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The Train Ride

It ws supposed to be a boring ride, but it opened her eyes.
It was time to head back to college after three days at home and that meant a commuter train trip into New York City then a walk to the bus terminal and a bus upstate. Plenty of time to relax but no one to share it with.

She was catching the train for the hour and half trip in mid-morning, a time when all the business commuters were already at work so the train would be more or less empty. The pretty brunette said goodbye to her mother at the car and walked to the waiting train. As it was early spring she had a light jacket on over her t-shirt and was wearing some well-fitting jeans and boots. There was no luggage as this was a quick trip home, just one fairly small bag with some clothes in it and two books.

She wasn't the type of girl to advertise herself, her clothing was simple, well-fitting and she carried herself well. Nonetheless she was fully aware of the stares of the two men on the train as they looked her over. At 5'3", with long brown hair, brown eyes and a slim figure she was used to being looked at, but still uncomfortable with it. The train car was mostly empty only three women along with the two men.

As the car was so empty she had her pick of seats. She chose one of the bench seats which were able to fit three people across and three people opposite, away from the other passengers. It was a local and the train would be making a bunch of stops on the way in. She settled in and just stared out the window as the train pulled away from the station.

Two stops later she saw a young man step into the train. Not quite as young as she was, he was maybe in his mid-twenties with a slight build, short hair, a two-day growth of beard and glasses, dressed similarly to the way she was. As she looked at him their eyes met and she immediately looked down, then turned away. After a few seconds, she was surprised and annoyed to realize that he had taken a seat on the bench opposite from hers. "With a mostly empty train, he's intruding on my space," she thought, but didn't show her displeasure openly.

After a few minutes, as she continued to look out the window, she was aware of the guy's eyes on her. She got even more annoyed and steeled herself, telling herself she would not turn around and look at him. It was just not in her to confront anyone. But the feeling persisted and after a few more minutes she turned her head to look at him.

He was staring at her, obviously so, and she again turned away.

But after a few minutes she turned back to look at him again. This time he was leaning back, his jacket now open, his arms spread across the top of the bench and his eyes still locked on her face. There was no real expression on his face. He just looked at her. She again turned away swearing she would just look out the window.

But her mind began to wander to the stranger. He was not bad looking and she could see him in her mind sitting there arrogantly, no, confidently, arms spread out, legs crossed. Her resolve began to wither and she turned to look at him again.

He was still looking at her but now there was the curve of a smile beginning on his lips. His eyes moved from her face slowly down her body then back again the smile widening. She hated herself for being so weak as to keep turning around, but had to admit that the whole situation intrigued her and somehow excited her. Tearing her eyes away from his face, she looked out the window again, knowing she would be turning around to look at the stranger again, cursing herself because she would.

A few minutes passed and she felt herself drawn to once again turn around, once again to see him staring at her. This time though it seemed as if his hips were thrust slightly forward. She tried to put it off to just being her imagination but she knew it wasn't. Sure enough her eyes flickered down for a moment to his crotch then quickly back up as her face reddened. She caught his eyes once more and she felt as if he somehow knew her, and was able to really see her. Now she was powerless to turn away. Her mind and her loins were beginning to take control of her. She felt that familiar tingle begin between her legs and was confused because there was no obvious reason for it.

As he continued staring at her, he looked at her jacket and his hand moved for the first time as he signaled her to open it. The sensation between her legs increased even as she fought within her to not do it. But she lost the fight, her hands going to the buttons and opening them. He spread his fingers apart, telling her to open the jacket wide. She did it, feeling humiliated, powerless, but aroused.

His eyes now freely roamed up and down her body, fully clothed, but open to his gaze. She saw the appreciative look on his face as he looked at her breasts, then down to her hips. His eyes returned to her face, the smile now fully apparent, as his right hand dropped to his thigh, right next to his jean's zipper. Her eyes followed his hand and she noticed the bulge next to his hand and watched as he lightly rubbed the thickening outline of his organ. She knew she should be revulsed, but instead found the sight arousing her, causing moisture to form beneath her panties. Her nipples were now pushing against her thin bra showing their outline in her t-shirt the sensation causing her further arousal.

He slid slightly forward in his seat, pushing his hips out more and then signalled her to do the same with a nod of his head. She panicked a little not wanting to do it, but wanting to do it so badly. He pushed hips forward again, very slightly, his hand still rubbing his erection and nodded for her to do the same again. This time she did, her hips moving towards him, tightening the seam of the jeans against her now swollen clit. Her breathing quickened as her lips parted slightly and her eyes lidded over, the sensation of her panties now tight against her clitoris driving reason from her mind.

Her eyes opened again to see him watching her as she lost herself in her arousal and he smiled at her, obviously pleased at what she was doing. That thought pleased her and actually increased her arousal. Now he moved his hips back and forth again nodding his signal for her to do the same. This time there was no hesitation on her part as she began to move her hips up and down, her backside clenching and releasing rhythmically, the crotch seam of her jeans rubbing against her lips and her clit pushing her closer to an orgasm. One part of her mind was rebelling at the thought that she was in public, wantonly pleasuring herself in front of a man she did not know because he wanted her to, and finding her self pleased at his approval. Another part of her mind was revelling at the thought that she was in public wantonly pleasuring herself in front of a man she did not know because he wanted her to, and finding her self pleased at his approval.

Her eyes now closed completely her hips moving rhythmically, her orgasm beginning to mount. She moved her right hand to her breast and openly began to rub her nipple then squeezing her breast, moving to the other one and doing the same. She moved her hips faster and faster oblivious to her surroundings, her nostrils flaring, face flushing and breathing ragged. Her eyes opened and she saw him watching her, his hand rubbing the outline of his cock through his jeans, faster than before, his breathing also rapid, his mouth open. He looked at her and with his other hand pointed two fingers at her eyes then motioned them to his eyes telling her to watch him, look at him.

She began to moan and move faster, her eyes remaining on his face as she got nearer and nearer to her orgasm. She moved her hand to her mouth in an effort to stifle her sounds. Still watching him she saw his face begin to contort and his breathing get more and more irregular. Knowing he was about to cum she was driven even higher and began to feel her muscles contract as her orgasm pushed through her body, her moans getting louder even with the palm of one hand on her mouth while the other hand still toyed with her breasts. Her hips stiffened and she rose slightly from the seat as she watched him suddenly relax and slump slightly forward, a stain beginning to spread on the surface of his jeans. Her orgasm moved through every muscle of her body, then subsided, the ensuing relaxation coursing through those same muscles as her breathing slowed down.

Amazingly, the train was pulling into the final stop in New York City just as she was regaining her composure. She looked at the stranger as he was getting ready to leave, feeling a little shame-faced. He turned to her, smiled, and mouthed the words, "good girl!"

All thoughts of shame, sluttiness, etc., disappeared as she saw him say that, and as she got up to leave she was happy knowing she had pleased him.

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