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The Truth Will Set You Free

Audrey's true self has been dying to come out and now she gets her chance.
The sweet summer rain is upon me now; wind howling, lightning flashing, and the rolling thunder that follows surround the house in a storm of noise. I had planned to go shopping with my girlfriends today but they hate the rain, so I'm home alone. It will be hours before my parents come home from work, leaving me plenty of time to do what I love. We live in the country and there is not another house for miles around, with the exception of my uncle, but there are too many trees between our houses for him to see anything.

I walk out onto our front porch and sit in the old wooden swing that belonged to my grandmother. I reach down and untie my shoes, slipping them off along with my pink socks. I pull my tight t-shirt over my head then I stand up and push my blue jeans down to my ankles. Stepping out of them I pick them up and put them on the swing. I can already feel the wind hitting me with drops of warm rain. The next part always makes me blush a little even though I am alone.

I look around to make sure no one is around and when I’m certain, I unclasp my bra and let it fall into my hands. The wind and rain on my bare 36C breasts feel amazing and my nipples react instantly. I want to pinch them so bad but I have to control myself for now. I slowly place my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and push them down to the floor. I love being bent over like this, exposed to the world. I can feel my pussy already getting wet. When I stand up I look at myself in the reflection of the living room window. My blonde hair is starting to stick to my body as the rain is blown under the canopy of the porch.

I love how my body looks in the window. Many people have told me how nice my body is and I secretly agree with them. I want to touch myself now. My shaven pussy has started to drip with anticipation but I force myself to wait. To savor the moment and draw it out, making it last.

I head out into the rain. I walk down the steps and the full force of the rain hits me. It feels amazing. I run out into the yard and begin to dance around. I feel like I’m back in high school staying out past curfew. The feeling of being naked when anyone can see is exhilarating. I begin to imagine there are people in the woods around my house watching me. Like a group of hikers, all men, who came into the area by accident and have gotten lost. Now they are all standing just inside the wood line watching me. I reach up and start to pinch my nipples. Living at home I usually have to masturbate in silence so my parents don’t hear but now I am alone.

“Ooh,” I moan as I caress my breasts. Being 21 and living at home can suck sometimes but these moments make it worth it.

I imagine the hikers, three of them, all now with hard-ons as they watch me. I rub my hands over my flat stomach as I turn to face where I believe they are standing. My pussy is on fire. I need to touch myself. I drop to my knees, the wet ground soaking into my skin, and think about them walking out of the woods toward me. The first one gets to me and takes out his hard cock. No words are spoken, they are not needed. I open my mouth and swallow his huge cock.

“Oh god!” My hand has finally found my pussy. I’m soaking wet now and not from the rain.

I put one hand behind my head and force my mouth forward, taking all of his cock. I feel his balls on my chin as he rams himself into me. I can barely breathe now. His cock consumes me and I want more. I feel his balls tighten as I too approach orgasm. He unloads down my throat as I reach my peek for the first time today. I catch my breath and lay back on the grass. It’s warm and cool at the same time.

I only rest a second before I want to cum again. I spread my legs for the second hiker. I can see the look in his eyes and I know he wants in my pussy. They are all naked now, like me. He mounts me and his hard cock slides inside me without any resistance. I can hear him call me names through his grunts.


In real life I pretend to be disgusted by that word but deep down I love it. I want to be a slut. An ‘out-of-the-closet’ slut. I know I am a slut but it would be nice if the whole world knew it too, that way I could be free and live how I want to live.

He calls me slut over and over; his hands are on my head, pushing me down harder onto his cock.

“Are you on the pill?” he asks.

“No,” I tell him.

With that he pushes all the way inside me and cums in my fertile pussy. My fingers are buried deep in me now and I have my second orgasm. The rain is hitting every part of my body, highlighting my orgasm. I feel so complete now but I rarely get this chance and I want to make the most of it.

The third hiker tells me to roll over and I do as I am told. The wet grass feels great on my hard nipples and my hand slips down to my ass. I can feel his hands on my ass checks, pulling them apart.

“Spread your legs wider, slut.”

I spread my legs far apart and I feel his cock at the entrance of my tight ass.

“I’m a virgin there,” I tell him.

That only excites him more. He slowly pushes forward and my ass opens up for him. I try my best to relax as my finger goes deep inside me. He puts his elbows on top of my shoulders so I can’t go anywhere. Not like I want to anyway.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he tells me and I blush thinking about how much he likes my ass.

Once he is fully inside he draws out and pushes back. Soon he has got a nice rhythm going and it feels great. I know now I am a true slut. A three-hole slut. His weight on top of me is comforting. Like a prison you don’t want to escape. I think about the other hikers watching us, making plans to come back every month to take me, bringing more friends next time.

“What are you?” they ask.

“I’m a….I’m a….I’m a slut!” I scream as I cum for the third time.

I lay there for a few minutes collecting my thoughts and letting the rain wash over me. My mind races over the past thirty minutes and how much I enjoyed it. I roll onto my side and face the drive-way. My heart sinks when I see the car in the drive.

Standing outside the car, under an umbrella, are my friends Lucy, Amanda, and Kimmy. They are all watching my every move and though I don’t know how long they have been there I can tell by the look on their faces they have been there long enough. No use in trying to hide my body so I stand up and walk over to them.

“Audrey, you have been a bad girl,” Lucy says.

I know I am blushing but I can’t help it.

“Who are you a slut for?” Amanda says. “Tell us what you were thinking about.”

I don’t want to tell them at first but then maybe this is exactly what I want. I come clean to them and tell them everything. About my fantasies of being a slut and what I was dreaming about while I masturbated.

“So do you just want to be a slut for men?” Lucy asks, “Or for anyone.”

My head is starting to spin. I don’t know what to say. I know what I want to say but I don’t know how they will react. I choke down my fear and speak.

“Anyone,” I say barely above a whisper.

“That’s what we were hoping for,” Kimmy says.

“Good, now back on your knees,” Lucy says while pulling up her skirt and pushing her panties to the side.

Once on my knees I feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me home. I’ve finally found where I belong and the truth has set me free.

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