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The Only Solution To Long Distance

We were going two months without touching each other - this was the only solution we could think of
We had been dating for close to eight months by this point. We met each other on campus one day and got dinner together - it quickly moved from friendship, to friends with benefits. Before we knew it we had become a couple, spending all of our time together, going on dates, and constantly talking. And the sex - I quickly came to realize that two horny teens without supervision have a lot of sex.There was still the issue of my roommate, though - but he spent most of his nights partying.

As it always does, school was ending for summer break - however, we were not excited for it in the least. She was going back home while I moved into my new apartment and stayed to work. The eight hour drive to her city was not something I could make often, so it would be two months before we saw each other again.The lack of physical contact was driving us insane; we constantly messaged each other, describing what we wanted to do. The longer we were apart, the dirtier we talked.

Finally we decided messaging wouldn't do it. We needed to see each other, and our webcams provided that opportunity. We decided that when her parents went to sleep, we could web chat, and watch each other masturbate. There was only one issue with this - she's shy. When we logged on I soon found out I was not allowed to see anything below her chest; while I enjoyed the view, it wasn't what I had wanted to hear. I responded in kind, positioning my webcam to end right at the bottom of my abdomen - enough to tease, but not enough to reveal anything more intimate.

We started off slowly; I reached down and began teasing myself - I started by playing with the head of my penis, circling my fingers around the top, occasionally giving a gentle squeeze to my hardening shaft right below. It wasn't long before my throbbing cock was begging for more action.

I could easily see the way she was treating herself, the motions of her arm giving every little erotic detail away. She enjoyed building up the sexual tension just as much as I did - slowly running her hand along her thighs until she slowly inserted a finger into her dampening pussy - slowly moving in and out, until she had built up enough lubrication to slip in a second finger. Her breathing became more noticeable, a slight moan escaping her lips when she removed her fingers to play with her clit.

The sight of her chest rising and falling had caused the head of my penis to be coated in slick precum, which slowly made its way along the shaft of my cock as I began masturbating. I tried to match her speed as best I could, slowly building to what my cock was asking for, begging for, to receive the attention it so desperately wanted. But I took my time, moving my hand along my shaft giving a gentle, but firm, squeeze while moving from the base to the head; then using the downward motion of my head to spread the precum as a lubricant along the rest of my cock.

She was picking up her pace by now - one hand rubbing her clit in a circular motion, the other above her head where the camera didn't point. Even though I couldn't see, I knew she was pulling on her hair; she loved the feeling of it, and it always turned her on in a way that nothing else could. She was picking up the speed with her hand, her chest beginning to expand more rapidly, biting her bottom lip so no moan could escape her mouth, but she was unsuccessful. A solid moan was released when she returned her fingers deep inside of her glistening pussy - pumping her fingers in and out faster and faster each time.

I picked up my own pace, turning each upward and downward stroke into one fluid movement - I felt the tension beginning to start at the base of my glistening cock. The pleasure was building up quickly, knowing what she was doing to herself, doing for me to watch and enjoy; watching her experience the pleasure she was giving herself turned me on more than any text we sent each other, more than any erotic message I had received - listening to that long moan escape her lips was almost too much for me to bare. I was about to cum.

That one moan she released appeared to have made her forget all the worries she had about remaining quiet - as she removed her fingers from deep inside her she let out another moan of pleasure, a moan I hadn't heard in over a month. She returned to rubbing her clit, but this was much faster than before. Much as I was, she was about to cum - the sound of her moans was getting more frequent, her hand moving faster, and faster. She lifted her back off the bed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" she quietly repeated to herself.

I continued to match her speed, rapidly stroking my cock - finally it was receiving what it wanted. Her moans put me on the edge - I was so close, almost nothing could bring me down from this high that I was feeling - her back lifted off the bed, she was moaning to herself, and it was at that point I could take no more. I finally released the tension that had built up along my entire shaft, allowed it to erupt through the head of cock, cumming harder than I had since the last we had fucked.

I looked back at her on the screen, and her back was still in the air, I could hear one last final "Fuuuccck" escape her lips, as she flopped back down onto the bed - her hand still between her legs slowly bringing herself back from that eternal ecstasy.

As we came down from that erotic high we loved so much, we turned our cameras back to our faces to smile at each other. There was not much that could be said at that point except those three words we were about to exchange.

I love you.

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