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The Morning After

Kiara gets ready for her upcoming date.
Kiara was looking at the note she had received in class, and wondered if it was appropriate to call this early. It was eight in the morning, and class had finished sixteen hours ago. She usually slept later than this, but the sun slowly worked its way up her bed and to her face, and the rays were both warm and bright enough to awaken her into a fabulous mood that matched this fabulous day. She kicked her covers off, revealing the small tuft of pubic hair under her pink Star Wars t-shirt, threw her legs over the side of her bed, and she was up. Stretching the last of her sleep away, and exposing her auburn mound once again, she was awake. And she wanted to call Faith.

Rather than call, like the note had specified, Kiara decided it would be better to text her. She didn't want to seem too keen, because she didn't even know this girl, and she wanted to seem cool. Probably her main fault, she thought, but she couldn't help it. She liked being wanted, and chasing after people didn't give her that desired effect. But she texted Faith. Nothing too needy, just a gently inquiry. "Hey, it's Kiara. Hope it's not too early. Just wanted to say hi".

And then she waited. And waited. By nine, she was an odd mixture of nervous, expectant, horny and worried. "Did I text her too soon?" she asked herself. After having some Frosted Shreddies, she went back to her room and closed the door. Rather than worry, she decided she was going to masturbate. Walking to her window, she opened it, letting a slight breeze enter her stuffy room, and she pulled her pink t-shirt over her head. When it hit the floor, it had crumpled in a way that made it look like C3PO had a green lightsabre for a cock, and she laughed at the sight, picking her phone up off her bed and taking a picture. "This is going online." was her first thought. Then, her mind was back on Faith.

She was thinking of her adventure in the bathroom stall yesterday, which was enough to get her ready, but then she started thinking of Faith naked. She wondered "does she have any piercings?" Kiara had always wanted to get her nipples pierced, but she felt that her boobs were too small to want to draw any more attention to them, so she never bothered. But as her fingers traced her soft, supple breast, she could imagine fumbling with a small piece of metal, not only on her own, but on Faith's chest.

Kiara's fingers were now moving from her nipples, tracing down her flat tummy, stroking, playing, teasing herself, she didn't even realise she was moving them. Then she felt a shock race through her system, and just then she realised her finger had caressed her clit. Kiara knew she had wandering fingers, but it still always took her breath away when they sneaked up on her. It was her favourite thing about daydreaming, and it always made her incredibly horny.

Just as her fingers were about to start working, she heard her phone vibrate. "1 New Message" was written on the screen, and when she opened it, her heart skipped a beat. "Hey cutie, wanna do lunch 2day? Faith x". She couldn't contain her excitement, but this wasn't a phone call, so she had all the time she needed to compose herself. After making a loud squeaking noise, she replied to the message "Sure, I know a place. Meet outside the college at one?" then set off to the bathroom to shower.

Running to the airing cupboard, she forgot all about her nude form, and bumped right into her mother. "Hey Mom, just gonna shower."

"Why are you naked, Kiara?" Her mother inquired. Her mother was far from a prude, and had accepted her daughters sexuality without any question, but walking around the house naked was just not done, so her mothers wonder was well founded. She had no idea about either of her daughters appearing naked in front of an audience.

"Sorry, spilt juice on my t-shirt. Need a towel!" Kiara said as she bopped away.

Her mother just looked at her firm, cute ass and sighed, "Ah, to be young and confident." Then she left to make some breakfast.

As the water started pouring over Kiara, she realised just how horny she was. The last orgasm she had was in the bathroom, next to her mystery masturbation friend. Thinking of both her sister and Faith, she let her fingers explore once more. Her right hand cupped her breast, taking her nipple between her thumb and middle finger, rolling it around, squeezing it lightly. A soft moan escaped her mouth, as the fingers on her left hand went to her young, wet pussy.

Before starting her conquest to release, she toyed with her pubic hair, rolling it and curling it between her fingers. She liked having pubic hair, but felt that she should at least style it, in case she got lucky on her pseudo-date this afternoon. She let her fingers gently tease her clit once more, and then began moving faster, harder, and more intimately than previous attempts had allowed. It took her less then two minutes until she felt her muscles spasm. Quickly, she also let her finger enter her tight pussy, pressing her middle finger against her G-Spot and desperately rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Holding back a scream, she bit her right arm, collapsing back into the wall, feeling the tender release of her peaked pleasure. She was in heaven. "Best. Shower. Ever." she muttered to herself, eyes closed, playing with her pubes once more. Reaching behind herself, she feels for a razor. Not able to find one , she turns to look at the shelf, finding it hidden behind the shaving cream. She applies a small amount to her intimate hair, and goes to work. By the time she's done, she has just a small strip of hair left, the same width as her clit, the hair only a couple of centimetres in length. Happy with her new appearance, she washes her hair, lathers up, and finishes washing.

She towelled off in her room, then looked for the perfect outfit to wear on a possible first date. Black panties, jean shorts, her hi-tops, an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, but where was her black bra? She thought her sister must've borrowed it. Wearing just her panties, she traipsed through to her sisters bedroom to look for her missing bra. The room was dark, and because Jess had recently broken her leg, she was used to sleeping well past eleven thirty, the current time. She walked right over to the bed and looked through the drawer, just inches from her sleeping sister.

Little did Kiara know, Jess was awake, and was peeking out of the covers, taking in the view of her topless younger sister. Just as Kiara had looked through all of the drawer and was about to relocate her search, Jess jumped up and grabbed her sister by the waist, pulling her down into a soft, playful headlock, and proceeded to give Kiara a noogie.

Grabbing aimlessly for leverage, Kiara tried to find her sisters neck - her most ticklish area - so she could break her hold and get free. However, Kiara's aim was a little short, and she ended up grabbing her sisters breast, which resulted in Jess letting out a moan. It was then that Kiara realised her sister was topless. Letting go of Kiara, she looked at her sister and said "Now now, Kiara. Just because you've seen them doesn't mean you can touch whenever you like." This embarrassed Kiara a little, but before she could let that embarrassment take over, she jumped onto her sister and pinned her, holding Jess's arms above her head with her right hand and tickling her neck with the left.

"And just because I don't always wear a bra doesn't mean you can take it when you like." was her retort, and now Jess was the embarrassed one. Neither sister was worried about their state of undress, they'd seen it all before. However, Jess felt bad for taking the bra she knew was Kiara's favourite, but it was her favourite too. Jess couldn't break free, because of her broken leg, she couldn't kick enough to move, and despite being short, Kiara was strong. Jess was now giggling and screaming, looking for an escape to this pin.

Kiara leaned over Jess, using her free hand to look under her pillow, which is where the bra was. Not only was the bra there, but so was Jess's vibrator. Jess didn't particularly want her sister finding that, and she took her only chance to stop her sister finding it. As Kiara leaned over her sisters face, Jess bit her nipple. Nor hard, just playfully. She felt Kiara jump, but didn't let go, she kept the small, soft and quickly hardening nipple between her teeth, and waited for Kiara to ask her to let go. Instead, she felt Kiara's hips rock. Just twice, but she definitely felt it. Then Kiara mumbled "Uh, Jess. I'll get off."

So Jess let go, and gazing at Kiara's perfect chest, she was able to compare the soft, puffy nipple, with her hard, pronounced one, and she couldn't decide which she preferred. She then looked at Kiara's face, seeing it obviously flushed and full of shock, Jess reached behind her head and pulled out the bra, offering it to Kiara. Taking it, Kiara said "Thanks." and then just looked, still awestruck at what had just happened, and then felt her moist nipple.

"Sorry sis, but I had to get you off. Pun intended." she said, giggling, and then winked.

Kiara just chuckled, and replied "Don't worry, I'll get you back." before leaving her sisters room.

Walking topless through the hallway, she saw her mother once again. "Making a habit of this, aren't we, Kiara? We might as well be nudists" she said, laughing as she passed her daughter.

Kiara went back into her room, slipped into her jean shorts, her favourite bra and her band top, then checked her phone once more. It was eleven fifty five, and she had another message. "Can't wait. Cya there x". She felt a feeling similar to butterflies in her tummy, and wondered just how well this date would go. Only an hour until she found out. She packed her stuff into her rucksack, picked up her phone, her bank card, some change for the bus and her iPod. She was ready to go, and the bus was in fifteen. She was so excited, because she had a little more than lunch planned for Faith.

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