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The mature Nurse

My experience with a mature nurse.
This is also a true story, as you would have guessed; I work in the medical field, so a few years from the first story when I had my first encounter, I was working with a mature nurse. She was 45 years old or around there and had 4 kids. Her kids were all girls starting with 21,17, 12 and then 8 years.

Things were normal until the time we started doing the night shift a lot. In the beginning we were but once a month doing the night shift, then it started getting like twice in a week. In between the dull moments, there was always the time for chatting and sometimes enquiring about the other half. At that time I was married, but she was not.

Then one evening, she mentioned that it was her birthday. I said, “Wow, happy birthday, but we should celebrate.” But then she was working the next day early in the morning and I also had an early start, so we decided to go for a drink one of the following days.

It so happened that day came sooner than later and we had a few glasses of wine and chilled out in a bar. There she revealed to me the lack of courtesy of the local men. Well, I was not reading much into all these things, really she was over 45 years old and I could say her ass was a little too flat for me! You would have guessed, I am a butt man, I like them soft and rounded and nothing more will make me hard than to see the wobble to the side and back, as they walk in tightly fitting jeans. Of course I had checked her backside, but was not too taken by it. By the end of the evening, I invited her over for dinner.

Now I would describe her in detail. Blonde hair down to her shoulders, good fair skin, no blemishes from the sun or freckles, no extra pounds on her body except the ass. I would say 178cm and weight 65kg.

So the day of the dinner arrived and she knew my wife was not going to be around. I did the dishes early and waited with a bottle of white wine. She came on time and was wearing a tight one piece black dress. Soon we were into the wine and the food, she was surprised by my talent with cooking and soon because of the spices was taking more gulps from the wine glass.

Well, the routine of dancing to some songs and more wine got her in the mood for partying, so we hit the town. I was not really looking at her in any way sexual at this point, but soon I was done, meaning hungover and had to make it home. I was not sure if I informed her I was leaving, there was a haziness to events as so happens when you have drunk over your limit in the drink department.

The next day, I was woken by the door bell ringing. “Ohhh no,” I muttered, the missus must be here, darn it, and that too so early. "What time is it?" With a splitting headache I went to open the door in my dark Calvin Klein underwear. On opening the door who was there but the mature nurse with a concerned look on her face. She wanted to check on me if I got home safe. She had phoned earlier, but I had cut the sound off my phone so that I could sleep. I said, “Come in.” She followed me in and gave me a tongue lashing about not informing her before I left.

“Being irresponsible and leaving like that, you got me worried,” she said and followed me into the sitting room.

I said, “Make some coffee, I will get back with some clothes on,” and went to the bedroom. There I found the bed so inviting, I had to put my head down. It hurt a bit and I soon blanked out. I was jerked awake by her calling me, but then I had a splitting headache so I kept my eyes closed hoping she would go away. She came and stood in the room. I could feel her presence as she looked at me, I must have been a sight to a mature lady to see me in my underwear and my butt up there for her. She was silent then called my name softly, so that I barely heard her, then I heard her footsteps come near and she sat next to me on the bed. I could feel the bed give way to my left, she then shook me mildly, so mildly on the shoulder.

I pretended to be stoned out, soon her hands went down from my shoulder to my back and over to my buttocks. She was feeling the muscles on my back and definitely the bum. I must say I had been doing the sit ups and squats since my teen years for the ladies. I knew my bum would be a turn on to her.

Then her hands rested on my bum, and my lovely prick was getting harder and becoming horny. I could feel the horny juice start to drip, and that was the last thing I wanted for her to notice. Very subtly she put her hands under my jocks and felt my bum, skin to skin. I was in heat and gave a moan. She withdrew her hands, a bit startled and then left even though I was silent.

Darn, me and my mouth, I must be careful next time. After waiting a while, I got up and went to see her, dreading the meeting, but there she was in the sitting room. Then I noticed that her back was towards me and she had the TV on, but her right hand was moving. Yes, she was turned on by the sight of my bum and was masturbating. I hid behind the bedroom door and watched as she had her eyes closed and stretched her neck backwards, lovely neck. I would have liked to lick it from behind. Ha, what a sight. Then I started to notice her breathing heavily and moan a bit. But I dared not go in there as I did not know how she would react!

I had my hand in my underwear, and by then my penis was hard and dripping. I moved my hands over my penis and as I heard her moans, I came at the same time, with her.

That day nothing happened, and I acted as if nothing had happened and we continued our duties. Then one day at work we had common room to change and just as I was pulling on my work pants, she came in without knocking.

"Oops, sorry,” she said.

I said, "No problem, I am just getting done here.” She then proceeded to pull her pullover over her head.

I could not help notice this from the side, her big breasts, with the pointed nipples protruding through her laced net bra. This made my penis hard, and it would have showed, because I saw her turn to me and give me a smile. I was blushing and was speechless, I hurried out before I made a mess in my trousers.

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