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the cute geek-ish girl and the hot race home

It was a hot summer day. The summer party at the lake started at noon. When I arrived it was already quite crowded at the beach. I got myself a beer and walked around a bit so say hello to old friends and checkout the girls that I knew would be there.

To my disappointment, it was the usual crowd and not a lot of new people had shown up to the party. The ladies were either ladies I already had a history with or in a liaison with some of my friends. Strolling around, engaged in small talk, I spotted this girl at the beach.

She was all by herself looking out onto the water, sipping a paper cup with wine or champagne. She was a tall girl with long legs and short red hair. She was wearing a pair of slim glasses that made her look quite intellectual and smart but also a little geek-ish.

“Waiting for a ship?”

I started the conversation. She looked at me as if her mind had been far, far away.

“Ohh no – sorry – I was absent – I am in the process of finishing my dissertation and was thinking about my last chapter.”

“Ok Doctoressa, want to get a boat and row out there with me? Maybe it will inspire you?”

She opened her mouth to say something, then apparently thought it over and just looked at me instead, mouth agape - a beautiful mouth, by-the-way.

“So – yes? Or yes? Or yes?” I asked

“Well – ok she said, but I need to be back here again in 60 minutes.”


Quickly, I got a boat from someone that just came in from off of the lake. I held the boat steady for her to get in and rowed us out into the lake.

I started to ask her about her dissertation and found out that she was a biologist researching the subject of “attraction” between different genders of animal species. I listened to her smart but long explanations about “factors benefiting evolutionary survival”, but half of my attention was deep into actually studying her.

She was an unusual girl. She was very beautiful, but the way she spoke classified her as a true geek – almost a little nerdish but in a sweet way. Her body language was a little to exaggerated, her hands were talking, her head moved constantly and her eyes were not able to stand still. To be a “hot” girl she was too boyish – but she was somehow still quite sexy.

We started talking about the fact that in the world of animals the male role could often be found to be exhibitionistic, shiny and beautiful while human males were, in her opinion, entirely voyeuristic, leaving the dressing up and assuming the role of beauty to women.

“You will never see men impressing women with lipstick, high heels, false eyelashes and perform a truly sexy performance for a woman in a voyeur”.

She elaborated. I took my shirt of and asked:

“Would you like to see a man doing a sexual performance while you are in a voyeur role?”

I laid back in the boat facing her and hung one of my legs overboard moving my foot thru the water. The conversation had gotten to a point where it was hard to judge if we were still talking science or if we were actually talking about her sexual fantasies. She blushed but kept the science conversation appearance:

“Of course it would be interesting to be in the role of an observer instead having to express sexuality as a woman.”

I opened the zipper of my jeans slowly, partly because I had no pants on underneath them, and my dick became visible. It was not fully erected yet but already had a nice size and looked nice. I started massaging my dick just a little bit, observing her reaction.

She blushed completely and tried to say something but then just sat there watching, with her mouth open. I had truly surprised her and was not sure if she would now just start being upset or enjoy the show. She threw her hands up smiled and said little nervous:

“Well, I guess now my role is to just sit an observe.”

I moved slowly from just massaging to longer more dedicated strokes – I was masturbating in front of her. I kept looking right into her eyes and she into mine. She tried to look like a scientist observing an animal and its behavior. My strokes became more and more animal like but has hard as she tried, she could not hide her own arousal any more. Her hands nervously screeched her arms and changed her seating position constantly but she never took her eyes off of the action.

My whole body was tense now. Every muscle was tight. While stroking my dick, I played with my muscles on my flat stomach and presented my nicely trained wash board. My erection was full blown, my purple, red and wet. My dick was hard and showing thick blood vessels.

Her facial impression changed from scientific observation to true desire waiting to get unleashed. She obviously enjoyed watching me a lot. Suddenly she said:

“I want to see you - cum.”

The way she said it was so full of desire, with such an expression of lust on her face that I stared to come close immediately. I stretched my legs, contracted all my muscles, started to moan deep and long. My dick started pumping white fresh cum over my tanned hands and stomach. A nice orgasm rolled thru my body.

She smiled and applauded a bit.

“Nice show – lets go home and … “

Then her lips formed the word... “fuck” ...without making any noise.

Before I could answer, she had got and jumped into the lake with all her clothes on and started swimming ashore. I turned the boat around and rowed after her, as quick as I could, while somehow zipping my pants at the same time.

We moved quickly thru the party-guests, short cutting any small talk, and made it to my car - a Mercedes two seat convertible. Her clothes were still dripping wet. We jumped in it and started driving back home, to the city.

“Shit my clothes are all wet and I am going to get a cold,” she said.

“Take them off, you can have my t-shirt. You will dry in no time.”

She gave me a long "in-your-dreams" look but then reached out her hand. I took of my shirt and gave it to her. She undressed and put the t-shirt on. I had a quick glance at her very perky nipples but I was not quite sure if she was cold or if she was still turned on. She pulled her knees up and pulled the shirt over them.

But a couple of minutes later she put her right leg up and hung it out the window, her foot on the right rear mirror. The way she was moving and wiggling there in my car was truly hot. The shirt was now not even able to cover her crotch all the way.

“I – kind of – feel …”

She made a long pause and then said quickly,

“ … like touching myself.”

With more authority, she added, “but you need to keep your eyes on the street buddy!”

I gave her a big smile and accelerated the car. In the corner of my eye, I could see that she started to play, slowly with her pubic lips, only carefully teasing her clit a little bit. Then she went in between, searched her naked clit and put a finger right on it under her hood. Her legs started moving now and I could see the one foot arching and stretching. While she was masturbating, she kept looking at me and my bare chest – and I would have paid a lot to know her thoughts at that moment. She seemed to eat my body in her fantasy. I accelerated again.

While the first portion of the drive was quite simple and there was no real danger that someone could spot her and notice what was going on. Now we came closer and closer to the city center and I had to drive quite forward-looking to not end up on a red light. My driving had to become more and more aggressive to not get caught. She seemed to really enjoy the riskiness of the game and it looked like she was getting closer and closer to a nice orgasm.

Then it happened, we approached a stop light and even though I stepped on the gas, the light went red way too fast and I had to slam on the brakes to not run the red light. The deacceleration pressed her pelvis onto her hand and her massaging finger, her eyes went wide open and she started coming heavily. Her legs were now twitching and her pelvis was rocking on the seat next to me.

When we stopped, she was still coming and shaking. I looked around and realized that this was a busy street corner with a lot of pedestrians. A couple of rough guys on the street corner smoking cigarettes looked right at her while her orgasm went bigger and bigger. She noticed the guys but that could not stop her right now - if anything, it was adding to her excitement.

Her knees were still twitching when the light turned green and we accelerated away from the street corner - only a couple of blocks to my apartment. I drove into the parking garage, parked and we ran - half naked as she was, we were ran for the elevator ….

… to be continued.
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