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The Doctor

I releive my frustrations after finding out my date is married and dumping him.
On hot summer nights we loved to go to a club in downtown Baltimore on the water in Fells Point called Surfside Sally’s to party and dance the night away. I usually went with a group of single friends and we always had a great time there. Sally’s had a restaurant with decent seafood and a patio right on the water in addition to the club so you could spend all evening there they had everything you could want. It was a very popular club and got very crowded on the weekend and Thursday ladies night.

One night dancing with my friends I noticed a cute guy checking me out. He was there with a large group of people mostly women.

“Hi my name is Michael would you like to dance?” he came over and asked me making some serious eye contact.

I did not have to think for very long at all and replied “Hi Michael I’m Sharon and sure I’d love to dance to the next good song they play.”

Michael was about the same height as me, a medium build with brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He had very kind looking puppy dog eyes and I could imagine him talking me into all kinds of things. Turned out he was a doctor at a very famous hospital in town that people came from all over the world to go to. I used to tend bar at the hotel across the street from it so I was very familiar with that hospital. He went out dancing on ladies night at Sally’s with the nursing staff. I don’t know what it was about this man but he was seriously turning me on like I had not felt in forever. Maybe it was how he always looked deeply into my eyes and seemed to hang on every word I said. He could not seem to stop checking me out looking me over up and down. We danced and danced all night then exchanged info, kissed and said goodbye.

Michael had given me his work number and told me to give him a call. When he did not give me his home telephone number that should have been my first clue something was not right but I did not think anything of it. I called and left a message for him and was surprised at how fast he got back to me. We decided to meet at Sally’s again for more dancing the next Friday. He lived downtown and it was near his house. I couldn’t wait to go dancing with this handsome doctor again. When the night of our date came around I got all dolled up and wore one of my sexiest outfits. It was a black mini skirt with a black tank top both tight and curve hugging. I finished the ensemble with an olive green cute bolero jacket that had black satin lacing up the sides, some dangly long earrings and extra silky sheer black hose. I wore my flat black suede ballerina pumps because in heels I was just a little taller than him. I always had my long blonde hair curled to perfection. I was ready to go after this man.

When I got to Sally’s he was already there so I sat by him and he bought me a drink. We sipped our drinks and made pleasant small talk until the music got started. Once the dance floor got going we danced and danced all night again.

“You are not as tall tonight because we are eye to eye” Michael leaned in and told me as he gave me a cute little Eskimo kiss rubbing his nose on mine.

I think he liked I wore flat shoes so I wouldn’t be taller than he was as I was in heels the night we met. He was a good enough dancer but most of all he was just very sexy in the way he looked at me and danced so close to me. He had a hunger in his eyes like he just wanted to eat me up. Was this the passion I had been missing that I used to get from my sexy English boss? When the dance floor got really crowded we were dancing pressed together like a sandwich. It was making me so hot and aroused. I was seriously considering taking this man home with me and fucking him for all I’m worth on my water-bed then driving him back downtown to his house.

It was getting late and we were both very hot from all that dancing. We went outside and he walked me to my car in a parking lot a few blocks down. We sat in my car making out for a while. He was a great kisser and wasn’t shy about putting his hands all over me. First he massaged my tits then headed for my legs. He ran his hand up my thigh which made me tingle all over then he was rubbing my pussy through my panty hose. Damn shouldn’t have worn hose that night and he could have been rubbing my clit instead. I could feel how hot and wet my pussy already was and it wanted to get fucked. I asked if we could go to his house since it was much closer than mine out in the suburbs and he dropped the bomb. We couldn’t go to his house because his wife who had just given birth two weeks prior was there sleeping with the baby.

Holy crap not again! What am I a married man magnet? Why are all the men I find the most sexy and intelligent and want to fuck the most married? I thought I finally found a man that might turn me on as much as my English boss that I so adored but was also married. I even seriously considered going with my original plan and taking him to my house fucking his brains out then driving him home never to call him again. For a split second I considered doing that but then  thought I’m not going down this road again.

I told him he was a naughty boy and needed to go home to his wife and give her a foot rub to pay penance for his bad deeds and to behave himself in the future. I dropped him off two blocks from his house so his wife never knew he was trying to fool around with some hot chick from the night club he went dancing at.

I went home and I was hornier than hell and it was too late to try to round up a fuck buddy so I was on my own. It was a very hot humid summer night and the cool air conditioning felt good on my skin as I entered my home. I walked upstairs to my bedroom. Pealing the clothes off of my hot sticky body I could feel just how slippery my pussy lips were. Each piece of clothing was sticking to me from sweating up a storm dancing all night. I first took off my jacket then pulled my tank top over my head laying them both on my bedroom rocking chair. Then I pried my tight mini skirt down over my hips and round ass taking my silky black stockings with it. Black satin bra and panties removed all clothes off and I was feeling so anxious and frustrated I just needed to cum.

I lay across my queen sized water bed, breathing deeply, I ran my hands all over my breasts and abdomen caressing myself and stopping to tease and rub my nipples making them erect and sensitive. I was already so worked up from dirty dancing all night and making out with that sexy doctor that my body was on fire. As I ran my hands all over myself I would make sure to graze my aching pussy lips with my fingers. They were drenched with my hot juices and my clit was crying out for attention.

I slowly moved my hands down to the burning flesh between my legs. Stroking the moist outer lips with both hands all along the sides of my hot slit I could feel how wet and ready I was to fuck. God I needed it my pussy was so tight, clenching and craving a big hard cock. With the index finger of my right hand I began circling my growing clit which with only a few strokes became hard and throbbing. With my left hand I entered my hot hole with two fingers massaging and probing, so slippery and wet. The walls of my aching vagina grabbed a hold of my fingers and my throbbing clit began rhythmically pulsing as my first orgasm sent tingles washing over me.

I was still frustrated and needing more so I got my faithful buddy B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend!) a strong pin point vibrator. I started rubbing the little nub tip of the vibrator up and down my outer pussy lips sending the vibrations throughout my horny pussy. As the excitement built up I increased the pressure of the vibrator and it parted my slick lips. Rubbing up and down my big erect clit the vibrations were sending tingles all the way down to my toes. With one hand pinching a hard nipple and the other stroking my hot pussy with the vibrator I felt the strong orgasm I was looking for building. I began to get flushed and felt the heat radiating from my crotch down my legs. I let out the biggest moan, my legs flew out straight toes curling when the big one hit me. My body hot and shaking my clit felt like a giant thumping heartbeat with my love tunnel clenching in time with the beat. One, two, three, four, five I lost count how many times I came releasing all my pent up frustrations in a furry of sexual fervor.

After cumming till I was satisfied I lay on the bed spread eagle feeling the last spasms fading from my hot multiple orgasm. Exhausted from all the earlier dancing and just cumming my ass off I thought “Am I ever going to meet a man who turns me on who isn’t married?”

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