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The Touch of a Man: Part One

Her other hand was still massaging her clit as she finger fucked herself to yet another wet frenzy.
The inner muscle of her hot moist thirty-two year old canal gripped her index finger as she inserted it, slowly pulling it all the way inside. She felt the fiery pliable pink walls surround her finger as she let it linger inside, letting the elasticity envelope it, tugging on it, making the sensation build. She loved getting herself off. She had learned how to master it fully.

Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them as she lied on her bed, a thick towel folded double under her ass. She knew that she would need it. She had learned how to make herself very wet and she had soaked her sheets several times. She was tired of having to wash them. The towel now prevented that. Well, except when she squirted her orgasm. That was a different story.

She moved her finger in circles inside her hot dripping wet cavity. One finger was always enough for her. Her vagina had learned how to adjust to the smallest hard item she could find to stick inside her pinkness. She found, when she was a teenager, she had that ability and thanked God that He had blessed her with such an adapting pussy.

She moaned as she wiggled her finger inside her hot box and took her other hand and started rubbing her clit. Rubbing her clit always made her wetter and she wanted to feel her hot natural fluid surround her finger. As she began to rub her clit in slow circles, she felt the fluid begin to flow around her finger stuck deep inside her pussy. Not only was the inside of her vagina now coated in her natural juices, her finger was too. She felt her hot fluid coat her finger. Now she could slide her finger in and out more easily.

Slowly, in a thrusting movement, she moved her finger in and out. In a rhythm that purely satisfied her, she went with it, each time feeling more lubrication flow. She felt it running out of her aroused pussy and down the crack of her ass to the towel underneath her. Her other hand was still massaging her clit as she finger fucked herself to yet another wet frenzy.

Her clit began to get rigid and poke out from under its hood while her fingers massaged. She felt her hard sexual knob become more sensitive and she began to moan even more as she felt the onset of her orgasm. She could tell it was going to be an intense one also. The pressure inside her body, combined with the tension that her body released, she knew was going to culminate in a rather wet explosion. She knew this time she was going to squirt for sure. She could already feel the gush forming, wanting to shoot out.

Her vagina started to quiver inside as she continued to thrust her finger deep inside it. She felt the pull on her finger as her orgasm neared. Her breathing increased and as she exhaled, she moaned. Her other hand continued the assault on her hard clit, now more sensitive than ever. She arched her body into the bed as she felt the first jolt power through her body. Her inner muscle gripped onto her finger in a spasm. She slowed her massaging on her clit to almost a crawl. The jolt subsided, her vagina unleashed its hold on her finger and she wiggled it around inside. Now, the inside walls of her hot pinkness were just as sensitive as her pink nub.

Slowly, she started to bring her finger out and just when she knew she was almost to the edge of exiting, she plunged her finger inside again. Immediately, another jolt engulfed her body, bigger than the last one, and again, her inner muscle wrapped itself around her finger. She had moved her other hand from her clit to brace herself on the bed because the jolt was so intense and she could feel the cool air of the room drift around her hot wet pink clit as it poked out of the covering from where it usually hid. The cool feeling was intensely erotic. Her breathing began to get heavier and she was no longer able to hold the spasm inside.

With a loud moan that came from deep within, she exhaled and slid her finger out of her hot slit and the warm gush of her orgasm followed. She heard her orgasmic fluid exit her body in a whoosh that jetted out in such force, that it soaked the glass top and drawers of her bureau and splashed onto the floor. As she relaxed her body after expelling her cum, she felt the rest dribble out onto the towel underneath her with the subsequent spasms of the mini orgasms of her cervix. This was the part she got the most joy in and the most feeling. The mini orgasms afterwards sent tingles through her whole body and made her body quiver in delight.

However, as she lied there on the bed, the feeling was different. Yes, she had pleased herself. Yes, she had an orgasm. A very intense orgasm with ejaculation. But the feeling was not as usual. There was an empty feeling. A feeling like she had never even had an orgasm. It was true that her body was hot and damp and the towel under her was soaked to prove it, but her mind was empty and her body was hollow. The sensual feeling of release was not there.

And she knew why she felt the way she felt. Loneliness had finally set in. She needed more than what she could give herself. She needed the touch of a man.

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