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The Taxi Ride

My girlfriend surprises both of us with an explosion of lust that takes her beyond usual boundaries.

You had more than your usual two drinks and let me know well before we left the bar that you were definitely in the mood to be naughty. It had started out very coyly with you rubbing that area just above your breasts while looking away. You wanted me to notice and I did. When you folded your arms under your breasts, no one could have accused you of pushing them slightly forward but you did. You continued to make the most casual of conversation.

With your arms folded under your breasts like that, somehow or other, your thumb started to move, almost unnoticeably, across your nipple. I got hard as soon as that nipple did. It wasn't hard to see when it began poking through the thin material of your camisole and blouse. My hand slid between your arms and your breast. No one else could see that my knuckles began to replace the stimulation of your thumb.

You smiled and leaned forward making it harder for others to see what was going on and easier for my hand to graze your nipple. When you said, "Hey, what are you doing," it was with mock outrage and a twinkle in your eye.

I replied, "Are you wet yet?"

You looked directly at me, pinched your other nipple and said, "Are you hard yet?"

I said very casually as if it weren't a dare, "Why don't you find out for yourself?" Your hand dropped under the table and went right where you knew my cock would be. I was truly surprised by your boldness. The bar table was pretty small but there wasn't a lot of light. Maybe no one could see what was happening.

When your thumb started massaging the head of my cock, you turned the tables and asked, "Are you wet yet?" You knew I was. My hand fell into your lap under the material of your wrap-around skirt. Worn specifically for this moment to happen, you spread your legs and my fingertip found the wetness of your slit. Looking directly at me while still seeming composed, you inched your hips lower so I could find your clit.

You continued to fondle my cock, especially the head of it while my finger was falling in love again with your clit. When I hit it quickly three times and shoved my finger into your tightness, you simultaneously gripped my cock and inhaled sharply. Pulling my hand away from you while managing as much calm as I could, I caught the eye of the waitress and called for the check.

The look on her face made me wonder whether she had noticed our not-completely-secret touching. I recognized some hunger in that look and it didn't help my attempts to look or stay calm. The fact that she was showing a lot of cleavage didn't help matters. You noticed her angling so we would have the best view of her nicely rounded breasts in hopes of increasing her tip. It worked. The truth is, her tits made me that much hungrier for yours.

I looked over and all but pleaded, "Can we go now?" You continued moving your hand along the length of my cock and it started to pulse.

You replied all sweetness and innocence saying, "Are you sure you want to leave?" I boldly pinched your nipple and got you to stop. You made sure to finish your last drink and we left. Yes, I had reason to be a little self-conscious as I walked past people towards the door. You loved it.

It didn't take us long to tumble into the back seat of a taxi. It had taken about fifteen minutes from our hotel to the bar and I was hoping for a late night traffic jam as we pulled away. You cuddled very close to me, leaned your head up and invited me to kiss you. It was the first of many warm and wet kisses that night.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Using both hands, you wrangled my zipper down, stormed past my shorts, and pulled my cock out into the open. Your hand was warm and insistent. Your hunger was in your grip and in your eyes. Knowing the driver couldn't see your hand didn't matter to you. You wanted what you wanted and when that happens, you aren't going to be denied.

The heat in the cab seemed to shoot up. I reached into your low cut blouse, inside your bra, cupped your breast, and found your nipple with my thumb and began stroking it. The look on your face kept asking for more. I pulled your breast all the way out, leaned over, and let my lips tug your nipple. It became as hard as I've ever felt it.

By now, the cabbie, the cab, and the world didn't matter. You wanted what you wanted and wouldn't be denied. Your breathing was already coming from your belly and your thumb was driving the head of my cock wild. You used the wetness there to drive my hips toward your mouth. You bent forward, took me in all the way to the back of your mouth and sucked hard.

I couldn't keep my hips from being pulled upward as raw instinctual pleasure took over. I know you well enough to know that you wanted to cum so badly that you couldn't wait to make me cum. Your mouth continued to wrap my cock in silky wetness. I reached under you enough to find your naked breast with its nipple as stiff as an eraser on a pencil. Using my thumb again made your head bob faster. I leaned down and whispered, "Fuck yourself while you suck me." You paused as if to take in what I said and consider it.

With my cock still tingling inside your mouth, you looked up at me, adjusted your position on the seat of the cab, and moved your hand between the layers of the cloth of your skirt. I shifted my hips to make it easier for you and you managed to keep me in your mouth. I saw your knuckles begin to dance under your skirt and envied what your fingers were finding. Watching your hand move excited me and I began wondering if the cab ride would be long enough for each of us to cum.

Just then, we stopped for a red light. I caught the cabbie noticing he couldn't see you anymore. He deliberately adjusted the mirror to maximize his view of the back seat. I thought, "This isn't this guy's first rodeo. He knows just what to do." He was smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not risk ruining the moment for any of us. His eagerness to watch made me wonder if he would appreciate an invitation to join in. "Not tonight, Charley. This woman is all mine. I'm in no mood to share," I thought to myself. The cabbie managed to notice the light was green and pulled slowly forward.

Your mouth was still savoring my cock and vice versa. Your fingers had a steady rhythm now. You were lost in a world of sensation. I couldn't help myself. I had to touch you, too. I reached into your skirt, covered your hand with mine and buried my longest finger instantly into your pussy. Your skirt fell open enough for the cab driver to see almost all of your leg. Your skirt only managed to cover our hands. Your mouth was matching the strokes on your clit.

I added a second finger to the heat of your cunt and moved in time to this erotic drumbeat. I was somehow able to notice the cab was moving quite slowly and looked up enough to see the cabbie enjoying the show while still trying to drive. Knowing he was watching added even more juice to the moment. He had to envy me. You started to moan. Your fingers and your mouth quickened. The heat of your cunt jumped ten degrees.

Loving what your mouth was doing and feeling the closeness of your orgasm caused my own orgasm to start to fill my cock. Realizing I was about to explode into your mouth seemed to send you into a frenzy. Your hips started to buck as your fingers pulled your orgasm out from somewhere deep inside you. I couldn't hold back and came just as your cunt started spasming around my fingers. It was all too much for you and you pulled my fingers from you as you tried to swallow everything I had to give you.

The suddenness of your motion to pull my fingers from you left your skirt gaping open. There we were. Your breast, your pussy, and my cock exposed. Both of us were heaving and beginning to return to the world. You smiled up at me with a look that spoke of satisfaction and amazement.

You covered your legs, put your beautiful breast away, and smoothed your skirt so you could sit up while I was straightening things up on my end. I looked up and noticed we were at the entrance to our hotel. I had no idea how long we had been there. That's when you said, "Why don't you pay the man so we can leave?"

I smiled softly and said, "I think we already did."

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