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The Rock Star

Rock star finds he has very horny fan and they meet, she masturbates and they cum.
I was up there, on stage, and as usual I’d been pounding away at the guitar. This was another concert. Now first off I want to mention that I’ve been married for just under three years. As for my past…it too is history. I no longer go out searching for women as in the past but I’m still the regular attraction at the concerts.

There’s only one girl for me now, a woman by the name of Suzanne. She’s my wife of course and while I’m doing it to my guitar she’s at home, across the country, taking care of our two young girls.

However, as I’m playing, better yet doing it to my guitar on stage, I catch the eyes of this woman. There is something about her too. Whoa, I tell myself. She’s nice enough looking and she kept staring at me as I played seeing as she was enough to the stage, and her body well her body just seemed to stick out to me. It was as if she was advertising it to me or possibly anyone who would like to fuck it or something like that, I thought, during the concert.

She wasn’t wearing one of those looks on her face, I thought, or any sign either at first, but when I “studied” her eyes….something seemed to “hit” me. I could tell the woman was “hungry” and her eyes soon were telling me she was more then ready for anything too. Those eyes of hers made me lose my place in one of the songs.

We broke after this set. During that break I mentioned something to Del, one of the band members. Me, I’m Carter, and I originally formed the band but Del took it over once I got married. He came up to me. “What are you looking at?” he asked me while I was sneaking a look out at the woman in the second row.

“Oh uh nothing,” I said, lying to him.

He snuck a look over my shoulder and looked out at the crowd. He knew something was up. Del has known me for close to twenty years. “Where is she?” he said, knowing why I was looking out at the crowd. I didn’t tell him. Then he said “Is she good looking I presume?” he asked.

“I guess so. Maybe not gorgeous but she’s nice enough looking,” I replied.

“Hey man…you’re married. You know that right? And you have those two great girls and one hell of a great looking wife…right?” he also said.

“Yeah…I know. I know,” I told him. “It’s just that,” but I did not finish the sentence.

Del already knew the end of that one. “Yeah, I know,” he countered. “There’s always a few of them out there wanting to bang your brains out and thankfully…me…well I’m not married, but you are. Carter I ain’t gonna say a word if you wanna go and do the bitch.” The girl, who wasn’t that young, was younger then me, and she had these eyes on her. Let me tell you…

She caught me peeking out of the curtains. Our eyes met. She instantly smiled. It made me feel special as it gets. Her smile was a wonderful one too. I loved it. I mean it. I absolutely loved that smile of hers. And get this. My heart, if you can believe it, skipped a beat. I felt like a kid for a moment as it jumped or something. It was like I was hooked on her all of a sudden. I mean I was hooked on those eyes and that smile in a big way. Then I smiled back at her and I nodded my head too. Okay, big mistake. She waved to me and it was one of those five finger waves. You could see my eyes as they went big.

And suddenly I felt something. It was one of those wrong “somethings” too.

I waved back, quietly, and hopefully inconspicuously as well. I knew I shouldn’t have but I did. Her looks, although not outstanding, had me doing what I would’ve done long ago. She had all these features about her that unfortunately hooked me…a married man with children. And I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway. Del saw me too. Bad, bad me.

At the time, I thankfully had taken off the wedding ring and hid it in my locker. From her distance there was no telling whether or not I was married or even had kids. I’d play. She’d watch me. I’d look down at her. We’d smile at one another. I liked that. She made me feel warm all over. I liked that feeling too. There was something about her, and I do not know what it was, that made me wonder what was going on.

“Can you give this to the guitar play with the longer light brown hair?” she asked one of the security guards. “Please ohhhhhh please?” the young woman asked of the guy.

The note written out in pen by her was clear, concise, and yes…it was to the point. “I’d love for you and me to meet sometime. I know I can email you through your website. Should I do that? There’s soooo much I wanted to tell you. Maybe I could come and visit or maybe you could come and visit me?” her note read. And then she added “I’d be more then willing to show you lots of everything.” She added a smile with a wink at the very end. I reread it and wondered.

I snuck a look out the curtains one last time. She was still standing there and picking up her coat. Should I go and say hi? No, I’m married. Pure and clean…I am a married man with two little girls.

A few days later, I’m looking at our website, and seeing if anything could be improved. There wasn’t anything other then some email addressed to me. We each have our own email so nobody sees anyone else’s emails. I went through them. Most were business related emails but there was one from a Patti Johnson. Who is she, I asked myself. I opened it up.

“Dear Carter,” it starts out. I’m in my office at home where nobody bothers me. Not even my wife bothers me when I’m in there and I’m reading this email from some girl. “You don’t know me but we met, in a manner of speaking…kind of at the concert the other night.” I tried thinking about it. I never met any girl. I sat back and thought about it.

Wait, there was that one girl. That one with her longer medium to light brown hair. She had those cute eyes too, I recalled. I thought about it some more. Ohhhhhhh and those tits I remembered. Yeah, her tits I told myself. They were solid round and uhhh juicy looking boobs. Mmmmm, with her slim and somewhat curvy looking figure. Oh yeah, well okay, she was kind of hit looking. We waved at one another.

I thought about it some more. Del told me to watch out. I remember now. We smiled at each other. Yeah, we waved and smiled at one another. Ohhhhhh no, not her I thought. Oh fuck…not her I told myself. God damn…the girl was kind of uhhh hot looking. And that top of hers. It was so damn tight against her body that you could see the exact shape and size of those boobs. Damn, those boobs. God were they nice.

I couldn’t believe it. That young lady, around 25 or so, emailed me. And that was all she said to me. But it was enough. I did not forget this one. Uh uhhh, no way…I didn’t ever forget her for nothing. And I wouldn’t either.

Not even a week passed and I got another email from her. This time there was an attachment to it. Huh, I thought. It wasn’t anything but that- an attachment. But the attached piece was a picture of her. And boy was it a good one too.

“Honey…dinner time,” my wife called out.

I was looking at that picture of Patti. Patti was in an oxford shirt which was unbuttoned three whole buttons and seeing as it was this Patti was showing off her breasts a little and also some of that “yummy” looking cleavage of hers too. Mmmmm is all I’ll tell you. With it she wore only her panties underneath. But seeing as she was wearing that oversized oxford I could only see a little of her nice slim thighs but they appeared shapely enough to me.

“Honey…dinner,” my wife called out again. I closed out my email and went to eat dinner with my family.

After dinner, I helped with dishes and cleaning up, and then sat down with my girls and talked and played. Throughout that time, my mind wandered. I saw that picture of Patti. I saw that cleavage and that smile. I saw her legs. I tried picturing her body…naked. Yes, I tried but I couldn’t, seeing as she wore that oxford shirt, which covered up most her body, but then I thought about something.

Is there going to be more, something else?

“Okay it’s time for bed,” I told them. I got them to bed. I sat and talked with my wife but I’d been thinking about Patti, again. Bad, bad me I thought. I’m soooo bad. Nooooo no I told myself. Focus. You’re a family man despite that you area “rock star.” Yeah, so what if I’m a rock star. I have a family that loves me. I love them too. And I love them a lot.

Anyway, Suzanne went to do some stuff so I went back to my office. Yeah, my office. Would there be another email…this soon? Oh my fucking God, there was another email. Yeah and it was from her as well. And there was an attachment with it.

“Hiiiii Carter,” it began to say. “I can’t get you out of my mind. I soooo want to meet you and wish that you’d like to meet me too. I’m 26. I’m as single as single gets. I’m not weird whatsoever. I’m just a girl…a horny girl. I like guys like you like women. It’s just that…well I find you soooo darn attractive. And seeing as you play guitar in a rock band which I find really, really good, and seeing as you’re as good looking as you are. Well, that alone gets me really, and I mean really turned on. Do you have any idea what occurs when I really get turned on?” it read.

“No, what happens Patti?” I asked.

“Pardon me?” I heard my wife say as she passed by the office.

“Oh uhhh nothing dear,” I said quickly and as I closed out this Patti’s email.

Suzanne and I looked at one another as she came into the office. She’d put on one of her, what I’ve called, sexy looking shirt robe. Wow, I thought. Holy freaking shit! Look at her! Look at that…that see-through shirt or is that a robe. Or…and she was smiling as she stood there in the doorway as she modeled it for me.

I closed out my emails and I shut down the computer. I stood up as my cock began doing things to me and my body. I came up to her as my eyes floated up and down and inside and out. God did Suzanne look good or what.

“Care to join me upstairs…or just over there on the couch?” she asked playfully.

I was swallowing hard and stuttering my words. “Yeah, okay…the couch will work.

We were on it and I was on her. Kissing and rolling and falling off that couch, I caressed her tits and rubbed underneath that blouse or whatever you call that see-through robe. Man oh man was I ever horny suddenly. I think even without Patti’s emails I would’ve felt the way I did. She was on me too, rubbing and going at my chest and undoing my shirt and getting it off me. Once it was her lips were all over my…all the way down and around my flat belly, thankfully, and back up to my chest. She loved it. Her hands did too. And my hands still loved her body.

The rest is history as we ended up going all the way and doing it all. Cum was all over the place and afterward we cleaned up the mess we made. But it was all worthwhile.

“Whew,” she said with a smile. “You sure haven’t lost your touch.”

“Neither have you, baby,” I said as I turned and looked at her. I pulled her still excellent looking naked body close to me and once I did, I kissed her almost everywhere. And that included her still very fine, fine ass. “And don’t let me forget sweetheart. I still adore this,” I told her referring to her sweet angel shaped ass cheeks. She giggled as I poked them both.

We went up to bed, naked as the day we were born a bit later, and as we did we held hands, lovingly. But once in bed we cuddled. I inched my one hand gradually down in between her thighs. “Mmmmm, I’m liking this very much,” she said in a tone suggesting she was into what I was about to do. My fingers started stroking her clit. Mmmmm, so nice, and soooo clean…no pubic hair basically.

I began fingering her already wet pussy. Suzanne was loving this. I’d had a lot of experience doing this sort of thing already from my familiarity with other women, and her as well and it never stops. Almost all women are alike. They love being fingered.

They adore that feeling of being touched down there and I guess I am a pro at it too. But then, as I was fingering her, the girls face came into my mind. It was as if I was fingering her all of a sudden. That encouraged me to feel Suzanne’s breasts. Ooooooohh her boobs were soooo full and soooo round and seeing Patti’s face in my mind had me picking and playing with Suzanne’s in a way I’d never played with them before. God was that good!

“Oh baby oh honey,” she said as I fingered her pussy and played with her tits and nipples.

I couldn’t get Patti’s face, from that concert, out of my mind. I loved it. Two women. One is real the other was too but she wasn’t there of course. Either way I was doing it with two women. I told myself she has to find out. I’m going to email her about this. Why, I don’t know, but it sounded kinky enough I thought as I kept on fingering and playing with Suzanne’s tits.

She came. She orgasmed again. I am soooo damn good at sex and making love. I know I am but with Suzanne it’s different. She’s my wife and I love her. I love her with almost everything I have. Damn, I told myself, and she loved humping me hard too. We fuck like two wild animals we’re so attracted to each other, not that we fucked, but we did play around enough so that Suzanne was able to orgasm again in bed.

It made me feel good.

The next morning I was up early. I went, made coffee, and took my morning constitution. Then I went to my office. I of course went and got online, again. There were two emails from her. Yes, from Patti, and as soon as I saw them I smiled. Seeing as I got two emails from her I wanted to see what she had to say.

The first one there was not an attachment. It was a “nice” note. By nice I mean it was one very interesting email. It read “I did something for you last night. You’re going to get a chance to see it I decided too. I have a close friend. She’s a very good friend too. She’s going to help me do this for you.”

There was a smiley face with one of those winks right after she said that part.

Then it goes on to say “Anyway, last night, while I was here alone, which I usually am, unfortunately, I sat down on the couch. I thought about you. I thought about your body. I pictured you without a shirt on Carter. Mmmmm, you sure have a nice chest. Did you know that?” I thought about what she’d written. Okay, yeah, I do have a nice upper body still.

And it goes on to say “Before I know it Carter I began to grow hornier and hornier and get this…my clothes started coming off my body. My hands started to touch me all over the place. And then before I knew it, and as I thought about you, my top came off. My skirt was off too. I’m smiling now if you can believe that. I sure hope you are too. See, I was practically naked at that point”

I wondered about what she looked like naked. I kind of smiled at the thought of it.

I went on to read her email. “Mmmmm, I had one of my hands on my boob while the other hand was starting to rub my panties around my pussy. Oooooohh, that felt soooo good Carter. I wanted it to be your hand doing that. Can you picture yourself feeling me down there yet? My hand, on my panties, and it was rubbing me down between my legs like that? Ohhhhhh God Carter…I was burning up for you. I was calling out your name. I so love and adore that name. Carter…oh Carter,” it actually read. “Your name, Carter, just turned me on soooo so much tonight. I am so ready to go to my bed, again, and do it. I want to do it with you, Carter. I’d love for you to be here, in my bedroom, and watch me masturbate. Oh God Carter…I want to cum again for you. For you and only you Carter,” it read.

The email was making me horny as hell and then it went on to say “See, God ohhh fucking God yes Carter yes. I’m soooo God damn fucking horny again!”

That’s right…her email started to turn me on.

I read the next line. “Wow Carter, I…I just rubbed myself, and it feels so darn good. Ohhhhhh yeah, fuck me Carter! Fuck me! I’m rubbing myself now, and oh my God I’m getting so much hornier. I’m typing with one hand, my legs are soooo tightening up, and get this. I’m getting fucking hornier then ever as I sit here doing it. Oh God,” it went on to read, “I’m going to have to go now. But I’ll be back. I think I will. No I will be,” but suddenly the email stopped. There wasn’t anything else.

It didn’t matter. It was 6 in the morning and here I was…freaking hornier then ever. I was picturing her and I was kind of rubbing my own cock even though I had on some underwear and a shirt. Of course I was horny. And after reading her email I was ready to go up and get in the shower. I was ready to pump my own cock…for Patti’s sake. Instead, I got up and went and poured more coffee.

I came back for email number two.

“Ohhhhhhh my dearest Carter, I soooo love you and your body too!!!!!” it read. “I do…I truly and honestly do baby. Being able to masturbate with you on my mind well it’s such a big turn on to me. I want you! I want your body! I want you and only you to see me do this. I want you naked and I want you to watch me masturbate before you and I fuck and fuck passionately honey. Now go and look at the attachment, please?”

It was of her and she was naked from the waist up. I couldn’t believe it. Her tits were perfect. Holy fucking shit. Those are really nice looking tits! She was smiling a neat and bright smile in that picture but me well I wasn’t really paying attention to the smile much. I was staring at those shapely round breasts.

“I love you Patti,” I said quietly and for some strange unknown reason.

I closed it out. I’d heard Suzanne walking down the stairs, softly, and earlier then usual so I opened up my programs which referred to the bands musical numbers. I behaved as if I hadn’t heard her. “Good morning sweetheart,” she said as she walked up behind me and put her arms around me, kissing me on the neck. She smelled nice. “How’s my best lover in the world dear?” She slid her hands down inside my pajama top.

“I’m great,” I started to say. “I mean if what you just said is a suggestion for something umm you know…special.” I turned and smiled and looked at her.

And she said “No, unfortunately it isn’t right now, but maybe tonight it will be.” Her hands were down inside my shirt and she was rubbing my chest and making me very ready for that night.

“Okay, I’ll be ready,” I told her. I turned around and put my arms around her. I pulled her down to my lap. She was surprised by it. Laying on her back, on my lap, I leaned in and kissed my bride of three good long years on her lips.

“I’ll be ready baby,” she told me. “I promise.”

I watched her walk out. Del, where are you when I need you the most. Fuck dude…I need your sense of right and wrong right now. It was too early to call him. He’d know what to say. And he’d tell me to put it on ice. Cool down sort of. She’s a groupie, he’d tell me, but I needed his voice and his words to tell me what I needed to hear.

And then I went back to my emails.

The day went on. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. The next day there wasn’t anything that was too out of the ordinary. No emails from Patti, unfortunately, but I knew she’d email me again if I knew anything about women, which I do know women.

Two days later another one came in. “It’s coming…soon,” it read. “I so want you to taste me Carter. Wouldn’t you like to lean in and taste me between my legs too?” it read. “Mmmmmm, God oh Carter baby…taste me! Taste my pussy. It’s soooo ready for your tongue baby. I want your mouth. I want your tongue. I want your hands. I soooo want your naked body all over me. I get so darn horny at work when I’m in my office that I’ll close my door and finger myself while my boss figures I’m busy doing hard, hard work.”

That was all it said other then “Love you, Patti.”

Oh, two nights earlier, yes, Suzanne and I did get it on that night, and boy was she great. I loved how she loves to “attack” me in bed. We did more then just foreplay. We started it out that way but then we moved on to the good part. Before we knew it, I was as hard and as horny as it could be. I was in her and we were fucking and kissing and making love like two passionate lovebirds do it to one another. We were fucking each other’s lights out. God it is wonderful being married to her. And the kids didn’t even know it either.

I’ve never told you this but I’m 39, she’s 37, and Patti is 26. I don’t usually mention it but although Suzanne is 37, she does not look it, physically whatsoever. That’s what makes her so great. She has the body of someone in their late 20’s. Honestly she does too. Me, well I look as if I’m 39, and Suzanne has said I don’t act like it but I do.

Anyway, our next concert was around 40 miles away from home. Wow, I thought. Only 40 miles away…that’ll be great. I can come in, play, and then leave and get home right away. Or so I assumed I could but it never happened that way.

“Hiiiii Carter honey,” it read. “I saw it! I mean I saw the announcement about your next concert. You bet I’ll be there because guess what? I am so soooo excited! I have to be in town for a conference. When I saw the announcement, I immediately bought tickets for me and myself and I already have a hotel room for you and me. Mmmmmm, you, I, and we’ll be naked, finally. God Carter, I can’t wait to see your long, hard, and erect cock. I want to put my lips and tongue on it. I soooo want to cum for you that night.”

She was making me horny again. I was already picturing myself naked in front of her. I saw myself holding my cock in my hand and while I was doing that I saw her fingering her pussy and getting wetter.

“Tell me the hotel and I’ll be there after the concert baby,” I said.

The concert came. I played majestically. She was there, somewhere, but that didn’t matter. I knew where I was going after the concert. I headed to her hotel room. I did not go anywhere else but there.

I went up to her room and knocked on the door. I’ve done this a thousand times before although it’s been a while since I’d done it seeing as I’m married now. As I waited I thought about it. I never did get that email that she said she was going to show me of her masturbating but it no longer mattered. I was here. She was too. What we were going to do was anyone’s question.

“Hiiiii Carter,” she said. Her eyes and smile, to me, were brilliant looking. Her body was too. That top showed off her bosoms, perfectly. She wore a skirt which showcased her legs wonderfully. I looked her up and down before I looked into her eyes again. She was smiling from ear to ear. “I’m soooo glad you’ve showed up,” she went on to say. She invited me in and asked me if I liked her top and skirt. Of course I did and I told her I did too. That skirt, from the backside highlighted her ass’ cheeks.

“Yeah Patti, I do like your outfit,” I said.

“You do, really?” she asked. “Mmmmm, you look nice too. I like your t-shirt,” she added. “Maybe we could just get a little more comfortable though. Take off our tops,” but then she stopped. “No maybe not. I’m just so excited and aroused that you’re here. I’m just a little aroused I guess.” She turned around and smiled. She invited me to sit but then asked “Can we kiss? Is that too much to ask? I’ve always wondered what your lips felt like when you know…when I masturbate and fantasize about you.”

“Speaking of that,” I said as I smiled and looked at her boobs, “you never did send me that video of you masturbating.”

“Ohhhhhhh, I made it alright. No, I didn’t send it and I don’t know why either. But I do have it on DVD. Would you like it to take home with you…I hope?”

I said yes.

“I’m soooo horny anyway. Can I masturbate for you now? You can join in too,” she said.

“Okay, sure,” I replied. “Go ahead…go ahead and do it. To be honest with you, I’d love it if you did that for me. I’d love to see your pussy and I’d really love to see you do that for me,” I told her excitedly. I felt like a kid in his early 20’s seeing a girl naked for his first time. I knew it was wrong, seeing as I am married, but she didn’t know it and I didn’t care if she did or didn’t at the moment.

“But you have to do something for me, okay?” she said. I asked her what. “You have to take off your shirt and you must undo your pants and pull them down. I want to see you naked too. That way…it will be soooo much better to me.”

I decided to play her game and I slipped off my shirt and undid my pants for her. I pulled down my pants and boxers and I sat there virtually naked for Patti. Her eyes went big as her mouth opened up wide. Then she closed her eyes, momentarily and began rubbing her upper body, including her tits.

Before I knew it the top came off. Before I knew it her hands were streaming down to her thighs. Mmmmm, now that was nice. Watching her feel her body out as she opened then closed her eyes and got into it. It was erotic to me. I “felt” it too. God did I ever. Her hands slipped up underneath her top and began feeling her boobs even though I couldn’t see them. I didn’t matter. The look on her face said it all.

All of a sudden, she pulled her top off. She had on a great looking bra and her cleavage looked marvelous to me. The bra came off and she held her boobs close to her mouth and Patti was sucking on her boobs. Damn, that got me hornier.

One hand then slid down to her panties once she pulled up her skirt. I wanted my hand on them but remained where I was and instead rubbed my cock. It felt good dong that. Rubbing my cock in front of her as she did her own thing was excellent. Her hand was all over her panties around her pussy and all of a sudden my cock tingled more and more. It began to get harder. I was breathing a little harder too as it all occurred that night.

Her bra came off. Damn! Great looking tits. Slender, curvy body, and here I was getting more noticeably erect and right in front of her too as she played with her own body for me. The skirt came undone. She eased it off of herself. All she had on were her adorable panties. Her body tightened up as she spread out. Her legs came close to me and she looked over at my cock.

“Ooooohh I like that Carter. It’s such a…a turn on. God wow, I soooo want you inside me,” she said.

With that she slid a finger inside her panties and began playing with herself right there in front of me. I got harder and more erect. She took off her panties and was totally naked. Her fingers were going at her more madly then ever. Patti was crying out and saying she wanted my cock in her and I told myself I wanted to fuck her too. But I didn’t feel it like I felt it when I’m with Suzanne. Still this was a hell of a lot of fun to me.

Before much longer, her body was rising up off the couch. She was having an orgasm. Patti was coming. I saw it as it poured out of her. And all of a sudden I came. I shot up and came and it blasted all over me and the couch. And Patti saw me do it. She was thrilled she made me come. She came a second time. It felt awesome to her.

She leaped at me she was so excited and she tried putting her arms around me and kissing me. The feeling wasn’t there. I did not want to kiss her but jacking off, kind of, for her as she did it to herself was a hell of a lot of fun anyway. To see Patti, a young woman I did not know anything about other then she adored me so much that she loved masturbating for me, do it in front of me like we did was a heck of a lot of fun.

She collapsed. I fell back. We laid there on her couch, naked, and we smiled at each other. “I’ll do this a million more times Carter,” she said. I know…I know you’re married right? You probably have kids too I’ll bet, right? Oh well…I girl can have her fantasies and well part of mine just came true.” I was shocked. She knew I am married? “Mmmmm, I sure hop I meet a guy who is as sexy as you are,” she went on to say. “I really mean it too but for now you don’t mind if I fantasize about you and me in bed together. Do you?”

“No way…uh uhhh,” I told her. “Do all the fantasizing about me you want.” I thanked her, hugged her, and I kissed her too on her lips. I took the DVD she’d made for me and I headed home to my loving family. I never saw, but I heard from Patti a few more times, and the emails were very, very questionable at the very least.

I’m a very happily married man who makes love to his wife all the time. Thank God.

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