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The Perfect Remedy

The Perfect Remedy

She found the best way to get rid of her pain. Period.
She sat staring blankly at the screen, miserably trying to work as she pointlessly tapped on the laptop keys. Her tummy felt so bloated and her breasts so tender that she just couldn't focus at all and plus, every time she actually did think of something to write, thoughts of him popped, unbidden into her mind, it was almost as if he were standing beside her, chatting, waving his arms as he explained something or better still, rubbed her back, god, how she ached to have her back rubbed right now. She sat back in her chair and stretched, feeling her vertebrae shift and click, alleviating that dull ache in her lower back a little. She hated feeling like this, so puffy and clumsy. She exhaled loudly and sat straight in her chair, spotting the bar of chocolate just behind her laptop. It had been sitting there, taunting her for the past hour. She lifted it and turned it over in her hand, deciding what to do with it. She had promised that she would wait until she had at least 2,000 words on screen, but sod it… Chocolate always made her feel better when she felt like this, she unwrapped it and snapped off a block, popped it into her mouth. It felt like liquid sunshine as it melted on her tongue.

She found herself remembering a weekend which she had spent with him, the thoughts distracting her ever more from what she was supposed to be doing… It had been cold that day as they had walked the city streets together, aimlessly drifting through the busy throngs of people heading home from work. They stopped to look in shop windows, even went into a few, him lifting the occasional garment, saying how it would suit her. It was funny, he lifted out things that she would never have chosen for herself, he saw a different girl in her, a feminine, pretty girl. She liked that. She had changed her style since meeting him, allowed him to nurture and coax a delicate, pretty girl to show herself.

She smiled as she remembered how he had taken her hand and pulled it into the pocket of his heavy overcoat with his own, warming it, rubbing it until she felt it warm, stroking her palm with his index finger. She shivered. She recalled his face in profile as she had looked at him while they walked, he was so handsome, unaware of her gaze. She had squeezed his hand then and he had turned to her and smiled, it lit him up and had made her glow inside. Suddenly sharp pain washed through her belly. She gasped out loud, god it was SO fucking sore! It felt like a knife twisting in her abdomen, waves of pain radiating out through her lower body, even as far as her thighs. She couldn't concentrate on her work, the screen was blurry and it was beginning to give her a headache.

She leaned her face into her palms and concentrated on her breathing, relaxing her body until the sharp ache passed. Damn, she should have taken a pain killer, it would have been kicking in by now, she would have been feeling comfortably numb. She cursed her stupidity, her mind did tend to get a little fuzzy at this time of the month. The pain glanced through her uterus again, a clenching, stabbing heat, so intense that she knew she couldn't remain seated any longer. Her body stiffened and she moaned as she screwed up her eyes and pushed the heels of her hands against them.

She should run a deep, hot bath, that would soothe it, help take the pain away.

She got up, slightly bent over and shuffled to the bathroom. Shit, this was as sore a cramp as she'd ever had. When she'd had the UID coil fitted, they had told her that the pain might be worse, the flow heavier, but she didn't expect this. Still, even now, it seemed like a small price to pay to be able to have him inside her. How she longed for him to fuck her again, the feel of his weight on top of her, his hips bruising her thighs as he thrust his full length into her, making her his and his alone. She ached to feel the delicious friction as his shaft opened her pussy lips, pistoning in and out of her, making her head spin, her body soar until he released his load into her. She shook her head and rubbed her tender belly again.

The heating had already come on for the evening and the bathroom was lovely and warm. As she turned on the hot tap and added some fragrant bubble bath to the flow, she was already looking forward to lying in the water, letting it support her sore body, soaking, feeling better, but it would take a while for the tub to fill. She lit a few of her favourite scented candles, dimmed the lights and smiled, pleased with the look and smell that was beginning to fill the room. She lifted two, large, fluffy towels from the shelf and hung them over the radiator, so that they would be hot on her skin when she stepped out of the bath.

She grimaced as a small cramp hit her and went through to her bedroom, got a pair of brushed-cotton jammies from her drawer, yes comfort was the order of the evening. She opened her top drawer and took out a packet of painkillers, pressed two pills from the blister pack and swallowed them down with some of the water beside her bed. Aaaah, she gasped once more as another cramp washed through her body, she hoped that they would kick in soon. She sat down on the edge of her bed for a moment until it passed and then she turned and lay back on the bed, putting an extra pillow under her head and kicking off her shoes.

She closed her eyes and lay for a moment, just feeling her body. No pain just now, that was good. She felt tired, washed out, she always did at this time of the month and it was nice that the house was empty and quiet, apart from the low buzz of the television from the sitting room and the sound of running water from the bathroom. She inhaled deeply through her nose, the scent of lavender from her bath filling her nostrils and she smiled.

As she lay there on her back, glad of the pillow supporting and soothing her lower back, she remembered the first time she had been with him. The first time they had made love. She could almost smell him now, almost taste his skin and feel his breath on her. She felt a warm tingle in her pussy as she saw, in her mind's eye, his serious expression as he pressed the head of his cock against her opening for the very first time. She had known in that moment that he truly loved her and that she loved him too, she had wanted him then more than she had ever wanted any other man. Her hand was on her breast now, it was sore tender, again just another normality for this time of the month. She began to gently massage the swollen, heavy orb through her jumper and it felt good, soothing and she could feel her nipple stiffening beneath her bra. A fresh wave of pain caused her body to freeze again but this time she forced herself to relax, her breath to become deeper, slower and she felt the pain diminish more quickly this time. She slid her hand inside the v-neck of her top, under her bra and onto the hot skin of her naked breast as she remembered the feel of his weight on her body, his face close to hers, the whispering of soothing romantic words in her ear as he gently bit and nibbled her lobe, asking her if she was sure, if this was okay, was she sure that she wanted to go through with it?

She nodded a silent 'yes' to the empty room, eyes closed and slid her hand over her tender belly inside the waistband of her trousers. Hmm, too tight, she unfastened the button, pulled down the zipper and slid her fingers inside her black cotton panties to her eager little button. She sighed, remembering how he had done the same, his voice a comforting murmur then, as he had started to gently finger her clit, his mouth working on her neck now, licking and biting. She had arched her back, allowing him better access as he moved to the side and opened his mouth onto her breast. Firstly, he had kissed her pert nipple, licked it and then he had opened his mouth and taken it inside completely, murmuring words of encouragement the whole time, making her feel safe, wanted. Her fingers closed around her own nipple, pulling, tweaking and rolling it, remembering how hot and wet his mouth had felt and how his teeth had grazed as his tongue had licked. How she had loved that, the feeling of him sucking her nipple deeply into his eager mouth. It was so soothing, each lick and suck causing an equal pulsing reaction between her legs. She remembered how he had lain on top of her, just suckling. How good that had felt and when she had felt his fingers move between her legs, stroking her clit, pushing her lips open, sliding two digits along her slit. She had been so fucking wet, so ready. She started to stroke and caress her clit, so swollen with desire now, again, as it was always was whenever she thought of him.

Another cramp set in and she clenched her jaw, tried to ignore it. Almost as if he were sensing her pain, she saw his face in her mind once more, his determined expression as he finally pushed, thrust his rock-hard cock inside her. She gasped and pressed two fingers against the base of her clit, eyes closed tight, concentrating on the image of him, the sound of him, the feel of him as he slowly, firmly began to fuck her. She rubbed, losing herself in that delicious moment, no longer aware of the pain, only the pleasure of seeing her beautiful lover as he took her. And oh how he had done that. He was big, much bigger than she was used to, reaching long-neglected parts inside her, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, encouraging her to open, to flower into the desirable woman she'd so long-forgotten. A hint of pain began to set in again and she squeezed her nipple between her fingers, rolling it and pulling it as her other hand continued its wonderful assault on her aching, swollen clit. Her body began to tingle and she could feel tingling waves cancel out the pain, her breathing quickened and she arched her back, remembering how he had began to thrust deeper, harder, faster. She could hear him, encouraging her, telling her that she was his good girl, his best girl, telling her to come for him and how he was going to fill her belly with his creamy come, if she came for him.

"Come for me, darlin'. Come for your boy, good girl, that's my good girl," he'd said and hearing those words in her head was enough. She worked her little button and was rewarded with the most wonderful sensation as her orgasm overtook her whole body, cancelling out the pain. She cried out as her body spasmed and she submitted to the feeling, the ecstasy, oh god it felt so good.

She lay there, sated and happy. A huge grin spread across her face as she realised that she suddenly felt good, very very good. Her arms flopped to her sides and she just lay, smiling. Then she wrapped her arms around her body and hugged herself, rocking on the bed. Shit! The bath! She jumped out of bed and hurried into the bathroom, the scent of lavender assaulted her nostrils and she waved her arms though the clouds of steam which were hanging and turned off the taps. Surprisingly, it was perfect, ready for her to step right into, which she did… She lay there for an age, eyes closed, dreaming of her lover, as they whispered sweet nothings to one another, kissing, holding until sleep took them, absolutely content.

(Huge thanks to IanThomas for his eagle eyed assistance with this! Mwah!)

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