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The Education of Cassie Parks Part III

The girlfriend experience....
Cassie Parks returned to her dorm room at Holy Cross School for girls exhausted. Having just lost her virginity the past week, she was walking around fighting a constant level of arousal. Her roommate and instigator of her first time, Jill, had been absent for the week and she desperately needed a girl to talk to.

Cassie sat on her bed, lifted her plaid skirt up and slid her hand between her soft skin and her white cotton panties. She spread her lips to check her wetness level and found her fingers slid easily over her engorged clitoris. Hooking her fingers so they easily penetrated her aching pussy, she went to work. As she slid her fingers, first two, then three, into her she thought about her time with Mr. Smith.

She remembered the feeling of his hard cock sliding into her as she straddled him in his office chair for the first time. Jill had helped her ease down on the large pole but the sensation was both pain and pleasure all at once. Afterward, while lying on his desk, she had been distracted from the pounding of Mr. Smith’s cock by Jill’s shaved cunt dripping on her face from the tongue fucking she had given it.

Cassie removed her panties and continued writhing on her bed, rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself with such gusto she failed to notice Jill come in the room. A loud vibration sound drew her out of the orgasm she was so close to. Jill standing over her, holding a twelve inch rabbit vibrator, she looked amazing in a skin tight black dress and high heels that sent the “come fuck me” message loud and clear.

“Can I help you with that?” Jill asked, “Mr. Smith cut you off from his dick?”

“No, he didn’t”, Cassie defended her headmaster and lover with gusto. Before she could get out any more, she gasped as the large toy entered her tight pussy filling it to its largest capacity yet.

“Good girl”, Jill cooed, “take this big cock bitch”. Jill started thrusting the vibrator in and out of her with a mix of arousal and vengefulness most commonly found in make-up sex.

Cassie spread her legs wider and tried to take the entire girth in her small pussy. As it filled her, she sensed the contraction building inside her as she cried out in orgasm. Jill pulled the toy out of her and handed it to her.

“My turn now”, Jill instructed. Jill slipped off her dress revealing she was wearing neither panties nor a bra. Jill lay back on the bed. Seeing her sweet hairless mound, Cassie also undressed and then dove into the love hole with her fingers wanting to feel Jill’s pussy juices on her skin before inserting the vibrator and turning it on. Just as she did, a knock followed the sound of the door opening.

Cassie turned around to see Mr. Smith standing at the door. “Come in Jacob”, Jill smiled slyly. Jacob was incensed; of course Jill would trick Cassie and him into another group fuck. He had come to check on Cassie after Jill called claiming Cassie was ill.

Jacob looked a Cassie’s innocent expression, her naked body, a stark contrast to the Jill’s. Jacob had given into temptation once. He couldn’t let Cassie be corrupted by Jill any longer. He grabbed Cassie’s hand to pull the vibrator out of her. “No”, protested Jill.

“Cassie, my love, come over here on your bed”, Jacob instructed. "I want you to show Jill what a good girl does for her lover and what a real man can do for a good girl".

With that Jacob took his pants and shirt off. “Here rub my cock baby”.

Cassie complied rubbing Jacob’s dick in her hand still wet from Jill’s juices. She felt it grow in her hand.

“Good girl”, Jacob encouraged her rubbing her cheek with his hand and brushing her hair aside. “Good girls get nice big cocks in their pussy. Do you want that?”

Cassie shook her head yes looking down at the now fully engorged member.

“Lay down”, he guided Cassie to lay back and entered her gently from a missionary position. Jacob felt the lovely opening was more suitable to accommodate him now. He started making slow, deep thrusts until they both began their climb together to the height of ecstasy. “Jill is a slut, you’re not like that”, he whispered loud enough for Jill to hear. “Look at that dirty whore; you don’t want to touch that”, he said as he sucked Cassie’s large erect nipples. Jacob thought he would teach Jill a lesson by making her watch as he showered his attention on Cassie.

Jill ran out of the room seething in defeat. “You’re so beautiful Cassie”, he murmured in her ear. “You’re pussy feels so good baby, I want you to cum for me”. Jacob continued to thrust deep and slow until he felt the tell tale spasm and desperate clawing of Cassie’s hand on his back to ensure she had reached her orgasm. Then he quickly pumped her full of his cum collapsing on top of her and kissing her gently.

“That is how you make love my darling”, Jacob caressed her, and “I have so much more I want to teach you”.

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