The Move pt.1

By SirSpanksAlot80

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The Move pt.1

I move from the big city to a small farm town in the desert, my family finds a nice house on a lot of land. On the land there is citrus orchard and a small lake. I was excited because I love to fish and hang out by the water. We do the grueling task of moving, I take the room in the back of the house over the first week I unpack setting up my room how I had it in the old house it felt more comfortable to me. After a couple of days I deiced to walk down to the lake to check everything out. As I walk down there I see there was a car parked down at the other end.

I continued to walk around scouting for good fishing spots. I move across the lake from the car but don't see anyone as I thought that was strange that there be a car with nobody around. I continued to walk around as I get closer to the car I see two women laying on the ground sunbathing one had blond hair the other had black hair. I walk up to them and I could see there on there stomachs letting the sun get there backs with no tops on. Me being the shy guy I am I just walk by. As the blond looked up smiling at me.

“Hello,” she says.

“Hi,” I replied with a shy smile.

“Do you live here?” she asks.

I shook my head yes trying not to stare as her friend flips over. She didn't try to cover her full b cup breast as I stood there she just started rubbing lotion over her medium dark brown aureola’s, as her fingers go slowly over rubbing the lotion on they started to get hard. I couldn't stop staring so I turned to walk away, every time I took a step my cock would rub on my shorts. I walk a little further out of there sight, looking around to see if they could see me I reached down to start to rub my rock hard cock threw my shorts. I continued walking home, as I walk home I try to make my hard on go limp so my mother wouldn't see.

Reaching the door I was glad I still didn't have a hard on as I step inside the house. I go to my room turning on my computer, I sat there thinking about what I just saw my cock started to get hard again so I reach inside my shorts stroking my hard cock. I continued to stroke it slowly I felt my balls tense up I grabbed my shaft tightly stroking it I let out a moan. I stroke it faster as I close my eyes thinking of them laying in the sun I bit my lower lip as I stroke it faster. My sister knocks on my door as I yank my hand out of my shorts re-adjusting myself so she wouldn't see I my huge hard on..


“Whatcha doing?” she asks as she opens the door.

“Nothing just going to play a game,” I replied.

“Oh, That's cool,” she answers sounding disappointed that I wasn't doing anything she liked.

She closes the door, I start up the game playing for three hours I got called out for dinner. After everybody got done I did dishes then jumping into the shower, then hit the sack as I sleep I had the best wet dream I have ever had about what happened earlier.

It was the same set up, the two of them laying out sunbathing topless as I walk by. The blonde ask if I could rub lotion on their backs for them. I agree as I kneel in the middle of them I start to rub lotion on the black haired one first. I move to the blond getting done, she rolls over asking me to rub it over her chest and stomach.

I looked at her sexy B cup breast, she has paler skin so her nipples were bright pink and puffy as I stare at them she hands me the lotion. I squeeze some in my hand start to work it over her breast I felt her nipples get hard under my hands. As did my cock in my shorts as I move to the side she notices it and giggles I was so embarrassed that she saw that I was hard. I finish rubbing the lotion asking them if there was anything else. The other chick said she would like me to rub lotion on her legs I started to blush of the thought of me rubbing her long tam thighs.

I reach over to grab the lotion squeezing more in my hand reaching over, starting on the far leg I rub up and down slowly to her inner thigh she lets out a long soft moan. My cock as hard as can be as I rub her leg long and slow again she does it again I move to the other leg continuing to finish rubbing the lotion in. I turn to see if the blond wants me to do the same for her she laying there rubbing her juice pussy thru her suit bottoms as I go to help her I wake up. My member so hard and throbbing, my juices run down the shaft I pulled it out of my boxers stroking it slowly as I lay there remembering the dream. There was a knock at my door I shove it back in my boxers turning a little just as my dad walks in.

“I need your help cleaning the yard,” he says.

“Cool, give me a minute I'll be right there,” I respond.

As I roll over noticing the my hard on went limp so I get up went to the bathroom. As I was heading outside I hear my pops talking to somebody I open the door and there they were asking 'if its cool to go hang out by the lake for the day.' He says 'yes' as I get outside the blond waved at to me I waved shyly back. As we do the work my mind keeps wondering to the dream I had wishing that it would really happen. When we get done it was already dark so I just jump in the shower, headed to my room playing a game til dinner then get my chorus done for the night as I layed there to crash out. Hoping that I will have a sexy dream tonight again I drift asleep.

I wake up the next morning disappointed that I didn’t have the dream. I got up and head out looking for a job. I hit some stores but nobody hiring I was getting dismayed that I won't find a job. I was heading back to my car when I noticed a sign in the window of a dollar store looking for help. I went in, filling out a application then handing to the manager he ask to me a few questions. Then said he'd call me back in a couple of days after he called my references I shook his hand and left.

I got home nothing for me to do so I deiced to go fishing. Grabbing my stuff and my iPod I start to walk down to the lake turning on some music I get to a spot I wanted to try. As I set up everything I spend a good part of the day fishing feeling very relaxed. I make my way over to where the girls were sunbathing hoping to run into them just to get a peek nobody’s there. I start walking home when in the corner of my eye I notice something hanging in the tree.

I walk over it was a pair of pink french cut panties with colorful hearts in it I look around to see if somebody was there. I didn't notice that anybody was out here I grab them out of the tree. As I shove them in my pocket I felt my member get hard. I walk home trying not to think of the panties in my pocket and wanting to rub them all over my hard cock. I got home putting everything away in the shed, go inside heading straight to my room I hid the panties behind my computer monitor so nobody could see them. Sitting in my room doing the same thing I always do then going to bed. I get woke up by my phone going off I reach over.


“Hi, this is Dave may I speak to Jax?”

“This is Jax.”

“I was wondering if you would come down to the store for an interview.”

“I'll be there in half an hour.”

I get up jump into the shower then heading over, I get to the store I park besides the store. I meet up with him we talk for awhile. I got the job standing up shaking his hand with excitement he tells me to come in tomorrow to start the training. I smile leaving the store I call my mom telling her the good news shes happy for me.

As I unlock my car door I see her. It's the blond that hangs out at the lake I notice that shes wearing the same shirt that the other employees were wearing in the store. I lock the door back walking back in the store she puts her hair in a ponytail behind the counter she smiles as a customer walks up. I head back outside with a huge grin on my face as I think that I'm going to bring the panties to her.

I get home doing my usual stuff fell asleep, got woke up by my alarm rolling out of bed I noticed I had morning wood. In the shower as I lather my body up I ran my hand over my hard member it felt good slowly started to stroke it as I took long deep breathes. I remembered that I had to be at the store in thirty minutes stopping I get out dry off still had a hard on I put my boxers on trying to think of something other then masturbating. I got dressed starting to head out the door when I remember that I was going to take the panties I head back to my room grabbing the panties.

In my car I couldn't resist the thought of rubbing them on my face smelling the crotch area then running it along the shaft of my hard cock. As I bring them up to my face I could smell a sweet smell of lotion. I unzipped my shorts pulling out my already hard cock holding them by the leg loop I rub them around my head of my engorged member then up and down my shaft. The materiel felt soft to the touch of my hot hard throbbing cock I wanted to stroke it til I cummed on them but didn't want to be late so shoving it into my pocket zipping my fly.

I get there the manager sets me up with an employee to teach me everything I pick it up fast it an easy job if you pay attention. The person teaching has to leave already doing his full day telling me that the next person will pick up where he left off. Shaking his hand saying 'thanks for showing me the ropes' as the blond walks up he introduces me to her.

Her name was Heather what a beautiful name for a goddess. She has a smile and with a look of I know you from somewhere. She starts to puts her hair in a ponytail as I watch I can fell my member start to flinch. As she starts to move the hair around to her back noticing the her nipples are getting hard. I smile back trying to think of something else so I would lose the stiffly growing in my pants. She takes my behind the register showing me the way to ring things up she moves as customers start to walk up.

“Just going to throw me to the wolfs?” I ask with a smile

“How else are you going to learn,” she answers smiling back at me “Don't worry I’ll be right here to help,” reassuring me.

As I go through helping the people I pick it up fast to we make small talk in between customers. Finding out that shes lived her her whole life a single child. She likes to hang out with her best friend most of the time they do a lot of sunbathing. I giggle as she looks over at me remembering where she has seen me before. She laughs too as we talk more it was about time for me to leave.

The manager walks up asking me to meet him in his office handing me a couple of shirts and a name tag. He tells me to come in the rest of the week to finish training then he would put me on the schedule. I head for the front counter where she was standing reaching in my pocket I pull the panties out ball them up getting to her I reach out for her hand.

“You forgot these last time you where out at the lake,” I whisper to her.

She opens her hand looking down and starts to blush closing her hand fast putting them into her pocket she looks up at me.

“How'd you know there mine?”

“Your a little bigger then your friend so just took a stab in the dark.”

She smiles as I head for the door going home my member gets hard as I hit a red light I rub it thru my shorts. Aching for a release I unzip my fly pulling out my hard throbbing cock I slowly start stroking it. The light turns green I drive slowly down the empty street. I start to swerve into the other lane I bring both hands up to the wheel as my cock just sits there throbbing for me to stroke it.

Pulling up to my house I sit in my car. I start to stroke it a little more as my cock throbs with every stroke. My precum is leaking out nicely now as I start to bit on my lower lip moaning at feeling of my balls tense up. I hear the front door open I sit there putting my hard member back in my shorts. I get out I see my sister going for her afternoon walk.

“How was it?”

“Cool,” I replied still breathing hard and frustrated that I didn't blow my load.

I go inside still trying to catch my breath. As I pass my mom she starts up a conversation but I wasn't feeling it so just listen for a minute then told her I was tired. Heading to my room I stop to get a drink from the fridge when I get in my room I just plopped down on my bed. Kicked off my shoes laying there I start to think what was going threw Heather mind after I gave her the underpants. My mind started to wonder was she embarrassed or turned on as I layed there thinking my member started to get a semi chub knowing that it was almost time to get dinner I tried to stop thinking about it.

Good thing to just as I was going soft I got called for dinner. After dinner I did what I usually do then crashing out. Getting woke up by my alarm clock still feeling like a ball of tension. I get in the shower as I lather myself up I felt a little naughty so I slowly started to stroke my limp member. As I started to rub my head I felt it getting hard. When I got it fully erect I started to stroked it from the base to the tip.

I let out moans of ecstasy as I picked up my pace, with my other hand I grabbed my balls massaging them lightly. I felt my precum start to leak out more as started to stroke it faster, my knees started to get weak. My balls tensed up as I grabbed my shaft harder. It felt so great being that I haven't had release I a couple of days. I could feel the great tingle in my stomach just as I started to let out a moan I felt my hard throbbing cock shoot my load.

I leaded my head back moaning louder as I shot my second squirt my knees started to buckle. I threw my hand that was still on my balls to steady myself on the shower wall, as I cock released another nice size load. I stopped stroking my throbbing cock as I stood with my head under the running water and my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. I opened my eyes to see the huge amount of cum sliding down the shower wall. As the water ran down my body and over my semi hard cock it flinched.

I stood there for a couple of more minutes remembering that I may be late for work I hurried up drying off then getting dressed running out the door. When I got to work I continued the training hoping that I would see heather later as the day went by and I noticed it was about time for me to leave I asked the girl training me where Heather was she told me she is off for the four days.

To Be Continued.