it anymore, look on my face.

“Yeah, I don’t know how you guys do it. Between your crazy hours, being on the floor and managing your staff and departments – I couldn’t do it. Well, I could, just wouldn’t want to,” Tanner said. He was a smart guy to say that because if I were to do it all over again, I would not have taken on this much responsibility so soon.

“I just don’t think I can do this job. It is so hard, there is so much I love about it, but I feel like I’m never going to get it fast enough for them,” I nodded my head towards the manager’s office .

“Hang in there, you will do just fine. Don’t let them get to you and keep doing what you’re doing because it is coming together for you. I know it was a tough transition, but you are making headway.” His words were so sweet and just what I needed. It didn’t hurt that he was some great eye candy to look at whenever I had to be in the back offices.

The first thing you notice about Tanner is his incredible piercing eyes. They are steel blue and it is difficult to not be mesmerized by them. Next he has a juicy smile, if that is at all possible. I don’t know what it is, but the ever so slight turned up corners of his mouth coupled with his eyes just hold your attention. The other thing that Tanner is well noted for is his hair. A very distinct cut and gelled spiky style, he has earned many a nickname and he takes them all in stride. He is a quiet guy, but not shy - a definite observer of what goes on around him and he pays attention. He has a great sense of humour that not everyone gets, but is never offensive. All around, he may be the cute guy in the office, but he has the whole package going for him.

I headed back out to the floor, to do my Supervisor thing, and try and earn a living. The rest of the day played out pretty much like I expected. No matter how hard I worked, it never feels like I make progress, and the feedback, or lack of from top management didn’t make things any easier for me. I can’t wait to get home and have a glass of wine. Haven’t met a Shiraz I didn’t like.

I pulled in my driveway and felt the buzz in my back pocket - a text. How nice. Wonder who is texting me. I lay pretty low these days, between work and dealing with life, so an unexpected text is always a nice surprise. I didn’t recognize the number, but hey, even a solicitation text from the cel phone company can be exciting for me these days. Holy shit, though... it was from Tanner?!? WTF.

‘Hey there, its Tanner... just wanted to say Hi n hope ur day got better’ Oh my God! That freaked me out, I forgot he had my number. A group of us met for lunch one day at the nearby greasy spoon and I forgot I gave it to him to get directions. I responded back

‘Wow, thanks, how sweet of u. Got a little better, glad its over now. Home to enjoy a glass of wine’

‘Cool, have a glass for me, see u tmrw and have a good night’

‘Thanks. U too, but won’t see u tmrw, I’m off... yeah for me’

‘Well next week then, have a good weekend. Relax and enjoy, don’t think about work’

‘I won’t! U have a good night too’

Holy doodles... well wasn’t that a pleasant surprise. He really is a cutie patootie and that was just so nice to have someone actually care about my day. Well, off to other things... like that glass of wine. I got changed in to my comfys, poured myself a glass of wine and kept the bottle nearby. I found the remote, curled up on the couch and settled into watch all my record tv shows. God Bless the guy who invented the tv recorder and the ability to pause live tv.

It wasn’t long before I had poured my second glass of wine and noticed my mind wandering. I kept thinking back to Tanner and how sweet he was to text me. He is really a very funny guy at work, quite witty and makes me laugh a lot. However, it was cold and I wasn’t ready to turn the furnace on yet and I was freezing. The wine was warming me up a bit, but my toes were cold, so I decided to hop into a nice hot shower before bed.

I stepped in and just let the water hit my shoulders and run down my back. Mmmmm, that felt so nice, I hadn’t planned on getting my hair wet, but next I stood there with my head tilted back and my eyes closed to let the water spray all over my face and run down my whole body. And then again, with my eyes closed, Tanner came to my thoughts again.

He makes me curious. He’s so quiet, but then comes up with these great one liners. I’d love to know what he’s like away from work. By now I grabbed the soap and started to lather up my hands. I start at the obvious spot, my chest and belly. Funny how that is probably where everybody starts when they clean themselves up in the shower, but this was somehow different. I noticed my hands didn’t go much further than my chest. The soap made them glide over my boobs. I kept grasping them and massaging them around and around. A little more soap down my side, and over my shoulders, but always back to my breasts. I just kept holding them and massaging them and began groping them. I found myself pinching my nipples as they grew firmer and pointier. Tanner was still on my mind.

I leaned back against the wall and redirected the shower head so the water would continue to hit my bare skin, helping me to warm up. Actually, I was warm now. My right hand dropped past my belly to my mound. I could feel my pussy starting to throb. Even though I was all soaped up, it appeared I had a little stubble to take care of and it stopped my hand from gliding down all the way to my eager pussy. I decided to find the razor and make myself silky smooth. I love how it feels when you have just shaven your pussy clean. I shave myself pretty often and could not be bothered with a landing strip or little triangle that is simply far too much effort. Besides, as I manoeuvred the lips of my cunt to get the razor at every angle I felt exactly how wet I was and it wasn’t from the water running all over me. Tanner would not leave my brain.

When I was done with the razor, I ran the whole palm of my hand over my mound and down to cradle my hole. My other hand was back to massaging my breasts and when I slide my hand back up over my mound, I allowed one finger to gently ride between my tender pussy lips. I slide the finger back and forth and found my whole body was trembling. I allowed myself to slide down the shower wall until I was squatting at the bottom of the shower and the water was pulsing down on me from the shower head. My finger was no longer teasing the outside of my wet juicy hole but was no buried deep inside of me.

One was not enough, so another finger slide in beside. I stopped playing with my breasts and lowered my left hand to play with my clit. My hands played and roamed and pressed deep. The hot soft walls of the inside of my cunt were as wet as the rest of my body was with the water beating down on me. Two fingers were rapidly sliding in and out as two other fingers were feverishly circling my swollen clit.

I could feel the eruption in me building. I was beginning to become vocal as I was gasping for breath. I wanted my fingers to be deeper and hit me harder but I continued to rub my ruby little clit and knew the orgasm was only seconds away. I continued to finger fuck myself, bucking my hips. My legs fell open as far as they would go and I let out a moan as I felt hot cum pour from my cunt onto my fingers. I scooped what I could in the palm of my hand and brought them up to my mouth so I could lick them clean of my wickedly tasteful cum.

There I sat in the bottom of the shower with the water still beating down on me. My hair was stuck to my face and I could barely see. My legs were week, but somehow I managed to stand up, turn off the water and find a towel. All I thought I was going to do was warm up from a hot shower. Well it was hot alright. How am I going to look that cute boy in the face tomorrow knowing that it was him that was on my mind the whole time I got myself off? God I hope I had some wine left.

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