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The Holiday Part Three - The Stewardesses Story

The Stewardess gets more than she bargained for.
Julia was looking forward to this flight. It would take her from Naples to London to New York, and then she would enjoy a few days in the Big Apple before heading home to her native Germany. She had been a stewardess for nearly seven years since giving up her office job in a firm of solicitors. Now, aged thirty-five, she was enjoying seeing the world for the first time and loving every minute of it.

The night flight was pretty empty which meant she and the rest of the crew would have a quiet time over the next few hours, serving drinks and food to the thirty or so passengers on their way to London or New York. As she walked up and down the gangway, she took in all the passengers in her section and knew that a few men would be ogling her bottom as she walked past. Her red uniform fitted her like a glove and she knew men found her quite attractive.

She was tall, her body was in good shape and curvy rather than anything else. She had brunette, shoulder length hair, good legs and firm breasts. Underneath her red uniform, she wore matching white silk panties and bra with a suspender belt to hold up her black stockings. She felt pretty good.

Once the plane was up in the air and the seatbelt signs were off, she made her way to take drink orders. Two attractive English women asked for a bottle of champagne. One was slim and blonde and the other had a fuller figure with darker hair. They were huddled together and the thought ran through Julia’s mind that they might be lovers. Although she had no lesbian leanings at all, she had always been fascinated by the idea for some reason.

Julia delivered the champagne and made her way to the back of the plane to chat to Claire who had become one of her closest friends since joining the airline. Claire loved to talk about sex and all her conquests. After twenty minutes of Claire describing her last fuck in great detail, Julia made her way back to the front of the plane for a sit down and rest before the landing in London. There was a good ninety minutes to go until touchdown.

The only double seat free was just behind the two English women who were now sharing headphones and an iPhone, and were covered in a blanket. They were obviously very close. As she made herself comfortable, she noticed movements under the blanket of the two women in front of her and as the blanket fell down a bit, it became pretty obvious that they were touching each other.

Julia was transfixed by the sight of these two women getting each other off on the plane. She didn’t know what to do. Should she cough and interrupt them so they would stop or should she just get up and go to the galley?

As she watched, she noticed the blonde woman’s hips start to rise and fall as she began to bite her lips. This made Julia squirm in her seat as she felt that familiar stirring in her pussy. She could feel the dampness in her silk panties as she watched the two women side by side masturbating each other. She was getting so turned that she would have to stay.

Her left hand found the zip to her skirt and she undid it so she could slide her hand into her panties. It slid into them and went straight to her clit. She was so wet and so turned on as she rubbed her clit and took in the view infant of her.

As she watched the two women, she spotted the telltale signs of approaching orgasms. Their hips were moving and their breasts rising and falling as their sensations increased. As she watched her fingers slipped between her lips to her g-spot and with her thumb on her clit, she began to feel her own orgasm beginning to build.

The movements under the blanket in front of her became more frantic as the two woman got closer and closer. Julia’s own fingers were now moving with more purpose and when the blonde suddenly jerked forward, her own orgasm rose up and hit her, causing her to groan and buck in her seat. Shortly after the darker haired woman went stiff in her seat and came as well.

"Oh fuck," Julia thought, "that was so horny." It took a bit of time for her to recover but when she could, she sucked her fingers, zipped up her skirt, got up and went back to the galley to resume her duties.

It wasn’t long before the dark haired woman got up to use the lavatory. When she reappeared, Julia couldn't resist whispering to her how much she had enjoyed watching her and the blonde.

An hour later the plane had touched down and as the two women passed Julia at the top of the stairs, knowing smiles were exchanged as the passengers getting off at Heathrow made their exit. The plane was soon ready for the final flight to New York, after which Julia was going to enjoy her few days holiday, sightseeing and catching some cool music. She had been able to nip to the ladies and change her panties. She was ready to go.

As she passed the now empty seat where the two women had been sitting, she couldn’t help smiling and was so tempted to bend over and smell the seats but thought better of it. Just as she was about to carry on walking, she noticed an iPhone and headphones jammed between the two seats.

Damn, she thought, the plane was about to taxi and it was too late to hand it in. She quickly put it in her pocket and made her way back to her seat for takeoff.

The flight to New York was uneventful. There was even time for chat with the pilot. His name was Peter, and for Julia he was sex on legs. He had such a great voice and that knowing look of being in complete control. Every time she saw him, she went weak at the knees and just wanted to take him somewhere and fuck his brains out.

As it happened, the whole crew had been booked into the same hotel for one night, and Julia was wondering whether to make her move over dinner and a few drinks. She hadn’t been fucked for ages.

The plane landed in New York, the crew jumped into the bus and arrived at the hotel, agreeing to meet in the bar for drinks and something to eat. After a quick shower, Julia made her way down to the bar to find Peter chatting to Michelle, a beautiful French girl who was making her maiden trip. Julia walked over and accepted a glass of sweet red wine before being joined by the rest of the crew.

As it happened, Julia found herself next to Peter at dinner and soon she had managed to grab his attention by asking about the best things to do in New York. He was gorgeous thought Julia, in or out of uniform.

The conversation was easy and light and a few glasses of wine loosened their tongues. Soon the subject turned to sex and as Peter started talking about his recent exploits, Julia could feel herself squirming as the handsome English pilot described in great detail the ways he had fucked his last three conquests.

As the conversation progressed, Julia could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every kiss, touch, lick and suck that came from Peter’s mouth. The urge to touch herself was becoming too much to bear as she imagined herself deep in Peter’s arms, his cock filling her pussy as he fucked her there on her hotel bed.

Her thoughts were interrupted by his hand grabbing her thigh and sliding up her skirt under the table. Oh my god she thought this is too much. Slowly she felt his hand get closer and closer to her panties and then as he smiled at her, she felt the side of his hand brush against her pussy.

She jerked against his touch and took a quick look around the table. The rest of her colleagues were deep in conversation so she shifted to the edge of her seat, pressing against his hand.

As she just stared at him, he just kept talking in that voice of hid and gently rubbing the front of her panties. It was driving her crazy, that touch, that voice, both sending shocks through her body. She didn’t know how long she could last as the sensations grew, touch by touch, word by word.

Suddenly he leant over and whispered in her ear.

“Go to your room and I will come to you. I just have to do my pilot thing with the rest of the crew. Stay wet for me.”

With that Julia made her excuses and left, making her way upstairs to her room. Once she was inside she slowly stripped off and settled onto her bed, completely naked, waiting for the knock on the door and the fuck of her life. After fifteen minutes, nothing. "Where the fuck was he?" she thought and looked round the room. Her gaze caught the iPhone from the plane and the headphones still attached.

She leapt out of bed, grabbed it and sunk back into the mattress. She swapped the headphones for her own and began to search the music section. The first thing she stumbled on was a playlist called "Me". It was a list of girls' names.

The first was called Kate. Intrigued, Julia pressed play and settled back on her pillows. Instead of a chanteuse singing love songs, she was able to pick out the sounds of a woman giving herself pleasure. She could hear Kate, whoever she was, moaning and breathing as she began to touch herself all over. It was made easier because Kate was describing exactly what she was doing.

As Kate’s voice filled Julia’s head, she found herself doing exactly what Kate was doing. She was stroking her body all over, teasing her nipples, stroking her stomach and thighs and then returning her hands to her breasts. Soon Julia was pinching and rolling her nipples as Kate did the same. Julia was so turned on. Peter’s hand had got her going and Kate was going to finish the job. Soon Julia’s right hand was sliding over her stomach and her hip and inner thigh.

Then, as Kate’s finger brushed against her own pussy lips, Julia felt her middle finger part her own swollen lips and slide up and down between them. She heard Kate sigh as her finger touched her clit and Julia followed suit. As Kate began to rub her clit so did Julia. As Kate slid a finger in to her pussy so did Julia. Every time Kate hit her own g-spot so did Julia.

Fuck it felt good. Julia’s finger was stroking her g-spot and her thumb was rubbing her clit slowly in time with Kate’s own movements. Kate’s breathing was becoming raspier and more urgent as Julia heard her driving herself to orgasm.

As Kate suddenly slid two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck herself, so did Julia. Peter’s touch under the table had made her wet and horny and now Kate’s pleasure was making her own orgasm rise from deep within her belly. As Kate got closer and closer, so did Julia. As Kate’s fingers sped up, so did Julia’s. Every sound, every movement was filling Julia’s head and her pussy. Kate was close and so was Julia.

As Kate’s orgasm began in Julia’s ears, she felt her own rise from within, causing her stomach muscles to clench and her thighs to shake. Faster and faster she fucked herself determined to come with the beauty in her head.

Suddenly she heard Kate come loudly as her own climax hit her hard. Julia bucked and shook as her orgasm totally took her over, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She doubled up with each tremor before sinking back in to her bed, breathing hard as her fingers slowed, helping through the spasms still running through her pussy.

Julia’s eyes closed as she slowly took it all in. The orgasm, the sound of Kate in her ears and the feeling of utter relaxation that now covered her. Her eyes closed as she gave in to the feelings spreading across her body. She was done. She was totally spent.

As she was about to drift off, there was a knock at the door. She only thing she heard was Peter’s voice.

“Hey Julia, sorry I’ve been a while. Can I come in?”

(to be continued).

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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