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The Nature Experience

In which our hero defeats boredom by discovering the joys of nature.
I was on summer break from my first year at college at my grandparents' house. It was a very rainy and gray day. Boredom had begun to sink in. And, as I have a tendency to do, I began to fill the bored time with self pleasuring.

I put my hand down my pants and began to make myself horny. I thought I'd take a shower and release some of the tensions that I had built up. On the way to the bathroom, however, I looked out the window at the rain. I then had a brilliant idea: I would do this in the rain. It had a romantic and risqué aspect to it. I knew a clearing in the woods on my grandparents' land that would be secluded enough for me.

So, decision made, I grabbed a towel and headed out the back door. I darted out and headed for the woods. It wasn't dense, but it would suffice for shielding me from the neighbors, if they ever looked out a window. I reached the clearing. It was muddy and had an opening in the canopy of the trees.

I laid my towel on a fallen tree and began to undress. I took my t-shirt off, unbuttoned my jeans and took them off and laid both on the fallen tree. I stood for a moment in the rain. The water plastered my short brown hair to my head. My underwear were becoming soaked, so I slipped them down to my ankles, and then I stepped out of them and laid them with my other clothes.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and, for the first time, began to really feel the rain. Water ran down my bare chest, over my abs, soaked my pubic hair, and it ran down my warm erection. I loved the feeling of the cool water on my hard cock as it ran off the tip. The water ran down my shoulders and my spine. It ran over my buttocks and down the back of my thighs, my calves, over my ankles and the heels of my feet, where it joined the mud below my feet.

Almost unconsciously I began to masturbate again. I made a splashing and smacking noise as I moved my hand, rapidly, up and down my cock. My knees began to bend in the pleasure and I began to moan as my orgasm approached. Oh, the pleasure.

My knees became too weak and I collapsed to them, mud splashing all over me. There was hardly a break in my stride, as I continued jerking off. If I landed on anything, I couldn't feel it as the waves of pure, intense pleasure continued to build.

I leaned forward and my other hand splashed down as I went to all fours. More mud sprayed over my chest and abs. The want for an orgasm had now reached fever pitch. I put my legs together. My hand now smacked wetly up against my testicles with every thrust. I let out a loud moan as the orgasm raced up and through my body.

I felt the warm cum on my hand as it shot out of my dick and all over the mud below me. I stood there on all fours, panting, and waited to catch my breath. I stood up and surveyed myself. I looked like a swamp monster: I was breathing heavily, naked, and covered in mud and various vegetation.

I had to laugh at that thought. I also had to laugh, as I used the soaked towel to wipe the mud off, thinking about the excuse I would have to make if my grandparents saw me come back inside in soaked clothes.

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