The New Neighbors

By thetoad

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A teenager cums of age.

  It was late summer and all of my buddies were either on holidays or working at crappy low paying jobs. I had just turned eighteen and felt every hormone tingle in my body. I had been a small boy growing up, not attracting attention from girls, but over the last year or two I had developed, in more ways than one. I had sprouted to above six feet and, with the help of my father's weight machine, put some muscle on formally thin frame.

After football practise the guys would tease me in the shower and ask me if I was half black. I guess that my cock is long but I've still never been with a girl so I need a woman's opinion. I do know that I measure up favorably when I watch porn.

I live in Arizona on a typical upper middle class street with a swimming pool in the backyard. I was home alone that afternoon and I was in my second story room looking out the window at the backyard. We had just gotten new neighbors and I hadn't met them yet but my sister, Jenna, said that there was a girl her age, twenty, and that I'd better not jerk off too much looking at her. After giving her the finger and telling her to fuck off I'd gone up to my room and jerked off to a porno.

The way my neighbors yard was situated it was difficult to see into their backyard from anywhere except my bedroom. They had hedges and trees strategically placed affording them privacy not often found in the suburbs. I heard a patio door slide open so my eyes focused on their yard.

A blonde woman in a bathrobe walked towards the pool. It must have been the mother because she looked to be around forty, although I have a hard time telling the age of old people. She was carrying a glass of wine in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other. After positioning a lounger so that it faced the afternoon sun she slipped out of her robe.

My dick instantly stirred in my shorts. She was darkly tanned and wearing a small, black bikini and she had an amazing body. From her dark sunglasses, down a long slender neck, smooth shoulders, tits bursting to get out of their top, a slightly potty belly, bottoms so low on the hip that she had to be pube-less, long, slender legs to dainty, toenail polished feet. My cock pulsed and grew with every observation that I made.

She took a sip of wine and lay on the lounger. Lucky for me that meant that I had a perfect view of her.

She opened her legs to allow the sun to kiss her thighs and I ran to my closet to get my binoculars. I focused in on her cloth covered pussy hoping that I could somehow see through the fabric. I couldn't but I could see her camel toe outlined even in the black fabric. I scanned up her body to her mounds. They looked soft but were well rounded. I help the binoculars with one hand so I could free my snake from my shorts.

She reached for her cigarette pack and took one out, wait, that's not a cigarette. Although I try to stay in shape I'm not adverse to smoking a little grass now and then so I know a joint when I see one and that's what she was holding. After lighting it up she took a deep toke and held it in her lungs. I stroked my meat watching her chest heave with every inhale. After she finished it, throwing the roach into the garden beside her, she took a sip of her wine and settled back.

I thought that she had fallen asleep after a few minutes. My cock was still stiff and I hadn't touched it since she put out the joint. I was afraid that it would explode and I was hoping for a bit more of a show before I blew my load. My balls were starting to ache with their pressure but still I held off. Slowly, one of her perfectly manicured hands with a sparkly diamond ring moved over her breasts and down to her crotch. I zoomed in to watch as her middle finger rubbed between her lower lips through her bottoms. My cock bobbed as if demanding my attention but I was only too aware that it was there. She grabbed one of her tits with her free hand as the other hand continued to rub her hidden slit. She pulled the thin fabric aside exposing her pink cunt. I was right. It was as bald as an eagle. It glistened in the sun, wet, much like the porn stars that I had come to know so well, no pun intended. She slipped a finger into her pink hole and brought it to her mouth, tasting herself.

Can you imagine what this looked like to a just turned eighteen, never been fucked, boy? I had experienced pre-cum many times before but this stuff was almost dripping from my thick, flared cock head hole.

Seemingly getting frustrated as she tried to play with her tits she reached around and undid her top. She leaned forward to let it drop from her and her breasts came into full view. They were stark white against her tanned body but the nipples were a dark brown. I had become a bit of an expert on tits from the movies that I watched and these were spectacular. Well rounded and only slightly sagged they were topped by aureoles the circumference of a silver dollar. Her nipples hardened when she pulled on them. She let them go and pulled them again so hard that it had to be painful. One hand stayed with her nipples and the other went back between her legs, pushing her bottoms down past her hips. She rubbed her upper pussy, the clit I think. Without even thinking I stroked my cock. My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly that I could hear it.

She held her cunt lips open so that she could get at her clit easier. She was rubbing vigorously now and I spat on my shaft to help with the friction. Her hand covered one tit and a thick, hard nipple was being pinched between her fingers. Two, then three fingers slipped into her cunt and she fucked herself with her hand. I could hear her stifled cry when she sat up and came over her fingers.

I felt my balls tighten and lurch in their sac. Realizing that I didn't have any tissues to catch the semen I aimed my cock out the window. With a couple of long pulls my cum spurted out the open window to splash on the deck below. I laid my twitching rod on the windowsill to allow it to drain its hot fluid. My knees were weak and my heart was slowing down.

I looked over at the neighbor and hid back behind the curtains. I wasn't sure but it looked like she was watching me behind her dark sunglasses. When I peeked at her again she was wading into the pool. Her still firm looking ass wiggled as she walked down the pool stairs. The contrast between her tan lines and bronzed body was cock engorging. As she did laps in her pool, sometimes a breast stroke, other times a back-stroke, my meat came back to life. It wasn't uncommon for me to jerk off three or four times a day so I would have been surprised if it hadn't responded.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement between our houses. The pool cleaner, Jimmy, the same guy that did everybody's pool on the block, was heading for the neighbors backyard. He was a black man in his late twenties, or so my sister thought. She also thought that he was hot, and I often caught her flirting with him as he cleaned our pool.

The naked neighbor didn't even notice when Jimmy opened the gate and walked into the backyard. He stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted her. It looked like he was going to turn and walk out when she waved to him and said something. I couldn't hear what she said but Jimmy walked towards the pool. With the advent of automatic pool cleaners you'd have thought that pool cleaners like Jimmy would be obsolete but he still seemed to do a good business and I was about to find out why.

Jimmy kneeled by the edge of the pool and checked the filter. The neighbor swam lazily towards him. She propped herself on her elbows beside him and stroked his muscular leg. Jimmy didn't move as her hand slid up his thigh and disappeared up his shorts. I could see the large bulge in his shorts before she slipped them down. His cock sprang out when it was freed and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was long and thick and purple. It looked like a snake with a pink head. I heard her squeal with delight when his thick spear showed itself. She took it in her fist and stroked down the length of it. Her tongue flicked out and tasted its head. Jimmy thrust his hips trying to force it between her lips but she laughed and spit on his veined shaft. Both hands now encircled its girth and moved in unison, pumping him, trying to draw out his cream.

Jimmy reached down and cupped her heavy milk bags. His thumbs flicked over her brown nipples and I could see them crinkle and grow hard. She finally opened her mouth and took in his big, purple cock. It stretched her lips as it slid between them. I had measured my cock at nine inches and his seemed to be at least that long, and it was probably thicker. When half of his snake was buried in her mouth he released her tits and grabbed the back of her head. I hadn't touched my cock but I could feel that familiar tingly pre-explosion in my balls when I witnessed the next scene. The rest of his cock disappeared into her mouth. His large balls slapped against her chin making it look like she had grown a black beard. He released the back of her head and she disengaged slowly from his meat. A bit of pressure on the back of her head and she engulfed it again.

This time I was prepared. I already had my cock resting on the windowsill ready to loose its seed on the world. As Jimmy fucked the neighbor's face I fondled my shrunken sack. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slipped it between her fleshy breasts which she squeezed together. His hips pumped rapidly driving his piston in its soft crevice. She licked at he swollen head when it popped out the top until with a grunt he let loose. A heavy spurt of cream shot at her mouth covering her upper lip. A second spurt covered her chin. Her tongue licked at the warm, salty liquid.

My balls jumped and my own jism erupted out the open window. I leaned forward in orgasm and, in doing so, happened to look down and saw my sister, in her bikini, walk out our back door. My warm semen splashed against her shoulder. I jumped back quickly, laughing. I later found out that she thought that today was her lucky day. Apparently a “bird” shit on her and she had heard that was good luck. Blondes; what can you say?