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The Lake

With summer ending I remembered the start of a great one just a few years ago.

There was a group of us that loved to spend our weekends hill walking. Sometimes up to about a dozen, other times there were only two or three. This hot weekend there were seven, three girls and four guys. Beth was a relative newcomer to our group having been introduced by her older brother; she was quiet and often seemed shy although we seemed to get on ok. I was to get to know her better very soon, but it was strange the way it happened.

We stayed overnight in bothy a few hundred yards from the lakeside. The fact that it barely had a roof, one side completely exposed to the elements and a stone floor did not seem to matter until I woke up just before 5am and could not get back to sleep. As quietly as I could I left my sleeping bag and made by way down to the lake.

I sat propped up against a large rock looking out across the water waiting for dawn to arrive. The water was smooth and calm, like a sheet of glass, with a covering of pale morning mist still hanging over it. The high mountains that rose from the far side of the water reached up to the sky like some sort of weird dark fingers. The silence was complete and then as the sun slowly rose behind me the birds began to talk to each other, little ripples appeared in the smooth water and the mountains began to come out of the shadows and take on their own shapes.

I do not know why but I felt myself become aroused as I sat looking at the magical scene. I mean I had not even been thinking about sex and here I was getting an erection. It reminded me that I had not had sex for a while having recently finished a relationship. I had not even masturbated, I thought as I wondered about the possibility of doing it now. I let my fingers lightly touch my hardness through my jeans and as I felt the hardness increase I heard a scraping noise behind me.

"Oh, Hi Beth," I managed to say as I turned round.

She gave me lopsided grin and ran her fingers through her longish dark brown hair that was still tousled. "I wondered if you would be down here, I saw your sleeping bag empty." She shrugged. "I guess I could not sleep either."

I smiled back moving along the rock a bit feeling the rough stones scrape my backside and legs. "This is a bit uncomfortable as well."

She sat down and looked over the lake and said in a soft whisper, "It is beautiful."

Her closeness, the touch of her legs against mine did nothing to diminish my erection which was by now fairly obvious and I shuffled trying to change position in a vain attempt to hide it.

Beth gently put her hand on my thigh. "It has happened to me as well," she said still whispering as if afraid to break the silence of early morning. I looked at her sideways and she went on. "All this," her hand sweeping across the view, "is arousing, I've felt it before looking at something so beautiful."

Her hand still rested on my thigh only inches from my hardness and I could not help saying, "Is it happening now?"

She gave that lopsided grin again. "Maybe."

We were silent for what seemed like minutes then her fingers moved across my thigh and lightly touched my erection. "Maybe, it might be the view or it might have been seeing you so aroused." Her fingers danced down the hard length. I moved slightly trying to put my arm around her but she shook her head and still whispering, "Perhaps later there will be time for that when we are somewhere more comfortable. This now is..." Her words trailed off and she squeezed me and looked at me softly. "Do you want to cum?"

This was surreal, a dream. Here I was on a warm June morning sitting on an empty lake side with a lovely young girl whom I barely knew offering to bring me off. Was I going to wake up? I wondered.

Her fingers edged up to my zip as I slid my hand across her slim thigh. "Do you?"


Her body moved slightly as she breathed, "Yes."

I gently pressed my fingers between her legs feeling the heat from her through her jeans. Her fingers tugged at my zip and eventually she pulled it down and her hand slid inside and released me. I moaned softly as I came free from the confines of my jeans with her small fist gently now wrapped round me.

I unsnapped the top of her jeans and pulled the flaps aside and slid my hand under her pale blue panties feeling the dampness. As I touched the soft down covering her pubes she shuffled a bit making it easier for me to touch her. I slid my fingers down over her clitoris feeling her wet and realised that she was as excited as I was.

Beth drew in her breath sharply as I started to stroke her hard little clit and her hand began to move up and down on my erect cock. It was strangely erotic sitting on the hard pebbly lake side, our backs against a rock, gently masturbating each other as we looked out across the expanse of smooth, still water. We had barely looked at each other, our eyes fixed straight ahead as the bird's chatter became louder and the lake side started to waken.

I could hear Beth's breathing become faster and I glanced at her seeing her small breasts move up and down under her shirt in time with her breathing. She glanced round and a flicker of a smile crossed her pretty face. I touched her hand. "I'm nearly there."

Her eyes closed and she pushed forward against my hand. "So am I."

A fish rose in the water in front of us and Beth gave a sharp little cry and her thighs closed around my hand. "Yes," she sighed her body quivering as her cum flooded my fingers then I gasped as my own orgasm raced through me and I ejaculated onto her hand as my body shuddered.

It was not the longest or hardest orgasm for either of us but in its own way strangely exciting. I helped her up and we went to the waterside to clean up and as we sorted out clothing we kissed for the first time. It was a long, deep, passionate kiss that we held as long as possible and only broke for air. We looked at each other. "I would like to make love to you," I murmured.


Beth took my hand in hers. "Yes, I would like that as well."

We did just a few hours later, but that is another story.


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