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The Lake

A curious young man is overcome with fantasy one summers night at the lake
I thought I’d share with you a recent experience I had while on vacation with friends at the lake. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. 

Days at the lake are typical summer relaxation, sitting at the beach out on the water during daytime, socializing by the fire or on the porch by night. Our lake is wonderful clear water with very nice beaches, usually lined with cabins and houses of all sizes along the shores. 

This particular evening begins as many others; our fire has attracted some visitors and a party is slowly developing around the fire. As the group continues to grow, conversations begin to spread around the property and down to the beach. Although our property has a nice beach of its own, people have moved down to the public beach to take advantage of the larger green space, tables and the large dock. 

The party is in full swing, the younger crowds of cottage country are always looking for action during the summer months, and our fire among friends has turned into a large party, all the way down to the public beach. 

A couple of the local girls and I begin talking about how cold the water has been this week. I agree, but at the same time decide that an evening swim, even in colder than usual waters, could be a refreshing endeavor. I casually remove myself from the conversation to check out the water conditions from the shore. It’s chilly, but that’s never stopped me before, and neither has the lack of a swimsuit. 

Maybe it’s my white ass reflecting from the moonlight, or maybe it’s just the sound of an unzipped and dropped pair of shorts, but despite the relative distance from the majority of the crowd, and the darkness of the unlit beach, the crowd has noticed my now nude body walking into the waters. An evening skinny dip is probably not the rarest of activities during summer, but a crowd chooses to pause conversation to watch for exposed parts and yell their approval of my nudity. To be honest, the knowledge that a crowd of people has watched me undress, and are now looking at my ass as I begin to wade into the waters is beginning to turn me on. 

The cool waters slowly splash their way up my thighs as I walk deeper into the waters. Beginning to reach my ass level, and my now very cold and firm sac, I now realize that the crowd’s attention has mostly returned back to their drinks. I submerge myself in the waters eventually and begin to warm myself up with a brisk swim. There is something truly exhilarating about having your flaccid cock flow in the water, and your ass partially exposed to the evening air as your swim in the pitch black waters. 

The waters are shallow enough where I am for me to kneel on the bottom without submerging myself completely. As I break from the swimming, I notice I can still see the outlines of the groups on the beach, but imagine that I am completely hidden by the darkness of the water and the night. The cold waters current moves itself past my most sensitive spots as I kneel on the sandy lake floor. I can feel the waters flowing through my trimmed pubic hair, over and around my cock, against my tight sac which is contracted in the cold. I like the refreshment of cool water passing through my freshly shaved ass crack, it’s invigorating. 

As usual, I play with my cock and caress my body whenever I’m not preoccupied, in this situation, I realize that I’m tickling my sac and ass crack as I look over the crowd of people on the shore. This moment is when my motivation changed from having a refreshing swim, to more obscene plans. I get a wave of excitement through my body as I realize the opportunity I have to feel these cold waters against my cock as I play with myself.

The wave of excitement grows from initial realization to a warm thought of fucking some sixteen year old girl's tight pussy. My hand fills that void without even realizing it. My fantasy evolves to the thought of a young mans cock much like mine. I add a man to my dirty thoughts, thinking about how nice it would feel to fuck some pussy while I fit a cock into my mouth. Oh, how much I want to suck a large cock. 

My fantasies continue to grow as does my cock. It’s obvious to me that I should find a better location to get more relaxed. I pull back my foreskin to feel the cold waters against my hard head. Begin to swim along the coast, also twisting my body onto to my back, allowing me to thrust my penis above the water level while I swim, probably secretly wanted somebody to admire my cock from afar. After some swimming, I come to a metal dock which allows a boater to raise his craft from the water. 

I find myself underneath the motorboat, tickling the head of my cock in anticipation. The water swirls itself inside my foreskin as I slowly stroke my cock back and forth. Getting some leverage, I lean my back against the metal corner post, holding the dock and the associated boat out of the water. The pole is incredibly slippery with the water, and my shaved ass crack glides against it effortlessly. What a sensation, masturbating my rock hard cock in these cool waters, while my ass spreads around, and my ass hole tickles against a lubricated pole. 

I am allowed to vividly fantasize about my dick in the hands of; and stroked against the shaft of another man as I turn myself around and rub the head of my cock against this slippery pole. Maybe I can imagine that while my cock is in the hands of another man, my ass is being played with by my imaginary tight teenager. I thrust my hips slowly against the pole, and use my right hand to feel how smooth my ass crack is. Oh yes, there’s something so erotic about touching such a forbidden place. I tickle the folds of skin that make up my sphincter, dragging my finger tips around the area. I don’t think I’d ever do it, but at a moment like this, I think I would let somebody fuck my ass. I want to feel full inside my ass as my cock gets lavished with attention. 

I allow my finger to press against the smooth folds of my ass hole, I love it. The water doesn’t lubricate my ass as well as I usually do, so I take it slow. The pressure of my finger allows my ass to open around the tip. Slowly working it in, spreading my ass cheeks to get that finger in there nice and deep the way I want it. After taking a moment to just enjoy the feeling of fucking my ass with my finger, I resume my now furious stroking of my cock. I could cum right now, no problem. The sensations of my finger, which is pressing against my prostate, and my head which gets lavished in cool water against a lubed pole are enough to finish me off. But I have a desire to cum on myself, and see all of the ejaculate that I have been working up towards to. 

I make my way towards the shore which is closest to the boat. This area is close to the beach, but has become increasingly rocky. One quick look to make sure nobody is able to see me crawl out of the water with a rock hard erection, it’s clear. 

I cautiously climb my way up these medium sized rocks which are being bathed in the docile lake waves. I can sit quite comfortably on this one rock which secluded from the continuing party down the beach, yet still has water crashing against my thighs. It’s so exciting; I want to fuck my ass again. After getting my finger back against my prostate, I ensure my cock is absolutely covered in my warm saliva. 

If you would have been swimming by at the time, or have come out of the cabin located directly behind where I now sat, you could have watched as I now lay sprawled out on a wet rock, legs spread to fit my finger in my ass and my cock standing straight up glistening in spit from the moonlight. I would have loved the audience… and maybe the company. 

I rub my spit in around the head, fast and slow; work my finger against my prostate which shivers as I circle it inside my ass. How can I continue this, I need to cum hard… now! 

I sit up a little, push hard inside my ass, and allow myself to blow a huge load of cum. First squirt is hot, landing on my chest in a big gob. Following squirts end up covering my stomach, coating my pubic hair, and covering my hand. Ah, it feels so good. Warmth runs through veins, and sticky heat has coated my body. 

I must have spent five minutes frozen in the same pose, just enjoying the liberation, and maybe secretly hoping that someone might want to help me clean up, you know maybe that guy secretly watching me from the bushes

I remove my finger from my ass hole, finally release my cock and enjoy the view I’ve created. I hope somebody enjoyed watching me fuck myself. One final last treat, I’m going to finish my fantasies from earlier. I imagine having my imaginary guy has allowed me suck him to completion. He cums as hard as I just did, all over the tight body of the girl who has been most recently fucking my ass with her toys while I lavished this hard cock with my throat. 

I can fantasize how his cum might taste as I lick my recently released cum off of my hand. It’s not the taste I enjoy as much as the feeling of it inside my mouth. I proceed to clean up all the ejaculate I’ve placed in my pubs and all over my chest with the cool waters washing ashore. 

I’ve realized that I should probably return before I arise suspicion. Casually, I sneak back to my clothes and return to the cabin. Just in time to grab the last cold beer. Good times.

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