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The Professional

We were sat in the bar of his favourite 5* hotel in Manchester enjoying a bottle of wine and sex chat. He was sat a few tables away, dressed in a very smart suit looking like the pure professional. I noticed him glancing our way as I rested my hand on her arm as the conversation got filthier.

Dawn was absolutely stunning, a natural beauty. Tall, busty, blonde and confident. He could see she had hard nipples under her white blouse, and her shapely smooth long legs were fully on show. He knew what he wanted to do: basically have hot sex with them both... 

We were very turned on by the conversation. I’d mentioned to Dawn to glance over at the professional guy looking at us. She smiled and touched her breast as she leant towards me and whispered in my ear. She whispered that she was getting a warm feeling between her legs and that maybe now would be a good time to go up to our room. She nibbled my ear and rose to her feet. I followed her to the lift and dropped a key on the table in front of the professional.

I was feeling hot as hell and needed some attention. We were soon in my room; the satin sheets on the bed were cool from the air-conditioning and felt sexy against my skin as I sat on the edge of the bed. Dawn sensed my need, and met me in a tight embrace. We shifted around on the big bed, and sat opposite each other kissing and gently rubbing each others pussies. Soon we fell into a sixty-nine, with Dawn on top. Using her tongue and fingers she soon had me wet in no time at all. I was slurping her pussy, concentrating on her stiff little clit and fucking her cunt with my fingers. We were so wrapped up in this hot action that the door opening didn’t interfere with our pleasure.

He sat on the sofa and was content to lay back, watch and enjoy, and play with his rapidly hardening cock and soft balls beneath his pin-striped suit.

He stood and walked over to the bed. Dawn saw his cock straining against the material covering it, forming a tent shape. She moved from my face, kissed me enjoying the taste of her juices on my lips. He demanded that Dawn take out his cock and begin pleasuring him. She undid the fly on his very smart trousers, and was amazed at the hard penis which fell in her face. She was staring at his long, thick penis with total lust in her eyes, before popping his enlarged cock-head into her hot mouth. Dawn kind of lolled his cock around in her mouth, savouring the taste of his leaking clear pre-cum.

He pulled me towards him and started kissing me, exploring my mouth passionately with his tongue as Dawn sucked on his balls and ran her tongue up and down his thick shaft. She deliberately groaned loud enough so we both heard her.

He broke the kiss and we stared at her pretty mouth working all around the thick cock. I then got behind Dawn and eased her away from his cock, and took her place. As my head bobbed up and down, Dawn stood and pulled her blouse over her head. Now she was totally naked. He stared at her with a kind of awestruck expression on his face; she had a sculpted body, sensuous face and mischievous green eyes, and her body…. "Wow".

Dawn just smiled at him, and ran her hands over her high, pert breasts, tweaking her own hard nipples before provocatively wetting a finger in her mouth and rubbing her own clit. Her pussy was totally shaved and its lips were pouting and glistening with her aroused wetness.

As I continued working his cock in mouth, Dawn got back on the bed and sat on his broad chest. She opened her legs wide and then pulled her pussy lips apart, showing him her tight love tunnel. She started fingering herself, rubbing her clit and also slipping two fingers inside her.

He bent his head forward, and with Dawn's compliance, he lapped all around her pretty pussy lips and clit with his tongue. He just loved the taste, feel and smell of her, and that she groaned deeply in her throat when he applied some pressure on her clit. She sat still a while, enjoying being eaten until he instructed me away from his cock so that Dawn could ride him.

Dawn slid back a bit and eased herself down on his thick long cock. She shuddered slightly as he filled her up so delightfully. He was pleased with the feel of her wet, tight pussy swallowing him up. Dawn began to ride up and down quite slowly and rhythmically at first, but as he rose in unison with her, she thrust faster and deeper. I joined in the fun, kissing both of them in turn and running my cunning fingers over Dawn's prominent hard clit. We played this way for a long time.

Dawn felt a familiar tension build deep inside her body, and she hit a big satisfying orgasm. This in turn sent copious amounts of pussy juice down his cock and onto his big full balls. The sensation of her wetting him so much, and the fact that her contracting pussy was squeezing and milking him tipped him over the edge and he shot waves of thick cum splattering deep inside of her.

With a devilish flash in her green eyes and sensing the desire going on between my legs, Dawn then knelt and began licking my hard clit and working her fingers deep inside my pussy. She went in deep with her fingers, feeling for the ‘G' spot high inside. Locating it quickly, she hit it, and worked it good, all the time tonguing my bud-like clit.

Dawn really fucked me hard with her fingers, jamming them in and out, probing and rubbing on the hot-spot. In a short time, I was moaning with increasing intensity, finally enjoying a prolonged powerful orgasm. Dawn eased up a bit with the finger fucking; then, when she felt they were as moist as they could possibly be, she pulled them out and brought them to her mouth.

Unable to resist, Dawn lowered her mouth yet again to my dripping pussy and tongued some more. Soon, Dawn was back lying on top of me and we opened and moved our legs in a way so that our cunts were friction-rubbing each other.

We were so intense in our lovemaking that he was soon incredibly turned-on again, and sporting a very hard erection, was resisting the massive temptation to join in.

I was now kneeling on all-fours and felt Dawn's hands cup my swollen aching breasts and pinching my nipples hard enough to hit that magic point where pain and pleasure overlap so seductively. She smacked the palm of her hand against my ass-cheeks. It was simultaneously both stinging and arousing. He instructed her to do it again, I screamed.

With Dawn’s fingers inside me I was virtually on fire, my wet pussy was being rammed hard and fast, more intensely than anything I had ever experienced. Finally, with a firm slap from him and further finger fucking from Dawn I came big, feeling waves of ecstasy overcome my whole body and pass into my drenched pussy. I slumped down, face forward in a pillow.

No words came from anyone as he came back over to the bed and started to lick Dawn's cute butt-cheeks and slip his tongue into her asshole and lick away.

Dawn squirmed a little with excitement at this; she had a very sensitive butt and loved to have it played with. Without thinking, she drew herself up so that she was on her knees. She parted her own ass-cheeks so that he could get easier access as he slurped around inside of her. Hearing Dawn moan, I turned and checked what was happening. The sight of him licking her ass made my clit harden and once again, the feeling of electricity ran through my body into my pussy.

I spread my legs and began wanking myself. He finger fucked Dawn as he watched me pleasure myself. His throbbing cock once again ready for action, he gripped my hips and firmly slipped his cock into my tight wet cunt. Dawn moved behind, stuck her tongue in his ass and gently squeezed his balls and circled my clit with one clever finger. This fuck was short and fast, hard and deep. My body soon began to tremble once again, I creamed all over his throbbing cock. He pulled out and stroked his cock as Dawn and I put our mouths close to his bell-end. He came hard and powerfully, working jets of cum alternatively between both our open mouths. Finally, the three of us collapsed down on to the big bed, limbs entwined; warm flesh pressed on warm flesh and the sweet smell of sex flooded the room. The three of us kissed, sharing his cum.

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