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The Messages

The Messages

She’ll make him regret not showing up
He had left her no choice; the stubborn prick had decided not to accept her invite. He had stopped answering her calls, and she didn’t want to have the conversation over text.

“Aarrhh!” Her frustrations boiled to the surface. “Think woman. There’s got to be a way. I… I can’t let him win this battle.”

She opened up the messenger app on her phone, and seeing Bradley’s smug smile on his profile picture only infuriated her further. She pressed record on the voice message option.

“I know you think you’re winning, but I’m stronger than you think. I don’t roll over that easy.”

She hit stop and sent the message before she lost her nerve. There was anxious thrill that swept her body. Her heart skipped in her chest, as she watched the delivery tick appear. Then the seconds ticked by. Finally his online symbol appeared on the screen. She sat imagining him listening. She waited for his response. When no message came and he went offline she moaned her frustration.

“Okay, so that didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean I’m beaten yet.”

She looked around the room for inspiration. A dirty grin spread across her face when her eyes came to rest on the vibrator. She’d bought it for him to use on her; that was if he had bothered to show up.

“It’s a shame to let it go to waste. Maybe I’ll show the smug, self-centred, bastard, that I don’t need his perfect length and shaped, hard, delicious cock…”

She shook her head to rid the dreamy thoughts of his cock from her mind.

“I can have just as good of a time without him, and perhaps I might just record it and send it across, so he can hear just how much fun I can have without him.”

She crawled to the end of her bed and reached for the Eight inch vibrator. Setting her phone on her bedside table so she could easily be heard, she settled herself back against her pillows and took a deep breath; trying to calm her excited nerves.

Hitting record, she began the tease.

“I thought I would let you know what you’ve missed out on. I’m wearing that pink, see-through baby-doll you like. You know, the one that can barely contains my large breasts. Can you remember the first time I put it on for you, how I danced for you, the way I straddled your lap, my fingers tracing across my soft skin, before slipping the straps slowly off my shoulders? You couldn’t resist taking my large breasts in your hands, pulling and tweaking my nipples, delighting with the look of pleasure on my face.”

She slipped the straps of her nightdress down and started to grope at her breasts.

“Can you remember how you licked and sucked on my breasts, as the soft curls of my hair cascaded around us? My fingers laced through your hair, moaning as I ground my pussy against your hard cock. You know I’m touching my breasts now. Just think what that looks like Bradley; my small delicate hands full of my tits, French manicured nails scratching across my skin. Mmm, it feels so fucking good. My nipples are so hard and sensitive. With every twist I can feel the pleasure rush my body; making my pussy tingle.”

She pulls hard on her nipples, moaning softly. (Moans)

“It’s a shame you feel the need to play these games with me Bradley. Instead of sat listening to this clip you could be around here now, your teeth biting, tongue swirling around my nipples. Oh well.”

With a giggle she hit stop and sent the message. Like the previous time, after a few moments his online symbol appeared. Again she pictured him listening, this time hoping that his cock stirred as he heard her tease him, but again he went offline without reply.

“Okay, so he’s not going to reply. That doesn’t mean I can’t continue to enjoy teasing him.”

She was too turned on to stop this game now, she didn’t care that he wasn’t here; she was so consumed with desire, a need that burned within her. She removed the nightdress and hit record.

“I’ve taken my nightdress off. I’m lying naked on my bed. My hand is stroking lightly across my tanned skin, up and down my stomach, getting ever closer to my freshly waxed pussy. I’ve left the tiny little strip of hair down the middle, just how you like. I don’t need you to tease me; I can do it myself… Oh god that feels so good.”

She spread her legs a little wider, her hands trailing around the insides of her thighs, her body squirming with the sensation, telling him every action as she performed it.

“I bet my pussy feels so smooth and soft to touch; shall I find out, Bradley? (Naughty giggle) I’m circling around my pussy lips with my finger-tips. Oh fuck, that feels so good. I’m pulling my lips apart; (moan) the cool air feels so nice on my hot, little cunt.”

Her breath caught and deepened, as her fingers went to work teasing her lips, circling close to her clit, but not yet touching. She dipped her finger just inside her soaking hole, collecting her juices and then smeared the silky liquid across her lips. She was too lost in the sensation to commentate for a moment, the only sounds been captured by the recorder was the sounds of her pleasure.

(Sounds of pleasure)

She stopped before she got too carried away and sent the next message. She then continued to lightly stroke her pussy, as she watched him receive the recording. She thought of him having to re-adjust in his trousers. She imagined that the sensation from that contact on his cock, plus the sounds of her pleasuring herself were too much for him to take.

She hit record for a third time.

“Are you stroking your cock for me baby? Has the thought of me fingering my soaked pussy got you nice and hard? I bought something yesterday, something I was going to let you use on me. Can you guess what it is? (Sound of buzzing and giggles) I was going to let you fuck my pussy with my new toy. I was even thinking of letting you fuck my ass, with the vibe filling my cunt. Can you imagine that baby? You would have felt the vibrations pass through my wall, as you buried your dick deep inside my tight, slutty, ass.”

She paused to allow him to imagine the scene she had just painted.

“You’re not here though, are you? So I’m just gonna have to just please myself.”

She slid the vibrator across her saturated lips. It glided easily into her pussy, her moans of pleasure echoed around the room.

“Oh, Bradley, it’s so fucking good… It’s filling my cunt completely. Can you hear how wet I am? Oh god, why didn’t you show up? If you were here, how would you of fucked me? Would you have fucked me hard and fast? Or would you fuck my cunt like I am doing now with this vibrator; teasing my pussy, pulling it out slowly so only the tip remains, before sinking it back into my depths. Would you have fucked me roughly from behind? Slapping my ass, making me scream out? Or perhaps you would’ve had me ride you, watching my boobs sway; as my sweat covered body bounces up and down on your cock.”

She felt she was getting close, as she started to slam the vibrator hard into her squelching pussy. She pulled back, and stopped the recording. Part four was going to be the one he would listen to over and over again; she was going to make that one special. She sent part three off, and watched as it delivered. Once she knew he’d got it, she started straight away on part four.

“I’m getting close. How much would you like to hear me cum? You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d love to hear me bring myself screaming over the edge. You’re fucking desperate to hear the sound of my pleasure, as my orgasm tears through me…” (Knock at the door)

She suddenly stopped what she was doing, surprised by the disturbance. There was a second of panic until she realised that, she would only have one visitor at this time of night. She thought he’d probably been listening and couldn’t resist coming around.

“It seems there’s someone at the door. Guess I should go check who it is,” she gets up and quickly puts on her silk night gown and goes to the door to her bedsit, “changed your mind did you… Fuck! Nick? What are you doing here? I thought you were…. What are you doing with Bradley’s phone?” 

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