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The Phone Call: Again

After a short masturbation session, a very interesting phone call.
Recap: (Read The Phone Call first please!) "Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand

I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me."

She looked at the caller i.d., picked up the phone, put it on speakerphone and answered.

"Hey Jon! What's up?"

"Are you panting right now?"


"What were you doing?"

"Running." Samantha realized she needed to explain herself. That or find some excuse that didn't sound like bull crap. 

"I think you were masturbating!"

The sound that smacked Jon across the face was a shriek of disbelief and shock. Probably mixed with some amazement at the accuracy of Jon's guess.

"You were!!" Jon was, to put it mildly, reaaallyyy desperate for Sammy to admit such an act. Little known to Samantha was the fact that Jon had been yearning for a chance to enjoy an hour or two with Samantha.

"Maybe," Samantha whispered, "but you can't tell anyone!" Her voice reached a shrill note with the last statement.

"So," Jon's awkward voice came into full throated being, "are you still, um..." His voice trailed off as it steadily grew huskier.

"Am I still what?"


"Um, no. Not right now." Samantha's voice grew strained. Almost as if she needed a glass of water to wet her whistle. That is probably explained by the sudden awareness of her semi nakedness. That and the large pool of cum that sat between, on, and around her sensuous legs. 

"So you're still..." Once again, Jon's awkwardness reached a newfound level of silence.

"Still what?" Sammy's uncomfortableness snuck through her voice.


"Um. Jon, are you sure you want to know? Okay, let me rephrase that. Are you sure you want to end up going down this road after these few minutes?"

Jon took some time to think. He thought long and hard. Especially about the hard. He really did like Sam. He appreciated her humour, her looks, and her friendship. But damn if he wasn't hornier than a large rhinoceros. 

As Jon took some time to think, Sammy continued to hold her breath, giving Jon the space to think it through. But as she sat, her wetness continued to increase as she thought about her own answer to her question. She realized that she wanted to take Jon inside of her. To feel him throb and thrust into her. But what she desired more than anything was Jon's love. She felt a deep desire to be holding his hand and watching him talk his tongue to soreness. She wanted his companionship. And she knew, or at least should have known, that he couldn't give it. He had his body, but he couldn't give his love. Not now. He was too young. So she chose to focus on the here and now. She decided that if Jon wanted to eat her out and bring her to the biggest orgasm she'd ever had, she would say yes. Even if it meant tearing her heart into pieces once more. She chose such pain, because it meant she would have a section of his heart, even if it was a mere splinter.

Meanwhile, Jon realized he did want to be with Sammy, even if it meant entrapping his passion in a way that would hurt both of them. Damn if he wasn't horny.

"Sammy? You there?"

"Of course. So..."

"Are you still wet?"

Her laugh tittered out of her in an excitable fashion. A beat filled the silence, but when her voice spoke, it was with a measure of confidence.

"There's a pool of cum sitting in my lap," as she spoke, she took her t-shirt and pants completely off, "Because I am now completely naked. Sitting in my chair, looking at a computer screen filled with the image of a woman being pounded by a man who very well might have a nine inch dick."

"Holy shit!" Jon gasped out.

"Wanna join me in a little bit of fun?" Samantha murmured. 

"Like, come over and...?"

"No. Not now. We can wait on that," Sam interrupted.

"Well, I have an idea. Wanna do some reading?"

"Well, I've already finished Marly and Me, sooo..."

Jon's deep laughter made Sam's phone buzz.

"I was thinking of reading something a little more naughty than that. Have you ever heard of Lush Stories?" Jon inquired.

"Nooo." Sammy replied.

"Go to this URL. As Jon guided Sam to the site, he slipped the button on his shorts so that his now solidified manhood could have a little freedom from the constraints of his shorts. His hand gripped himself and slowly but firmly massaged his flesh. His breathing deepened, slowly but surely.

"At the top of the page," instructed Jon, "is a red bar. Go to search, then members, then type in katie1984. Her stories are really well written and holy crap are they good."

"I see it. Oh my." She said with a shocked tone of voice. "Which story?"

"One of my favorites is the one titled The Dishwasher. Wanna read it?"


"First... I'm just wondering, are you going to masturbate?"

"Well, I already did." She tittered.

"Because I'm going to." The huskiness of Jon's voice had reappeared.

"Oh." Samantha's voice took a surprised yet pleased tone. "I think I will."

"Reaallyy? Sweet. Let's read!" Jon's voice swept upwards in a spirit of lust and excitement.

As the pair read, they frequently checked in on how far they each had gotten.

"Damn." Sam whispered, as she read of the orgasm that occurred within the story. Her hand crept back to her already wet core and started to massage her thighs. Her other hand pressed into her chest and drifted lazily around her areola, causing the nipple to harden and as it did, she pinched it, causing a flash of pleasure to spin its way down to her core.

"What are you doing right now?"

"Reading. You?" 

"I meant..."

"I know what you meant!" Sam had always enjoyed torturing Jon. Just a tad. She remembered a time, a while ago, when Sam had only been recently introduced to the world of sex and other enthralling subjects.

The year before...

"Wanna go on a picnic Sammy?" said Jon.

"Why not? We could always fool around." Samantha hadn't learned how to be tactful yet.

"Dang girl! I'll bring the food and drinks. You... don't wear a bra. Or panties." His smile played across his face with lightning speed.

"Hahaha. I sure won't."

After they met at the park and ate some food, they realized that their hormones were about to play a nasty trick on them. Jon looked at Samantha and smiled a slow smile. His lopsided grin widened, and he leaned over the blanket to reach his sweetheart's lips. Their kiss spread like wildfire, causing both sets of lungs to almost hyperventilate. Jon pulled Sam closer and eventually broke apart for a moment to settle their scampering hearts. He looked about and realized once more that they were in a park. In plain view. Of a lot of houses, in a suburb which had the cops on speed dial. He didn't care.

His hands pulled Sam's hips forwards, and traveled up towards her summer blouse, sweeping upwards in a pulling motion, designed to reveal two golden orbs of beauty. 

"Why, I see you took my advice," he whispered. 

Jon's mouth latched onto Sam's lips and his hands stroked her breasts to harden the nipples and bring mini gasps of pleasure through Sam's throat. He continued to massage her breasts, making Sam's chest start to heave with pleasure. Her hands rippled their way through Jon's hair, allowing a string of moans to escape her mouth. Jon dropped his mouth to Sammy's throat and started to lick and gently bite her throat, leaving little love marks up and down her neck.

She started to moan louder. Her throat had always been overly sensitive. As she moaned and groaned underneath his tongue and fingers, her sex drive started to become turned on. Jon continued to lower his mouth, every steadily, until his mouth skipped over the top of her shirt and started to kiss and lick the top of Samantha's breasts. Sammy let out a long moan as Jon started to bite her nipples and lick both breasts. Paying great attention to one breast then alternatively switching to erect the other nipple. Soon Samantha started panting at a tempo that threatened to send her into cardiac arrest. 

Suddenly, Samantha's moans of pleasure slipped into a loud cry that echoed throughout the park. Her orgasm shuddered through her, starting at her hips and flashing outwards in a sweet tension that was immediately released with a sweeping sensation. Her vocalizations settled into a contented moan, seated deep in her throat. She opened her eyes to reveal Jon staring in shock at the orgasm that had torn through Samantha, creating a wet spot over her lap that evidenced the flood of juice that had poured from her. 

Samantha smiled a lazy smile and leaned forward, taking Jon's face into her hands and gave him a kiss with quite a bit of French style. She then had Jon scoot himself backwards, for she saw a man with his dog walking towards them. Sammy blushed and sat back, rearranging her blouse. 

"Afternoon," said the man.

"Hey there," Jon replied. 

After the man passed, Jon and Sam both looked at each other and started to giggle at relief that they hadn't been caught. Or at least the man hadn't admitted that he had caught them.

Sam looked closer at Jon and saw the lack of arousal. 

"I'm going to fix that," she exclaimed.

"Fix it?" Jon queried nervously.

"Mhmm," she murmured in response.

As she crawled forwards, she gently pushed Jon to lean backwards more, so that his back was straight and his lap was open. As she climbed on board, she whispered, "Do you know how wet I am?" Then before Jon could react, she started rocking her hips forward so that their groins ground greedily against each other. Sam's mouth latched onto Jon's and her tongue dove deep into his mouth, intertwining their tongues, having them create their own embrace, just as Sammy's wetness ground into Jon's hardness. Just as Jon was starting to grow so hard that it was painful to have it remain contained, she sat back, stopped the motion of their hips and grinned.

"My job is done!"

"Your job? Sammy! Come here!" Jon pleaded, but to no avail. Their rendez-vous was finished and they both went back to Jon's grandmother's house.

Back to the phone call

As Sammy recollected this incident, she realized she had probably tortured Jon enough for one day. Probably for a year, however she was not that nice.

"Yes Jon, I am masturbating. Right now. While I'm talking to you. My fingers are pinching myself. My nipples are harder than diamonds and the pool of cum? It's grown. All of my thighs are now completely soaked with cum, and one of my hands is right at this moment slipping down my chest, over my stomach, and feeling the cum that is gushing from me. Like a bucket has been poured all over me. And..." her pause in speech was interrupted by a sucking sound. "And I taste yummy." The sound of Jon's breathing reached Sam's ear. "My finger is dipping into me right now. Ooooh God," she exclaimed. Her moans continued as she continued to insert a finger into herself. Over and over again she massaged her g-spot. 

"That sounds really yummy, Sammy," Jon breathed. "I'm holding my head in my hand and slowly stroking it up and down. I'm taking the cum around my head and pulling it down over the rest of my dick. It's making it really slick. I am gonna cum soon. Oooh." He himself started to groan as he spent his seed all over his hands and into his own naked thighs. 

"Should I continue?" he asked her.

"Can you?" She asked this with a note of lust in her voice that was even more noticeable than before.

"I can. And will if you want me to."

"Rub yourself. Now," she demanded.

And so he complied. His hand gripped his slick dick, and with a minimum amount of effort, Jon was completely hard once more, only this time, there was much more lubricant.

Sam heard Jon rubbing himself and groaning through the phone. She grew so eager to orgasm, she dropped both hands onto the chair, lifted herself down so that she was sitting on her heels on the floor with both legs spread. She dipped one hand onto her clit and started to furiously rub and the other hand inserted two fingers into her dripping wet hole and furiously attacked her g-spot. Cum gushed forth from the displacement of Sam's fingers, and the floor started to collect its own puddle of juice. Her moans intensified so that she was now yelling with lust and desire. The orgasm that swept through her was so intense that she collapsed on the floor with her rear on the ground, legs spread in front of her in a split position. She continued to rub herself with a fierceness that shocked her when she later thought about it, and as she rubbed, cum pooled out of her, flooding, soaking the hardwood floor, once more soaking into her thighs, so much so that an observer would think her thighs would always have a different taste than the rest of her. 

After she came back to her own body, she heard Jon moaning himself, coming to his own orgasm, one that sounded strong, but nowhere near as potent as Sammy's own.

"Damn!" Jon whispered when they had finally both calmed down.

"Agreed," Samantha replied.

"Tomorrow night, same time, same place?"

With a grin on her face she said, "I dunno. I like skype."

To be continued

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