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The Story Inside Me

Two stories in one, written in conjuction with my frend Ali, thank you x
The spare room was dark and silent, it was my retreat from the seemingly constant snoring in my marital bed. It was 3am, and once again here I was longing for sleep, my own mind, seemingly my enemy sometimes, taking the opportunity of this quiet, undisturbed time to tease me, flitting from thought to thought, delving into what it seems every corner of my life and being. This was my time, undisturbed by the rigours of daily family life – but why, oh why, did it have to be at such an ungodly hour. My body longed for sleep, for release from thoughts – I knew there was only one way.

Ali had written stories for me now for quite a while. Powerful, erotic tales spurred on by the churning undercurrent of lust brought forth from our everyday msn ‘chats’. I looked forward to his words with excitement – and tonight as I lay alone in my bed my thoughts turned to ‘that story’, the one I had enjoyed the most.

As I lay in the dark and recounted his words, as if on autopilot my hand travelled over the red silk of my skimpy night slip to my breast. My hardened nipple needed little encouragement from my fingers, my mind had begun the work for me, and my body tensed as I squeezed it hard, and recounted his story in my mind:-


Ali’s story

She had been good lately, and as she rummaged through the shed, innocently looking for a screw driver, she found his hidden DVDs , and his ‘private’ books. The last time she had been away he’d had friends over, so she expected he had got them to watch then. She browsed the book, looking at the pictures and immediately she could feel herself becoming aroused and wondered if she should take them inside and have a better look when he was out tomorrow.  

Suddenly, the wind blew the door shut with a bang, and as it startled her she turned around and clumsily knocked over the petrol lawn mower that had been precariously balanced on a crate for maintenance. This in turn fell onto his much loved motorbike. Shit! She knew she wasn’t allowed to ever touch his coveted bike! She tried to pick up the mower but it was heavy and cumbersome, at the first attempt she let go of it, and for a second time, it slammed into his bike.  

She was panicking now as she could see the broken wing mirror, the bent pedal and a scratch. He would be livid, and she hadn't even done it deliberately. Closing the shed door she locked it and went back inside the house, taking the DVDs and the book with her. She washed her hands and hid the books in the spare room, next to her toy.  

What should she do? She could ring and tell him, or text him, or wait and take the consequences when she got home. "Fuck him," she decided - lets see what happens! Closing the front door, she jumped in the car and headed for her day out shopping with her girlfriends. Knowing that he would be home before her, she had a wry smile on her face at the very thought of his reaction.  

He arrived home and saw her note, ‘Get your own tea.’ His mood changed instantly. Inside the fridge he saw a bought pie, he put it in the microwave and headed to the shed. Immediately he opened the door, he got sight of the mower on the floor next to his pride and joy. What the fuck had she done!! He had told her to keep out of the shed, and as he picked the mower up, he began to see the damage! He needed this tomorrow for his ‘biker-boys’ tour, the rage began to build inside him. She was going to pay for this in more ways than one, and he was sure going to teach her a lesson. 



How I loved that part of the story – ‘he was sure going to teach her a lesson’, - the anticipation of his actions to come. As my mind mulled over his words, both my hands gently caressed my full breasts and as I rolled my pert nipples between my middle and forefinger I could feel juices begin to moisten my pussy. I closed my eyes and as one hand firmly pinched my right nipple, I allowed my other to roam slowly over the silk of my night-slip down to it’s short hemline. As I pulled up the red silk exposing my thighs and smooth mound to the touch of my fingers, involuntarily my back arched at the power of my self induced arousal. Gently, but with urgency, my forefinger found my clit and slowly began to massage it in a small, light circular motion, the sensation instantly making a soft moan leave my lips. As my fingers toyed with my bud, I could feel it swelling and moistening from my pussy juices, my fingers travelled lower and began to gently stroke across the length of my engorged labia - it was so ready to be fucked, smiling to myself at the feast of pleasure to come, I rolled over and opened the bedside cabinet drawer, where, under the linen lay hidden my two ‘toys’ - they were most certainly required before I allow my mind to ponder over the next part of Ali’s story:-


Taking his phone he dialled his friend. They called him ‘Donkey’, and that was fitting to say the least. He was also a crash repair mechanic and would be able to straighten the bike out, except for the scratch. He slammed the beer down his throat, and ate his pie, he could hear the banging from the shed. The blue Viagra pills sat next to his second bottle of Bud. He had gotten them from work, bought from the internet, the site had told him to take one half an hour before sex. He took two and washed them down with the beer .... just as he finished eating, he heard her car pull up in the driveway.

She'd had a good day, but now as she pulled in the driveway, reality was setting in - his text message had been straight to the point, "You fucked me, now it’s your turn." There was another car in the way, she hadn’t expected that! He opened the door, she smiled and tried to get passed him, acting as if everything was normal. He blocked her path, picking her up over his shoulder with ease, he carried her to the shed. She tried to kick her way out of his grip, even biting his hand, then she saw his bench cleared and someone standing in the shadows. 

“It’s your turn to pay now!” 

Quickly he placed the leather ties on her legs and nailed them to bench. His helper held onto her as her hands were also nailed down, and a strip of duct tape was swiftly used to stop the obscenities being screeched from her mouth.  

The strip light was shining down on her, as he spoke, "This is my mate Donkey, he has just fixed my bike and wants his payment – now, you are going to oblige him, aren’t you?" 

Slowly and tentatively she nodded her agreement – he knew she loved to be used, she always resisted to begin with – part of the ritual, but she was always a willing participant. 

Completely shackled and helpless, and without voice, she turned her head and saw Donkey take his seemingly never ending cock out of his jeans. It was soft, but immediately began to respond as Donkey watched her husband unbutton her satin shirt, freeing her braless tits, and now as he saw her thong being cut from her, without ceremony, he was ready to take his payment. He jumped up on the bench, his huge cock looked frightening but she felt her pussy moistening at the prospect of him. She knew that this was payback for all the previous things she had done. She closed her eyes, as Donkey lowered his frame onto her and as his cock hit her body, he swiftly found her entrance. He parted her pussy lips and thrust his bell end inside her. She murmured out in pain, he was so thick and long, he was only half way in and he was already hitting her cervix. This was a first for her, it was painful yet enjoyable and as Donkey rammed her, and her juices flowed, she could not mask her pleasure. 


I lift my two vibes from the drawer, one of them of velvety textured rubber and shaped like a large penis, the other a smooth, gold powerful tool. I lay back on the bed and take the gold vibe, flicking the switch to it’s highest setting, and with such an urgency in my body I immediately allow the end of the tool to find my pussylips and part them. Slowly I push the vibe inside me and as it enters my body my mind’s powerful ability to create illusion make it not a vibe, but Donkey’s cock. Moaning without abandon at the fast vibrating sensation my hand begins to pump the ‘cock’ in and out of my now sopping pussy. I was not masturbating, I was being fucked by some stranger, in the shed at the command of my husband. From my part no control, but helpless to the now orgasmic sensations that began to rack my body, wave after wave of strong convulsions, my pussy muscles clamping so tight to the ‘cock’ that had given them such a gift, I was totally lost in that moment of ecstasy. My mind restoring to reality, I lay still in the dark and quiet room, and become conscious of my dry mouth and fast heart beat. As my heart beat begins to slow and my breathing returns to normal, I leave the gold tool entrenched in my pussy, and think of the concluding part of Ali’s story:-


“You are a cock-loving slut, aren’t you?” 

Her husband smiled as he watched his mate pumping vigourously on top of his wife, it was more a gift than a punishment. Her husband was also looking harder than normal, and as he positioned his cock near her mouth, he ripped off the duct tape and forced himself into her throat gagging her once again.  

The reality of what she had done, brought a tear to her eye, the cold uncomfortable wooden bench, and the young lad treating her like a rag down, stretching her like never before. Her husband’s cream came spurting from him, some in her mouth, some hitting her in the eye and then spraying across her face. Normally he softened quickly, but not today! He moved down the bench, released her legs, positioned himself behind Donkey and then to her shock, he forced himself into her arse. He was only just inside but the feelings of tightness brought about by two hard cocks inside her body were sending shock waves of pleasure through her body. Almost immediately she came flooding, hearing herself involuntarily scream, at the same time as Donkey pushed himself deeper into her pussy and let out a long, loud moan has he began to shoot inside her. When he’d finished, almost immediately he jumped from the bench and grabbed his coat, saying his swift goodbye to her husband. 

As her body began to settle she found her man inside her soaked pussy filling her with even more of his cream. Once spent and without words he unleashed her from her straps and as she rubbed her arms, he warned that she had gotten off lightly. She smiled as she walked from the shed, feeling the stinging sensation on her stretched pussy reminding her of his damaged bike. 


Once again I close my eyes, and the words in Ali’s story “he forced himself into her arse” repeat themselves over and over in my mind. I smile immediately sliding the gold vibe from the soaked, velvet walls of my pussy and letting it find its way to my other, most intimate orifice. Slowly but deliberately I push the gold head of the vibe into my arse, it’s tight and a slow journey to bury it deep to it’s hilt. I flick the switch to slow and it starts to vibrate inside me, making my body feel so full, somehow so dirty, yet so, so alive. Once again, my mind plays its game and convinces me, the cock in my arse is no vibe, but my husband, merely taking what we both accept as his right. I flick the switch to high, my mouth opens, the sensation is so strong, so powerful. I turn my head and see my other toy on the pillow by my face, I lean toward it and take it in my mouth, licking the bell-shaped end and sliding my lips down onto it until my mouth is full. Two ‘cocks’ in me just like the story. My back arches with pleasure as I suck with passion on the rubber in my mouth, and push my arse down hard forcing the gold vibe deeper inside – my body’s natural reaction takes over, my mind goes blank and once again I reach the point of orgasm and cum in strong heavenly waves. 

I look at the clock, it’s 4.30 am, I roll over to the cool, dry side of the bed and snuggle the duvet around my spent body. I ask my own mind a question, ‘Will you release me now?’ – even before the question’s finished, deep sleep engulfs me. I dream about Ali’s next story ..............

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