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The Shower

A hot shower makes everything better

The Shower


It’s been a long day at work.   The runs keep coming in, the radio keeps talking and the miles add up.   For a few short minutes, you get a chance to check your email.   The clock on the computer reads six-forty five, and seems to go backwards.   You scroll down the email list and notice an email from an old co-worker.   You open it up and read every word.   You smile and squirm in your seat.   It sends your mind into frenzy.   You read it again and focus in on its content.   Some parts almost make you blush.   All of the sudden, the tones drop on the radio.   You are sent down the street to an unknown problem.   You close out your email and get up only to see your relief standing there.   He offers to take the call and asks for the keys.   You throw them at him and grab your stuff from the ambulance.   You clock out as you watch them drive off in a blaze of glory.   You then walk out to your car and get in.

The drive home seems long, but your mind wonders back to the email you just read.   Your body gets warm and flushed.   At a stoplight, you stretch your legs.   Your skin becomes sensitive, with every thought of that risqué email.   You breathe deeply and slowly as the light changes to green.   You can feel your nipples becoming erect with every breath.   You shake your head and smile.   No matter how hard you try, you are not able to get that situation out of your head.   You run your hand down the inside of your left thigh.   The sensation sends quivers between your legs.   You breathe deeper, causing your stiff nipples to rub up against your bra.   You want to close your eyes and dream about the fantasy, but you know you can’t.   You move around in your seat as you pull into the driveway.   You get out of the car and walk into your house.   Finding no one home, you remember that your husband and son were going out tonight.   You strip off your clothes and walk into the bathroom.   

You turn the shower on and let it warm up.   You climb into the shower and feel the warmth hit your body.   You run your hands over your shoulders as the water massages your back.   You feel instant relief of the stressful day.   Water trickles down your chest and across your breast.   It then drips along your stomach and between your legs.   You close your eyes and sigh.   You grab your sponge and lather it up.   You slide it over your shoulders and across your neck.   Instantly you fantasize about the email.   You turn the sponge into his hands.   

You imagine him standing behind you, pressing up against you.   You can feel his arms wrap around your body, as he kisses your neck.   You can feel the warm water run across your body, as he gently breathes by your left ear.   He grabs your lathered sponge and rubs it against your breast.   You slowly slide it around the bottom of your breast and back up to the top.   The sponge catches your hard nipples, which sends shivers through your body.   Lowering his hands onto your stomach, you feel the warm water release and run between your legs.   The water makes you softly moan.   

You imagine his hand touching yours and placing it just above your hot pussy.   He guides your hand over your clit as you raise your leg up to the edge of the tube.   The warm water runs across your body, coating your wet pussy and down your leg.   His hand is on top of yours as her rubs you clit back and forth.   You moan with every stroke of his hand.   The water massages your back as you imagine him kissing you.   You can feel his tongue touching yours as you lick your lips.   

He guides a few of your fingers inside you.   It makes your knees shake so much, you grab on to the shower curtain.   He presses his palm down onto your clit as he strokes your fingers in and out of you.   Surges of energy rolls through your body as his fingers move faster and faster.   Your hips rock back and forth slowly as you are close to cumming.   His fingers move back up to your clit as you begin to shake.   You turn around and water hits against your chest.   You imagine his mouth sucking your nipples as the water hits you.   You finger tips press against your clit, as you start to cum.   His hands guide yours faster and faster.   You grab onto the shower curtain as your body shakes.   Your toes curl in as you scream out in ecstasy.   Your sensitive body shakes as the water drips across it.   

You instantly feel relieved as you open your eyes.   You turn the water off and get out of the shower.   As you dry off, you can hear your phone ringing.   You walk over to it and notice it’s a text message.   It says “Can’t stop thinking about you, I want you too”.

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