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The Drive

The midnight kiss was telling of things to come on the drive home.
The Drive

The party had been an exciting event as they drove back to their usual meeting place. There had been food, dancing, and the annual midnight toast. Champagne was flowing, along with a mix of other beverages for all the guests to sample. I stayed away as a responsible driver and because I just don't like the stuff. Chloe has been responsible as well but did have a nose for good wine and a taste for the bubbly. I had a sip of the Champagne at midnight before a long passionate kiss with Chloe. In the middle of the dance floor we allowed ourselves a moment of public affection as we shared a deep kiss allowing our tongues to taste the champagne on each other. The midnight kiss was telling of things to come on the drive home.

We had dressed for the party. I in my nice grey slacks and a black long sleeve shirt that buttoned up the front. The typical party man, dark, elongating, and slimming. Chloe however had dressed up for me. Her basic black dress was anything but basic. The dress was form fitting as it flowed over her tall frame hugging to the curves in her hips and clinging to her breasts to offer a silhouette of sexual elegance. The solid color dress had long black flowing sleeves that almost acted like wings on the dance floor propelling her upwards like an angel. The bold scoop neck top gather in layers across her ample breasts allowing a magnificent display of milky white flesh. The dress fell snuggly across her hips and hugged her firm ass flowing down over her long smooth legs finishing just at her knee. A slit in the dress flowed up from her right knee up to her mid thigh revealing just enough to draw attention every time she walked across the dance floor. Her strappy red heels set off the all black number with a burst of color at her feet. Under the dress she was wearing her favorite purple and black lace push up bra and her silky and form fitting little purple panties. She had wrapped her legs in long luxurious stockings with the lace trim noticeable to the watchful eye as she danced during the night. Her sensual dancing and occasional glimpse of her stockings had driven me mad all night long. I had to hide more than one erection as she would dance close to me with her arms raised and draped over my shoulders. Not one to miss occasional stiffness, Chloe would give the all knowing smile and her usual wink. The hour had struck, the champagne had been consumed, and our kiss had been exchanged it was time to head home, baby sitters on New Year's Eve were very expensive.

We gathered our coats and began to exit to head back home and let the babysitters get home at a decent hour. As we were leaving Chloe mentioned a need to stop by the ladies room and off she scooted. I watched her walk away with her long strides and shook my head as I murmured to myself what a great year 2011 was going to be for me. She returned and we headed out to the parking lot for the drive home. The snow had started a little before midnight and was steadily increasing which will make the drive home a lot slower than normal as the world around us turned white. As I opened the door for Chloe to climb in she reached up and gave me a warm telling kiss that more was to come. I felt her slip her hand into my jacket pocket and leave something there. She quickly slipped off her coat and I put it in the back seat as I closed her door and headed around the back of the SUV, forgetting about the gift in my pocket. As I stopped to put my coat in the back I remembered her gift and reached in to my pocket and felt something soft and silky as I pulled out a pair of smooth purple panties. I held them in my hand rubbing them between my fingers for a moment and letting my imagination run wild before the chill in the air caught me and I climbed into the driver's side thinking about what the drive home would involve.

As I pulled the door closed behind me it was obvious that this would be no ordinary drive home. Chloe had adjusted her seat back and was pulling her tight black dress up her long legs to reveal the black lace at the stop of her stockings and to hint at reminding me of the little gift she had just given me. She reminded me to drive carefully as she reached over and place her hand on my thigh reaching for the now forming erection in my slacks. I nodded back to her and began to maneuver may way out of the parking lot. The snow fell silently outside the car as we began the slow ride back to our usual meeting place. I drove slowly through the hills as Chloe continued to pursue her show right in the car. We would not get time alone tonight other than in the car, as kids at both homes would prevent that. This was our time and Chloe had a plan on how she wanted to use it.

Chloe lifted her right leg and placed it in the corner of the dashboard up against the windshield showing her strappy black heels and a long stocking clad leg as her dress fell down to her hip. She stretched her left leg out spreading herself as far as she could in the confined space. She adjusted in her seat and continued to lean back bringing her hand back from my thigh and beginning to stroke her long tight legs adjusting the lace on her stockings. She then turned her attention to the folds around her breasts and began stretching them to reveal that her panties were not the only item of clothing she removed. She began lightly her fingers over the smooth material pausing to tease herself with her fingers slipping beneath the material to tease her hardening nipples that were beginning to protrude from the material. She rolled them in her fingers as her nipples became fully responsive to her touch. Chloe knew how much I enjoyed her teasing and she was going to give me a full show of just how sensual and erotic she was going to be tonight.

The extended the folds of black silky material moving it down and pulling her firm large tits from under the exposed scooped neck. Her creamy white breasts and firm pink nipples were now fully exposed as the material stretched under them. She continued stroking and running her fingers around her nipples tracing the tips and circling around the base of her nipples. Chloe began to take her red ruby polished finger tips and twirl her nipples between her thumb and pointer finger pulling them away from her chest and then back to her chest. She moved her hands around under the fold of skin below her tits and cupped them fully squeezing and lifting them away from her chest. She began to breathe deeply and moan softly as she continued to display herself for me.

Trying to make sure we didn't die in the snowstorm but still very carefully watching closely was enough to drive me insane. The raging erection in my slacks begged to be set free as the steel hardened cock pushed against the grey material that restrained it. Sensing her opportunity Chloe released one of her breasts to reach over and lightly stroke my cock with her finger tips as she began to move her other hand down across the black material over her belly and to the slit that was now up to her waist. She flicked the material aside to show me another surprise for the new year. As the material moved aside it was revealed that her soft glistening pussy was fully smooth and shaven just for this occasion. She quickly noticed my surprise and smiled at me letting her finger drift over the smooth skin that lay just above her lips that were shining in the moonlight.

I slowed the SUV down both because of the weather and because of the distraction. The sensual air in the car was so thick you had to wipe the inside of the windshield clean. I instinctively turned down the heat a click or two as there was no need for warm air to flow into the already smoking cockpit. The sight of Chloe's smooth pussy was an overload for a man driving the SUV through the snow. I leaned over with my right hand to touch the smooth skin and she gripped my hand to place it over the smooth area just above her warm wet pussy lips. She looked at me with a knowing smile as I traced the area with my finger guided by her hand. As I started to move down and open the warm glistening slit between her legs she grabbed my hand and slowly pushed it away shaking her head and motioning me to keep the hand on the wheel all without saying a word. I did as I was instructed resisting the urge to protest. The steel rod in my pants bulged against zipper waiting to be released but not able to find away to escape.

Chloe brought two of her fingers to her mouth and slowly licked them before letting them slide inside her ruby red lips. The emerged warm and slick with her saliva as she moved her hand down to the glassy slit and parted her pink pussy lips with two fingers while inserted the middle finger into her warm wet hole. She moaned as her fingers explored her juicy wet cunt and her back arched off the seat as she inserted the finger deep inside her then slowly guiding it out to tease her swollen clit. As she did her other hand came around to massage her tits as they poked through the black silken fabric. She pulled at her nipples as she continued to fuck her pussy with her long slender finger. She murmured softly and moaned deeply as her finger continued to thrust inside her taking long smooth strokes. She released her firm nipple to again place her hand on my thigh squeezing firmly and reaching with her fingers toward my very obvious hard cock. Her finger emerged wet with her own juice as she brought it up to her lips and began to lick it slowly running her long pink tongue along her slender finger before guiding it into her mouth so suck it like it was a nice hard cock.

Purring she looked at me and said, 'Baby, I love that hard cock you have in there but for now, you will just have to watch me fuck myself."

Her hand quickly left her mouth and again plunged into her swollen wet pussy. She began to move her hips in rhythm with her finger as her body began to respond to the strokes. I watched as Chloe slid another finger from the edge of her pussy into the deep hole that was hidden under her lips. Fucking herself with two fingers made her lurch upwards with her hips and grab my thigh with great force. She moaned deeply and said my name over and over as she began to move with increasing speed inside with her wet fingers to massage and explore her juicy cunt. As she fucked herself harder and harder you could hear the sound of her wetness combined with the thump of her hand as it entered her over and over.

Moaning and writhing in her chair she continued to exclaim, 'Yes, baby, oh yes, do you like to watch me? I like to show you myself. I like for you to watch me. Yes, I like fucking myself with my fingers."

As anticipation built for her orgasm the rhythm continued to grow faster and faster with two fingers deep inside her pussy and her thumb teasing her swollen clit. Her body began to rock and be jolted by the pleasure that was sweeping across her. She turned slightly towards me as her orgasm rolled from her fingers inside her up through her milky white tits and then to her warm wet mouth as she moaned deeply and continued to allow her inner pornstar to emerge.

"Oh, yes, yes, that feels so good to fuck myself..are you me...yess...oh god...yess...oh....fuck...fuck...." she would say in rapid succession as her body was tossed by her own touch and the feeling of eroticism in the car.

Chloe slowly continued to roll her hips upward and then back down as the orgasm edged off and she became alert again to her setting in the car and her hand on my thigh. As her breathing slowed her chest would rise and fall sharply moving her aroused tits up and down like the waves on the sea. A smile ran across her face as she released her pussy and again brought her glistening wet fingers up to her mouth to lick and clean her sweet juice. She smiled a knowing smile to me as her hand crept closer to the rocket that was hidden beneath my slacks.

"Did you like that baby?" she murmured to me as her hand reached over for my cock grasping it with her hand, "Ohhh...I see that you did like it. Hmmm..I love your cock baby...can I suck it? Now?"

Looking at her with a wild expression I was at a loss for words and before I could decline or protest she had lifted up in her seat and had both hands moving towards my stiff rod. My cock ached for release so there was no protest on my part. I hit the button and slid my seat back allowing her more access to her desired objective. She quickly maneuvered herself into a position to loosen my zipper and reach inside with her hand pulling out my stiff dick with her warm soft hand. She quickly began to stroke it knowing that I had been watching her the entire time and I must be ready to explored. The veins in my cock pulsed as she touched me and the blood flowed into the head and shaft now that it was no longer restricted under my pants. My cock grew swiftly in her expert hands and it was at it's fullness in moments as she played with the head with her thumb.

I knew I would not last long in her grasp but she was diligently taking long smooth strokes stopping at the head to massage and roll with her thumb and then back down the full length of the shaft only to repeat herself again. Suddenly she leaned over the to me and positioned herself with her knees in her chair so she could reach over the console between the seats. She smiled at me when she was ready and gave me her sexy grin.

"I told you I wanted to suck your cock," she purred as she lowered her head down onto the head of my stiff dick and began to work her head, mouth, and tongue on me with expert fashion.

I moaned deeply and could hardly speak as I was both driving through the snow as carefully as I could and being blown by the sexiest woman in the world. We were only moments from our meeting place and I knew there would be a good place to stop so I concentrated on the last few moments of driving as best I could. Chloe worked her tongue around the head of my hard cock and slurped at it with her mouth. She slowly slid her mouth over the top licking the head as she went down at a smooth and steady pace. I knew her oral skills well and knew she would not stop until she reached the bottom of hard cock encasing all of it in her mouth and throat. She lingered there for a moment before she began to ascend back to the head to work her magic there with her tongue. Pulling the shaft aside she let her tongue slide down the long vein on the back and across to my swollen balls where she used her impressive tongue skills on them. She licked and lapped and managed to take one of the balls into her mouth and suck on it before releasing it and moving back up the shaft to the head.

I was able to reach our destination safely all wile experiencing the fantastic blowjob that I was receiving. I pulled carefully into the deserted parking lot as it was both late and snowing there was no traffic out on the white streets and everything else was closed. I quickly put the car in park and leaned back in my chair to concentrate on the pleasure I was receiving from my fair haired lover.

Sensing we stopped she looked up from working my cock and smiled at me as she murmured, "First you get a show, now I get to eat. Dinner and a show. What a great new year's eve. Hmmm?"

I smiled and put my left hand in her hair gripping it and pushing her head gently back down onto the bulging cock that rested in her hand. She moaned letting me know her approval of my motion and quickly opened her warm mouth to receive my shaft back inside burying her face all the way down the shaft again. I took my right hand and ran it under her lifted skirt first to reach her bear leg and then back around to grip her tight little ass in my large hands. I squeezed firmly finally getting to touch her without interference. I finally moved my hand around and positioned it between her legs to touch and stroke her pussy. The area that was shave was smooth as silk and felt sensitive to the touch as she muffled a moan with my cock in her mouth. I was able to part her lips with my finger and touch her inner walls feeling her grow wet again from our interaction in the car.

Knowing our time was running short she looked up at me and murmurred, "Baby, touch my cunt while I make you explode and drink your cum. Please? Please, will you let me make you cum in my mouth?" and she returned to her efforts to swallow my whole cock once again.

As if I could ever refuse such a request I looked down at the blonde locks as she descended once again on my shaft taking it all inside her mouth and throat. I muttered, "Oh yes baby, you can make me cum with your mouth. You can make me cum however you want me to cum. I am so ready to cum in your mouth"

Her moan let me know that she was pleased with her permission and took off with great velocity down my shaft pulling hard with her hand and sucking hard with her mouth. I continued to tease her clit as her hips began to move with my hand and in rhythm with her movement on my cock. Her paced quickened and when she pulled her mouth up for air the head of my cock would pop out of her mouth from the suction she created. She would take a short breath or two as her breathing was shallow from all the stimulation and then she would plunge down again moving ferociously with her mouth. Feeling my cock swell insider her mouth and the head push back into her throat I was only moments from releasing my full load into that sweet succulent mouth of hers. Just before I was to explode I reached into her wet pussy with my middle finger to thrust inside her. This action surprised her and caused a wave of sensation on her causing a spontaneous orgasm. As her hips twitched and writhed my cock had reached the point of no return and exploded inside her mouth filling it with warm salty cum. As my cock pulsed and pulsed with streams of the white milky fluid the cum began to fall from her mouth down my long shaft and across her pretty red lips and creamy white chin. I growled the low guttural sounds as I released my cum into her and my breathing was hard and shallow. When I was able to recover I looked down at her pretty face as the cum dripped from her lips and down across her chin.

She smiled slightly raking some of the cum from her chin onto her tongue as she purred and then whispered, "I believe I've made a bit of a mess here. Let me just clean this up for you."

She leaned down again with her tongue raking the cum from my shaft into her mouth. She used her finger to slide it from her cheek and chin onto her tongue where it disappeared into her mouth. She looked up and nodded her head letting me know she was finished and rose from her position to place a warm wet kiss on me.

"Happy New Year, baby!" she would whisper as she let her tongue roll into my mouth and moved my hands up to her face to hold it while we kissed deeply.

We quickly noticed that we had reached our time limit and swiftly moved to put ourselves back together. I exited the car and slid my coat on as the snow was falling swiftly into the night air. I came around the side of the car and gathered Chloe's coat and had it ready for her when I opened the door to greet her. I slipped her coat on in the cold night air as I noticed again her firm nipples against the black silk and the hint of her stockings at the edge of the slit in her dress. We made it quickly to her car and I got her inside it where she fired the engine to make her short drive home. She rolled down the window and I leaned in for one last kiss to celebrate the new year. As I did I reached into my pocket to find the purple panties still there. As we kissed I decided one last touch would be in order and I slid my left hand from my pocket and down along the exposed thigh from the dress and quickly up to the bare pussy underneath stroking her outer lips with my finger.

"You may want these back" I suggested as I dropped the panties onto her lap.

She picked them up and placed them back in my hand and shook her head, "No Sir, those are for you to remember this night. Happy New Year."

With that I leaned back out the window and stood in the snow as I watched her back out and drive slowly away into the whiteness. Indeed it had been a Happy New Year.

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