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The Halloween Date

Kate Meets Her Hot Date

It was the usual story for a Friday afternoon, still too much work left undone. The humdrum noise of the open plan office echoed slightly against the high ceilings and wooden flooring. A photocopier purred away in the corner, cascading a perfect pile of documents against the collection point. I looked down at my cluttered desk and decided to check a few more things before I called it a day. Then I’d head off home to freshen up and change into my costume for the Halloween party. God, I was so looking forward to it. And it was about time I let my hair down. The nine till five didn’t leave much time for fun these days.


I was on edge today, too many things happening all at the same time. My heart gave a few uneven thumps at the thoughts passing through my mind. Oh how things had gotten out of my usual ordered control and I was now paying the price. My nerves were fraught and my mind just wasn’t on it. I clicked shut my little case and made my way through the corridors to the exit. I made eye contact with a few people as I left and forced a smile. I’m sure they must have noticed my unusually nervous manner, or perhaps that was all in my mind.


A short time later I was paying the taxi driver and trying not to rip my tights on the way out the door. I was meeting Dave my hubby inside and still hadn’t a clue which costume he’d eventually decided on. I’m sure he’d give me a thrill, there was no doubt about that. After twelve years of marriage things had gotten a bit too cosy in the love making department, the passion had died somewhat. And I had made it my personal mission to try and spice things up. I really wanted to light his fire again. Boy did I do that and I had also managed to create merry hell in the process. And lets just say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


I drew in a few breaths as I arrived in the main hall of our community building, helping myself to a glass of wine as I floated across the dance floor to meet my friends and hubby at our table. I took a few sips of my wine before saying my hello’ s and letting my eyes dart around trying to decide in my mind what they’d all come as. Well at least no one had come as Marilyn Monroe, I had that one to myself. As my eyes eventually got to the end of the table, my heart almost stopped as Dave stood up dressed in a white officers uniform, reminding me of the film Pretty Woman, and he was even better looking than Richard Gere. Well, that just cheered me up no end, I was suddenly feeling rather more alert and in a good way if you know what I mean.


Oh Christ, he had caught me off guard wasn’t expecting that one. Tarzan perhaps, or Elvis even, but not this. I loved Pretty Woman and have lost count of the amount of times I’d watched it. I kissed Dave on the lips and sat down, still quite unable to take my eyes off him. His face creased into a smile at his obvious delight at my reaction.


“Hey hot guy.” I said with a wink.


“Wow sexy lady.” he said with a smirk and with a cheeky pat my leg. “You alright my love?” he said with a smile.


“Sure.” I said without a moments hesitation. “Why shouldn’t I be?”


“Just sensed something for a sec.” he said thoughtfully.


Oh Shit, thought I had covered that one up pretty well. “What, don’t be so silly, too many late nights that’s all.” If only he knew.


Anyway, should be a good night and I needed some light entertainment for a change. I did feel rather fuzzy headed come to think of it. And it wasn’t just the cheap wine.


“Do you want to take five minutes outside?” enquired Dave, obviously gauging my now rather dodgy position.


I gazed at his concerned face as the disco lighting intruded on our space. “Maybe just for five then.” I said, reluctantly giving in.


He then took my hand in his and steered me toward the little bar/diner away from the main hall. It was completely empty and didn’t look as it was even serving anything this evening. Even the lights were out and the bar shutter firmly closed. We took a seat at the nearest table and sat admiring each other in the half light.


“You’re really turning me on with that outfit babe.” he said looking me up and down, then holding my eye.


“You’re really making me hot with that stupid uniform.” I said in reply.


“I really want you right now.” he said running his hand up and down my thigh. “You look fucking amazing.”


Oh Christ, he was really firing me up now. “I really want you too, but it would be kind of hard for that type of stuff here Dave.” I said with an apologetic look.


“So, why don’t you give me a little show then.” he said with a serious face.


“Masturbate for me.” He was daring me now.


I almost chocked at the very suggestion but gave him a look of amusement in response. “Ha, … very funny.” I said. “Good thing I know you’re not serious.”


“I am serious, … do it.” he said with a smirk. “Lets have some fun.”


My mind was mulling his rather risqué suggestion over, but in reality I knew that wasn’t me. That was way too daring. After-all this was a public area and I didn’t know for sure we wouldn’t be disturbed.


“I can’t do that Dave.” I said shaking my head slightly.


“You can babe, … I want you to.” he said still stroking my legs up and down and I can assure you I was now thinking it over for real.


I sat for a nearly a minute just looking at him, with all sorts running through my head. The little episode with Jack Smith was still filling my mind. It hadn’t been my intention to go as far as I did with him that day in his office, but things had gotten out of control. Perhaps that’s what had been lacking in my marriage, a little spontaneity and danger. I don’t know what came over me but I felt my hand suddenly drift down toward my hem and pull it up. Dave watched me intently, giving little signs of pleasure at every small step I was taking. I was suddenly starting to feel a rush inside me. A feeling of euphoria, and I didn’t want to stop.


“You’re doing well babe.” he said watching more intently now.


“If anyone comes in here this could be a smidge embarrassing.” I said with a grin.


Dave smiled but didn’t answer. My left hand was now tracing a line across stomach and the other making short sweeping motions up and down my right thigh, I closed my eyes and could hear Dave’s breathing deepen next to me.


“Loving it so far babe.” he said. “Don’t stop, … just do.”


I then reached down and slid my black thong down my legs, collecting it and shoving it into my handbag.


“Happy with that.” I said holding his eye as I sat perched on the chair in my half nakedness.


“Fuck yeah.” he said with a nod. “I love to look at you babe.”


I laughed but felt slightly ridiculous sitting there with my dress hitched up around my waist. My hand rested on my inner thighs, inching closer to my soft inner flesh. It wasn’t so easy taking that next step, my mind set was pre-programmed. I watched Dave’s expression and that intense look of expectation melted me somehow, my first touch sent shivers right through me, as my fingers worked across my moist lips. I gave a heavy sigh and lent my head against the wall behind me. God, this was powerful stuff already and I had barely started. My fingers working in circular motions, increasing the pressure and finding that particular spot that was going to do it for me. God, … it felt good. I felt Dave’s hand touch my face and I opened my eyes to see the straining in his trousers and the veins in his neck were really standing out.


“Go for it Kate.” he said, breathing slightly raged.


I watched him as he shifted slightly in his chair, his attention fixed on my next move. I could feel myself throbbing down below now as my fingers slid into my pussy. I gave low groans as I thrust them back and forth. I had one foot on the chair next to me and the other lodged against Dave, baring my all to my him. I felt strangely calmer now and was really starting to enjoy it. I guessed he was too, by the way he was gazing at me. As if he just wanted to pounce there and then and give me it.


“Oh babe, you’re fucking killing me here.” he said in a whisper.


I gazed at him as he rubbed the swelling in his pants through his trousers. The ecstasy evident on his handsome face. I then ran my left hand over my breasts and could feel my erect nipples through the material of my dress. I kept on rubbing and felt waves of pleasure ebb right through me as my breathing increased in pace. I kept some pressure on my clit, all the time my orgasm was welling up in me. Dave’s expression was trained on me, as I gyrated my hips slightly in rhythm with my fingers.


“That’s it Kate.” he said. “Let go.”


My breathing was becoming faster and shorter now. “Oh God. …”


“Are you coming babe.” he said in a husky tone.


“Oh my God, … yes I’m going to come.” I said through my haze. My fingers continued their final action as I gave a little pressure on my clit and the blissful feeling tore right through me. A groan escaped from deep in me, bringing with it a feeling of complete release. The spasms continued to rack my body as I arched my back, my whole body in a euphoric state. I kept my hand on my clit massaging lightly allowing my decent from my deep pleasure. I took a few breaths before I could speak.


“Wow, that was intense Dave.” I said in a low voice.


“Christ Kate.” he said. “You don’t know what you’re just gave me.”


I watched Dave as I sat myself back up and tried to rearrange my clothes. His face was a flushed as mine and his breathing was just getting back under control. My hands shook as I pulled my dress back into position and tried to regain some of my own composure.


“Oh boy, I’m in a daze.” I said looking at Dave and wishing I’d brought my drink through with me.


He gave a smirk and ran a finger down my face before saying. “Oh fuck Kate, … you had me completely gone.”


I smiled back still watching the bulge in his trousers. Wouldn’t be right to do anything about it here. I’d make it up to him later.


I had a feeling things were going to be a lot hotter from now on, I could just tell. As I rose from my chair the shutter of the bar flew open with the barman asking what we wanted to drink. Oh shit, that was lucky.


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