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The Walk Home

Tomorrows walk home will be interesting
This is my first story and it is completely fictional.

Georgia and I always walk home together from our classes we take at the local college. It was a Thursday, a very fine Thursday at that and as per usual I found Georgia waiting for me at the corner next to the College. As I walked past she started walking with me and Georgia told me the news that she had made the college soccer team. Georgia is not only an extremely athletic person but she is also one of the smartest people I know. I was impressed by the news and surprised to hear that she would be having her first training that night. In all her excitement Georgia and I walked quite quickly home and kept on the subject about her new team. When we came to our opposing houses I waved goodbye and wished Georgia good luck with her training.

That afternoon as I was cooking dinner I saw Georgia walking across the street towards her house. She was returning from her soccer training and was wearing short soccer shorts and a tight fitting training shirt. I watched her walk and as I did my eyes diverted to her ass. I had never really appreciated the beauty of Georgia's ass before but watching it as I did made me think that maybe walking home behind her instead of next to her would please my eyes more. She made her way around her house and out of my sight. I sat down at the dining table and started to eat my dinner.

Just as I was finishing my dinner I noticed a light come on in Georgia's house across the street. It was her bedroom light. Georgia came into view wearing only a towel around her. She had obviously just had a shower to clean off from her training. She moved up towards her window and motioned to close the curtain but stopped suddenly. I looked to her and I realized she was looking back. Georgia worked a mischievous half smile onto her face and raced out of the room. She was back in seconds with something I couldn't recognize in her hand. She dropped it onto the bed and turned to face the other way. At this point I was unsure what she was up to. An attempt to fool me. A chance to see Georgia in all her glory perhaps.

As I sat there in my confusion Georgia opened her towel so that it was covering her back. She turned her head and gave me a quick wink. As she turned her head back she let the towel drop to the floor revealing her olive tanned back and purely perfect ass. It was all I had imagined those few minutes before and better. Georgia turned and showed her breasts and unshaven pussy, we made eye contact and held it until she held her hands on her shoulders.

My eyes followed her hands as they lowered onto her breasts and then across her stomach, they continued down to her pussy. One hand running through her pubic hair and the other caressing the inside of her thigh. Georgia moved forward and knelt onto her bed. Her pussy out of sight, she moved her hands up to her breasts. She began circling her nipples and a frustrated squint of pleasure appeared on her face. As I was sitting enjoying this impromptu entertainment my left hand slid into my jeans and started working my hard cock.

Georgia moved back from her bed and sat up on the desk on the opposite side of the room. From this vantage point I could see all of her pussy and also the long green implement she had brought into the room earlier in her hand. I could see then that it was a dildo. Georgia lifted her legs onto the desk and separated them slowly. She ran the dildo slowly down her stomach and onto her pussy. We made eye contact and it was clear that she was as horny as I was. Georgia closed her eyes and entered the dildo into her hot throbbing pussy. She thrust it in and out vigorously until her body started shaking, she was clearly reaching her climax.

She came as soon as I did and as soon as she was done she closed her curtains and blew me a kiss across the street. I knew then that tomorrows walk home would be interesting.

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