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The Neighbour

She had just got out of the shower, her towel wrapped around her, when she saw him through the window watching her. He had moved in a few weeks ago, and they passed each other in the street they usually just smiled. this had become a ritual meeting at their respective windows, but they were lingering longer in various states of undress!.  

This morning she had been more inclined to linger, she just loved that slow easy smile of his, not to mention his very fit looking body that wasn't obscured by his towel, only this morning he dropped it, she felt her breath catch in her throat as her eyes travelled downwards, resting at his long thick cock not yet erect, she met his eyes smiling her approval, moving closer to the window as he started to stroke...long strokes from base to tip, his eyes never leaving hers, she could see his cock begin to thicken as his hand moved rhythmically back and forth, her towel slipped revealing her breasts, she could see the excitement in his eyes the glass cloudy from his breath, her hand went to her breast, she began to massage the soft flesh moving closer all the time towards her nipple her breath quickening, she could feel it swelling rubbing her palm over her nipple her legs almost buckled, as she looked across the way he was looking at her intently, his hand moving over his cock fully erect now.


Her towel in a pool around her feet, looking at him as she massaged her breast her nipples two hard peaks, engorged, erect, now between her thumb and finger as she pinched and squeezed them, pushing one to her lips her tongue snaked over the tip, making her whimper, she alternated between them her need rising, taking a step backward she melted into the armchair, hooking her legs over the arms, fingers spreading those pink petals for his view.


She could see even from here his eyes glazed over with lust, her fingers moved over the juicy flesh slowly feeling her juices oozing at her opening, dipping her fingers into her honey-pot and smearing her pussy making it glisten in the early morning sunlight, gently pulling back the hood of her clit she gently circled it with the tip of her finger teasing it out slowly, her body tingling, watching him stroke her fingers twirl on her clit with greater urgency, licking her lips now tugging at her erect clit her fingers slick with her honey, hips moving in time with her fingers, breath ragged,


Stroking over and over on her swollen clit feeling huge beneath her fingers, now dripping, she schooches down further in the chair sliding her fingers along her slippery pussy she circles her opening feeling it yield slowly she pushes her fingers in, sliding in and out then a bit more until she is in completely twirling her fingers around inside stroking that soft velvety flesh, her thumb scraping over her clit, she Sees him stroking his cock faster the head purple and tight he lifts his cock so she can see his ball sac smooth and full, taking her fingers from her pussy putting them to her lips sucking her honey from them licking them dry, sliding back deep into her pussy so swollen and throbbing wrapping itself around her fingers as they curl onto her walls caressing her spot, she bucks in the chair crying out but he can't hear her, only read the expression on her face.


Faster and faster she strokes her pussy gripping her fingers as it swells and throbs her clit pulsing as her thumb rakes over it with increasing pressure, she feels the first wave of her climax contract on her fingers, her tunnel floods with more honey seeping out, raising her hips from the chair her pussy tightens on her fingers, as her climax builds, fingers sliding in and out faster and faster, her clit almost painful to touch, she tightens again as she gushes her honey over her fingers cumming in waves her pussy pulsating, she looks across to see his cock explode sending ropes of cum splashing onto the window as he strokes furiously, her honey running freely down her leg as she continues slide her fingers in and out, finally she subsides looking him they smile sated for now she licks her fingers clean, winks at him and heads back to the shower.


She passes him on the way to work and they smile she knows she will do her special dance for him again.

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