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The Gardeners Daughter Pt 1.

A short notice business trip leads to an unexpected encounter...
I have a good job. It doesn't pay fantastically, but the work is varied and means I am always doing something new. I'm lucky enough to work for a Sports Management company. We manage top level sportsmen and women and my job is to take care of all the little bits and pieces that they want/need to keep them happy. The logic is that is they don't have to worry about the little things, then they can concentrate on performing, which means they get paid, so the company gets paid.

I've travelled all over the world, and have met all manner of famous people at the best events in the world. We have Major Golf Champions on our books, Tennis Stars, Swimmers, Cyclists as well as the prospects for the future, who we have signed in the hope they will succeed. I've had a few encounters with these younger prospects, more of which in later stories, but this tale comes from a trip I had to take to keep a more demanding, high profile, client happy.

This client has a gorgeous villa in the south of France, and for one reason and another, someone had to go and sort some things out in preparation for his family to stay there. I was lucky though, as the Client was flying out to a tournament in Italy, so dropped me off on the way in his private jet. So after relaxing with a very nice glass of wine in the jet, chatting to the Client and his Wife, I was dropped off at the local airport and collected by the Housekeeper's husband in the Range Rover that was used when they were at the villa.

As we were travelling back to the villa, he was trying to ask me something, but my French is only passable, and his English not so good, so instead of going straight to the villa, we went to his house so I could speak with his wife to sort things out. It turns out it was just a question about a payment to the local garden centre that was overdue, which was easy for me to resolve, but whilst I was there I was introduced to their daughter.

Esme was about 5'8", with long straight dark hair, a nice tan and really pretty eyes. She had long legs and what can only be described as massive breasts. There was something about her that made me keep looking at her; even the way she moved was sexy. She was away at university, studying English and Business in Paris.

It was only just after lunchtime (the joys of private jets!) so when Esme asked to have a chat about work, and what I did was invite her to come back to the villa with me so we could chat and I could show her some things on the laptop.

I drove us back to the Villa. I always like driving big cars, and the leather seats in the Ranger, with the big engine vibrating hard when I revved gave me an awesome sense of power. The seat also had a massage setting which I put on halfway there, so my pussy was really tingling when we got back to the villa.

After opening up, and checking around the place, I suggested to Esme that we talk in the pool. I told her I would just change into a bikini and offered to lend her one. We were similar sizes, apart from her huge boobs compared to my modest handful. I gave her a green bikini and changed into my blue one and went and got into the pool.

Esme joined me a few minutes later, walking across to the pool in a white gown she had found in a bathroom. "I did not think the bikini was my colour" she said, “I hope you don't mind" and slipped off the gown to reveal she was wearing just a black lacy thong. She then lowered herself in to the pool to join me.

The pool was lovely and cool as the hot French sun beat down on us, and we talked for maybe an hour about business: what I do, what the company does, clients, deals etc. All the while I was able to drool over her fantastic body, her awesome boobs and her nipples, which were lovely and dark and would get erect if they were out of the water for longer than a few seconds with the cool wind bringing them to attention. My own bikini bottoms were as wet on the inside as they were on the outside while my pussy got moister and moister through the chat. The conversation ended with Esme asking if she might be able to get work experience with us in her breaks from uni. Knowing my boss and his liking for hot young girls (hey, it helped me get this job) I thought I should be able to organise it.

Esme was so happy she moved towards me, threw her arms in the air, and gave me a big hug. Even now, just the thought of those gorgeous breasts pressing against mine as I wrapped my arms around her, gets my pussy twitching. When it actually happened I could barely stay standing.

We moved our heads back from the hug, looked deep in each others eyes and smiled. I knew then that something would happen; there was just that connection, that electricity. I made sure my hand brushed her bum as we moved away from the hug, and Esme turned and dived under the water, giving me a great view of her tanned cheeks in the little thong as she swam away.

What happened next is imprinted on my mind as one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. After swimming a couple of lengths on her front, Esme flipped over and swam away from me doing backstroke. As soon as she did this, her nipples went erect as the cool air hit them, and the movement of her arms as she rolled them round over her head made her breasts move from side to side in turn in a hypnotic fashion. They looked so fantastic; the tanned mounds with the hard dark nipples gently moving, the mass of the breasts as they heaved up and down showing how full and perfect they were. My hand moved between my legs to my clit as I watched, transfixed. I longed to be able to suck on those nipples, to kiss those mounds all over, to feel the soft skin on my face, to press my own boobs against them.

I knew it would happen; I wanted it to so badly.

I could not contain myself any more, excused myself and got in the shower. The warm water cascaded over my body as I rubbed the coconut scented shower gel over my skin, I found myself tweaking my nipples till they were stinging before moving my hands down to my pussy. I always like to cum in the shower, the warm water, the scent of my shower gel, the way it lubricates the skin. I always get horny even if I don't make myself cum, and if I am horny already I will have such a powerful orgasm. I like to slide two fingers inside my pussy with one hand and use the other to rub my clit and my lips, and it didn't take long for me to get into this familiar position, one hand rubbing furiously at my clit, the other pumping like a piston. I collapsed onto my knees as I screamed out in pleasure, my body shaking, my pussy clamping down on my fingers and shuddering from one climax to the next. I lost count of the orgasms I gave myself, thinking about Esme, her breasts, the sight of her backstroke and her hard nipples in the sun.

After I had showered and dried, I thought I would give her a taste of her own medicine and went back out to the pool with just a sarong tied round my waist, carrying a couple of bottles of beer I had put wedges of lemon into the top of.

Esme was still in the pool, swimming hard, and I watched her swimming, with her bum showing out of the water as she did her turns. I watched her breasts and hard nipples as she did more backstroke for a while before she came and sat next to me at the patio table. Esme took a long drink from her beer. A drop of condensation dripped of the bottle onto her breast, running down to her nipple. How I wanted to lick it off her boob. She then smiled, put her bottle down on the table, and lay back in her chair to dry in the sun. The light glinting off her wet, tanned frame made me wish I had worn something underneath the sarong. "We should go out tonight" Esme said "We will have some fun" in her French accent that was becoming sexier and sexier. "Yes, we should", I replied.

And that story will follow.....

For those that are interested, I have posted a couple of pictures of Esme in a folder for you.

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