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The field of desire

she longed for him...
‘The field that you have described to me, I want you to go there, lie down and think of me as you pleasure yourself. Oh and don’t forget the pictures to prove it!’ Jessica read the text message once again, a wicked grin spread across her angelic face. She was going to do this, just for him.

She lay relaxed, undisturbed, upon the freshly cut grass. The intense heat of the sun’s rays, filtered through the large oak trees, beat down onto her pale skin. She closed her eyes, soaking in the natural beauty that surrounded her. Dressed in a white, knee length summer dress, her auburn hair cascaded over her ample breasts. Jessica looked picture perfect.

Peace and calmness surrounded her; she lay alone in the open field, with only the sound of the twittering blackbirds in the trees above. Closing her eyes she felt the warmth of the sun on her face. There he was, the image of Mark before her very eyes. They had grown to know each other through their online antics, swopped telephone numbers but never met. Jessica created the vision before her, replaying his husky voice on repeat in her head. Standing tall at 6ft he was the man she wanted, she desired, she longed for. She imagined his blonde hair hanging loosely around his face, those piercing blue eyes looking down at her body as she lay before him. They had masturbated with each several times on the telephone, each time discovering new fantasies and desires.

Do you like that Jessica? Do you like me stroking my thick, hard cock for you?’ his voice echoed in her head.

Her pussy twitched with excitement. Her clit hardened at the thought of him bending down between her legs. Her body responded so well to his instruction. She pictured her fingers entwined in his hair as he sucked and nibbled on her swollen clit. Her freshly shaved pussy was now sodden. Biting her full red lips, she glided her hand down her stomach. She wanted to expose herself to Mark. Imagining him, there with her, made her desire become almost unbearable. She brushed her fingers tips over her aching slit, picturing him watching her, wanting her to make herself cum for him.

Jessica, baby you look beautiful. I want you to spread yourself for me. Let me see how much that gorgeous little pussy wants my hard cock inside of it.’ came the sound of Marks voice in her head.

Jessica felt so exposed and vulnerable, yet safe. She increased the pressure of her fingertips over her swollen clit. She opened her eyes and glanced around the large open field. There was still no one around. Lifting her hips from the ground she slowly peeled off her soaked, white cotton panties and tossed them to the side. Her dress was above her waist; the tiny straps of her pretty summer dress falling over her slight shoulders. Her knees upright, were now fallen to the sides and her wet, shaved pussy fully on display. The cool breeze on her exposed sex heightened her arousal.

Ahhh, Mark, I need you so bad’, she whispered as she plunged her forefinger into her pulsating hole.

Her mobile phone buzzed. She glanced at the screen. ‘Don’t forget my pictures ;) ‘, she read. Jessica grinned; taking her mobile in her free hand she aimed the camera angle between her thighs. Spreading her pussy lips wide she showed him how much she needed his thick cock deep inside of her. Her pleasure increased at the thought of Mark masturbating while looking at her. The image filled her mind. Taking his cock in his hand, slowly teasing it at first, running his fingers slowly along the length of his shaft. She could feel the pressure of her orgasm building inside of her. Jessica inserted another finger inside of herself, stretching her tight hole. Her moans grew louder as her pleasure heightened once again. The intensity of her sexual excitement was divine. Her pussy walls started to tighten around her fingers as she finger fucked herself more furiously.

Oh my god, Mark baby, I’m gonna cum hard for you’, Jessica moaned.

Her fingertips frantically rubbing and circling her swollen clit, her back arched from the ground, Jessica peaked. The heat and pressure of her orgasm crashed throughout her body, ecstasy washed over her as she made herself cum hard. Her juices began gushing and squirting over her delicate fingers.

Jessica brought her fingers to her mouth and slowly sucked on them, her hazel eyes looking into the camera lens. ‘Can’t wait for you to taste how sweet I really am ;) ‘ she typed.

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