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The Notes - Part Three

The Notes - Part Three

Has Jayne worked out who her mystery man is?
It had been three days since I had been on my knees on the cold, concrete, floor of the storeroom. Three days, since I had felt the hot spurt of his cum glide down the back of my throat. His tangy, salty, taste had covered my tongue.

I’d heard nothing from my secret note giver since he had kissed my forehead and left me, naked and satisfied, surrounded by mops and cleaning products. I chuckled to myself when I remembered the irony of doing something so down right dirty in a room designed to hold items that clean.

My heart fluttered in my chest when I thought about the note that had told me I was to wait for him. My sex had contracted and tingled when I read I was to suck his cock. My plan to strip naked and wait, kneeling for him, had come to mind as soon as I read his note. I had quickly applied my new lipstick, bought especially to impress him, and rushed to the storeroom. I hadn’t anticipated that he would’ve kept me waiting so long.

I knelt; my knee’s going numb from the cold, hard, floor. My world in darkness from the blindfold; I could hear everything so much more clearly. Colleague’s voices seemed desperately close and I was terrified that someone other than my mystery man would walk through the door and discover me.

When I finally heard the door open, my body froze with fear. I held my breath and waited to hear the outraged cries of someone discovering me. When I heard the intake of breath, my body tensed. I was terrified, yet my pussy was streaming out juice more than I had ever known.

I heard the door close and the unmistakeable sound of the door being locked. I smelt his heady masculine scent. He walked closer and knew it was my man. All the fear had vanished, replaced with a burning desire to wrap my lips around his cock and show him how grateful I was to play his game.

I loved the feel of his cock pushing deep into my throat, the thrilled panic of being unable to breath, but I trusted him and knew he wouldn’t put me in any danger. I know how silly that sounds; I didn’t even know who this man was, but something told me that he only had my best interests at heart. Well, that and his own primal desire to control a woman for mutual pleasure.

I shook my head to clear the thoughts of the storeroom out my mind and picked up the queue cards from my lap. I read through them, while I waited outside the conference room. I was about to give my presentation and interview for the panel.

It was the hardest interview I had ever had to give. It didn’t help that every time I looked up at the projector screen, instead of seeing the facts of my presentation, all my mind kept replacing them with was the notes instructing me to strip. The boss of the company, Mark Anderson, was sitting in the position at the desk where my naked arse had been placed, only weeks before. Thoughts of my admirers tongue plunging deep inside me filled my mind every time I looked in that direction. Was it a coincidence that Mark was sat there, or that his hands kept stroking across the smooth, wooden, surface of the table?

Somehow, I managed to get through the interview and despite the odd stumble on words; I think I’d done alright. I’d seemed to particularly impress Steve, who was head of accounts and as seen as that was where the new position was for, I was feeling happy with how I’d done.

Mark got up and showed me to the door, while the other members on the panel continued to jot down notes. In my hurry to get out the door I dumped into Marks tall frame and dropped all my papers on the floor. I bent down to pick them up, but stopped midway back up, gasping lightly.

“What’s wrong?” Mark enquired.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I must’ve just stood up funny,” I lied.

I rushed out the room, then turning and looking down at Marks shoes again, before he closed the door with a bemused look on his face, caused by my behaviour.

Luckily I had an important client meeting across town that I had to rush off to after my interview, so I hadn’t had time to dwell on my discovery of Marks chosen foot wear. It had been a busy day, so all thoughts of my note sender were out of my mind. That was until I returned to my desk after the meeting.

You did well in your interview.

I think that deserves a reward.

Look in your desk draw.

I tentatively pulled open my draw, checking over my shoulder to make sure no one was around. Inside there was a small black box, wrapped with a red ribbon, tied in a bow. I removed the box from my draw and slowly untied the bow. My hands were shaking when I lifted the lid.

Inside there was a vibrating egg. My stomach clenched and my breath caught when I realised what he was going to do with me. My computer pinged to notify me I had a new Skype message.

I can see from the colour your cheeks have gone, that you’ve worked out what I am going to do.

I knew by that point it would have been a fruitless exercise to look around and see if I could see someone watching me. And if my suspicions were correct, the man in question was somehow watching me from the comfort of his office.

Slid the egg inside that soaked pussy of yours.

I started to pull my panties down to remove them, when the computer pinged again.

Leave them on, just slid it inside you and leave those sexy panties on.

I did as instructed and was shocked to find the ease at which the cold, pink, plastic, egg slid inside my wet pussy. I pushed it all the way in, so that only the small removal cord was peeking out from between my glossy lips.

Suddenly, the egg buzzed into life. I gripped hold of the arms of my chair, as the vibrations rippled through my system, setting every nerve ending alight. I bit my lip hard, supressing the urge to moan out. My nails dug into the plastic arm of the chair when he increased the speed of the vibration.

Pull one of your breasts out from within your shirt and pull on your nipple.

My mind was awash with conflicting emotions. I wanted to please him, but this was so dangerous. My work colleagues could’ve looked over at any moment, but the buzzing in my cunt was clouding my thoughts.

Do it!

I pulled at my breast to expose my nipple from its cotton covering. Twisting and tweaking my already hard nipple. Nervously checking around to make sure no one was looking, although I was feeling that turned that, that I probably wouldn’t have cared if someone had come. I couldn’t stop. Without instruction I pulled out my other nipple and gave that the same treatment.

Someone is coming, close your jacket, but keep your nipples out underneath.

I quickly brought up a document to hide Skype on my screen. Turning around and covering my breasts with my jacket, just as Ed walked up to my desk.

“Hi, Jayne. I’ve been asked to bring this report over to you. Steve said he mentioned it to you in the interview. How did that go by the way?”

I was flustered for so many reasons. Ed was stood there, hands casually in his designer suit pockets, looking all devilishly handsome, that was enough to get me flustered on an average day. Making matters worse was that my note sender had chosen that time to increase the power at which the egg buzzed deep inside me.

“Yeah, yes! The interview went good,” I said, a few octaves higher than I usually spoke. I could just imagine the smirk on Marks face, as he watched this play out from his office.

“Hopefully, that means we’ll be working together soon. You’re getting my job and I move up to assistant manager of finance,” Ed informed me with a smile.

“Oh…Oh that’s great,” I said. It came out more with a sound of a moan than I had meant. Ed raised his eyebrow and chuckled as he walked off.

“Just make sure you get that report back to us by tomorrow, don’t want to be pissing off the boss, before you’ve officially got the job,” he said with a wink, before walking off.

I took a moment to close my eyes and calm my breathing. Then I got Skype up on my screen.

That was a close call, wasn’t it?

I could almost feel his smirk through the screen.

Now where were we?

Ahh, Yes.

With that he increased the vibrations up to full power and I couldn’t help the small squeak that escaped from my throat.

Remove your jacket for me.

Get your hand down your panties and rub that clit for me.

I did as instructed. Feeling my fingers glide across my smooth, silky, wet, pussy lips. My juices were pouring out, past the intrusion of the egg and were soaking into my panties. He had lowered the vibrations back down and my fingers slowly rubbed small circles around my clit. As my fingers picked up pace, so did the vibrations controlled by him, deep inside me.

I was chewing on my lip desperately trying to keep the sound of my pleasure from escaping from within me.

Pick up your pencil and bite down on it.

I followed his instruction, grateful for the feel of the wood against my teeth; I clamped my jaw shut down hard.

Now, Cum for me. Cum for me. You fucking spectacular, naughty, sexy, little bitch.

Oh god, did I cum. My teeth dug into the soft wood of the pencil, threatening to break it with the force at which I clamped down. My body shook, as wave after wave of pure fucking delight spread through me. He lowered the vibrations, so that it was just a tiny pulse that matched that of my contracting walls.

Good Girl.

Slowly remove the egg and suck it clean.

I found the string and gently pulled it from my body, feeling the warm gush of juice and cum flow out from my pussy, as the toy was removed. My panties soaked up what they could, but the rest were sat in a small pool on the drench material.

The egg was glistening with my creamy cum and as I replaced the pencil for the warm plastic toy, my eyes rolled back in my head, the taste of my arousal only fuelling my need for more. Once the toy was clean, I placed it back in its box. My computer pinged again.

Oh No you don’t. I want you to take off your panties and put them in the box.

You’re then going to go to the ladies, wash your toy and put it back inside you.

When you return to your desk, the box will be gone and in its place, I’ll leave you the remote.

I followed his instructions. True to his word, when I returned the box with my panties had gone, in its place was the remote for the egg and a new note. I looked around and saw that Mark was close by. He was talking to another staff member. I watched him closely to see if he watched as I opened the note, but he didn’t look in my direction.

I want you to keep yourself in a state of arousal with your new toy.

Now you’ve had your interview, I think it’s time we meet again.

This time without the need for the blindfold.

Meet me at 8 p.m. at the apartment the company owns.

I knew the apartment. It was used by the company for business associates who traveled from overseas to do business with us. I’d had to go to the swanky pad a few times, for meetings, or just to make sure the guest were settled and had everything they needed.

I looked at the clock. It was 4 p.m., which meant an excruciating four hours wait. Not wanting to disappoint; I switched the remote for the egg, so it gently buzzed into life. It was a struggle to sit and go through the report that was needed for Steve, but it had to be done. As I tried to focus on the figures on the paperwork, my mind would wander to the night’s events. My pussy would then tighten around the softly vibrating egg and my pussy would seep its juice onto my chair.

Every minute that passed, my arousal built. Excitement and fear coursed through my veins; because tonight was the night I would know for sure. Tonight I would get to see him.

To be continued…

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