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The lure of the older Woman

This a true story and was my first time also
It was the start of our office Christmas party and me and some of my colleagues were in the lounge having a drink before going into the main dance hall. I was 17 and had started work the previous year with this company. Unfortunately I was unable to have a drink due to my age and my colleagues wouldn't sneak me a drink. However I found that I wasn't going to need to have a drink that night when my boss walked in looking absolutely stunning. Short silver dress, silky smooth legs and nice heels.

As my boss walked in our eyes met and although nothing had been there before there was definite electricity passing through our eyes which hit me in the trouser department almost instantly. Thankfully everyone had started moving through to the main hall and my throbbing member had not been noticed.

The night went on like a normal Christmas party night and nothing more happened between me and my boss before I headed home for the night.

Now my boss and I never really got on that great in work.Working for her was a pain in the ass but she was great to look at. She was very petite, about 5,2 and long brown hair and some of the provocative clothes she wore helped the day pass quicker.

Anyway after the Christmas night she seemed to have taken more of a liken to me, being nicer and more chatty to me. I wasn't sure what was happening and was possibly too young to read the signals well of a 40 year old woman.

The following month in January I turned 18, I was now a big boy in the world, 18, had a job and had just passed my driving test. It was great to just be able to go out and drive on my own as I still lived with my parents. It was like a new freedom, my parents didn't mind me being out all night as trusted me as a sensible guy.

One night I was driving around and found myself near my boss's area, it was about 8pm and thought I would drop her a text asking what she was up to. To my horror a few seconds after sending the text my phone started ringing. I answered nervously to my boss who put me at ease by asking me what I was up to and was I having a good night. She didn't seem at all fazed that I had contacted her out of hours. I explained to her that I was just driving round and that I was a bit bored. She then said, "If you're bored you can pop up here for a coffee." Let me tell you at this point never for a second (once again probably down to my age) did I think that anything was going to unfold when I went up there.

I parked the car outside her tenement block and pushed her buzzer. She answered almost straight away, buzzing me in, telling me that she was the right hand door on the second floor. I made my way up the stairs still wondering why I had texted her and why I was going up to her flat.

I arrived at the now open door with my boss holding it open. She looked great just wearing a pair of jeans and a low cut top showing off enough of her small breasts to make my heart pound. I walked in by her and through to the living room where I sat on the sofa. She took her place back on the floor next to the chair across from me where she must have been sitting as a mug of tea and a book lay there.

We started general chit chatting before talk moved onto the Christmas night out which had taken place now about a month ago. Her eyes kind of lit up when we spoke about it. She asked if I'd seen any girls I liked and I said a few (I mean I was 17, anything with a pulse I was interested in). I asked her the same question and she replied, "Not really."

My heart sank at this news. I said, "So no one caught your eye?" She asked why I continued to ask. I replied and still can't believe I said it but said, "I thought you stared at me strangely when you walked in."

She said, "I did. You looked handsome and it was the first time I had thought of you as a grown man." I said that I thought she looked great that night and that I had thought what it would have been like to kiss her.

She sat back a bit taken aback at my honesty and said, "Well if you had tried to kiss me out of sight of the others I wouldn't have pushed you away."

"So you would have kissed me then?" My youthfulness was now taking over.

She replied again, "Yes."

I said, "Would that only have been because you had a couple of drinks?"

She said, "No, I would kiss you sober."

Next came a moment of stupidity or bravery. I said, "What would you do if I did this?" as I knelt down on the floor and moved beside her before moving my lips slowly against hers. To my amazement she kissed me back, putting her hand on my cheek as she opened her mouth to let her tongue slip into mine. I was in dreamland, I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I had never been with a girl before. Hell I'd never even done anything with a girl indoors. There had only been snogs round the back of gardens or lanes.

She continued to kiss me passionately pushing me against the sofa. She took my hand and slid it down onto her breast above her top. She put her hand on top of mine and helped me to squeeze her tits, her eyes watching me to see how I was taking it in.

She let my had go to continue playing with her tits alone as we continued to kiss like school kids for the first time (probably my fault). She started running her hand down my young chest over my t shirt and down onto the bulge on my jeans, which was now very noticeable. She let out a groan as she said, "Mmmm, is this for me?"

In my head I kept thinking oh my god we're snogging, I never thought it would go past this and now she was starting to play with my cock. Was I dreaming? Nope, definitely not.

After rubbing my cock through my jeans for a while my boss asked me to stand up, I did so as did she. She kissed me again pressing her body into mine. Her hand moved down and started unbuttoning my jeans, letting them drop to the floor, displaying my grey boxers with a small patch of pre jac on it. I was a bit embarrassed but she told me not to worry as she led me though the hall way and into her bedroom. She kissed me again as she took my t shirt off before pushing me back onto the bed.

Here I was lying on my boss's bed wearing only my boxers which was pointless because of how hard I was looking at my boss standing in front of me. (Please tell me she is going to strip). Yes she was. My boss, while looking me in the eye, seductively, slowly, lifted her top over her head displaying the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen. They weren't big, they weren't small, they were perfect.

She let out a small cute laugh as she could see my young cock harden every second. She then started unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly they fell to the floor to reveal a small red g string. I was lucky I never came there and then. She climbed onto the bed, straddling me before kissing me hard and fast. She grabbed both my hands and slid them on to her near naked ass. It felt so good squeezing her pert bum cheeks with my hand.

She pushed me up to the headboard while she lay next to me still kissing me. She unclipped her bra and threw it onto floor. I decided to be brave and make a move and put my hands onto her breasts. She loved the fact that I did this and could tell as she started moaning more as we kissed.

I was asked to lie on my back as she knelt to the side of me. She reached down and slid off my boxers and told me that I was a big boy. She might have been just saying that but I didn't care, I was loving every minute of it.

As we lay there together her hand was now grasped round my solid cock. She began to furiously wank me off while exploring every part of my mouth with her tongue. I think she could tell that I was feeling a tad uncomfortable as she leaned over into her drawer and brought out some lube. It was cold when she applied it to my cock which made me go even harder as she started to continue wanking me again. I had never felt pleasure like this before.

She was groaning loudly as she played with my cock, telling me that she wanted to fuck me but it would look bad for her if she did that on the first night. I wasn't even disappointed as I was still enjoying this tremendous wank. She kept going, running her hand down, making sure my balls were lubed up as well as she crabbed them between her fingers. Suddenly I felt this amazing feeling coming. I'd never masturbated previously to this so this was something I hadn't felt before. It kept building and building and I could feel the amazing feeling coming from my balls and up my shaft and thought to myself, fuck this is going to come out of me, as I exploded onto myself with some actually flying by my head and hitting the wall.

I was done, there was no moving me. She laughed and told me, "You need to go. You can't stay here." She got up and got changed as I slowly did too after cleaning up my mess with hankies. I was still in shock that this had happened. The goodbye was a blur but I know she had a big smile on her face.

I left and got in my car. The first thing I did was phone my pal who stayed about 50 miles away and who I was going to visit that weekend. He didn't believe me but the more I went on about it he eventually called me a lucky sod.

The weekend came and I headed for my pal's house. It was a Friday night and I arrived about nine-ish and we sat and had a few drinks talking about my antics during the week. The next day we messed about on his quad bike on the waste ground next to his house. That night when we got back I thought I am going to phone her and see how she is and what her thoughts are after it.

She answered quickly and sounded happy to hear from me, she asked me if I had told someone and I explained that I told my friend but he wouldn't say anything. I asked the same question and she told me she had told someone too. I was delighted by this as it showed she wasn't embarrassed about me. She told me she wanted to see me again and had actually been lingerie shopping that day. I hardened almost instantly. I told her I would come down first thing in the morning which she agreed to and said she couldn't wait.

I could hardly sleep that night. Morning came and I jumped in a shower before heading off in the car, not knowing if things were going to go a step further this time....

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