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The washing line

I gazed at Michelle's beautiful lingerie on the washing line, as I day dreamed about her tantalising
Michelle had recently moved in next door and had spent most of the summer teasing me with her wonderful body. As the weather had improved, she would quiet often wander out into the garden with a glass of wine in hand and lounge about in a lovely but somewhat reveling bikini. She was well aware that I often watched her from my window and I think she took great satisfaction of flirting with me – if I didn’t know better, I suspect that she was a bit of a secret exhibitionist.

Occasionally Michelle would call out to me, often on the pretence of getting to give her a helping hand in the garden. She knew that I found it hard to keep my eyes from straying to her lovely trim bum or her freckled breasts. It was obvious the she was a bit of a gym bunny, as her toned body was complement by long brown hair and blue mischievous eyes.

Recently she had taken to hanging her washing out side next to the fence between our two gardens. It can as no surprise that Michelle had a wonderful range of desirable underwear and lingerie. I enjoyed getting up most morning and looking out the window to see what wonderful garments were on display. One day I was working from home when I heard Michelle leaving the house. We had spent the evening flirting over the fence – there was always some sexual friction between us, Michelle teasing, me trying not to sound too keen. So whilst thinking about last nights conversation - she had be probing me about what turned me on – I glanced out the window.

And there on the washing line was some of her freshly washed laundry – a wonderful array of lovely underwear – a peach coloured matching set of satin bra and panties. A red and white polka dot bra, that she had very impractically worn under a white dress just the other day and then to my delight a very sensual black silk Basque, thong and suspenders. And finally a lovely white lacy pair of panties, which I could just imaging Michelle slinking into. I wondered what would the neighbors would say - then I realized I was the neighbor.

Then the thought struck me, there was all this lovely underwear just sitting on the line – I knew that Michelle was out and I was home alone, thinking about last night’s conversation. Checking that no one was about, I went down stairs and let myself in through the back gate of the garden. Filled with exhilaration and a little bit of fear of getting caught, I gently caress the soft fabric of her underwear. How sensual it felt and how wonderful fresh and fragrant is smelt. I found it very arousing to think that Michelle had only recently been wearing them.

Feeling rather bold and extremely turn on, I decided that with so much washing on the line Michelle would not know if I borrowed a pair of her panties. Swiftly looking around, I furtively took the first pair of silky white lace panties, with a rather fetching bow on the front and snuck back to the house. Once inside, I inspected them closely – they felt soft on the hand, as I gently caressed them. The excitement and adrenaline of taking them gave me a sudden rush and I realized how aroused I had become. Not thinking particularly clearly, I went up stair to my room. I wanted to feel how the delicate white lace would feel against me and then doing something I had not done before, stripped of and put them on. Looking in the mirror, I could se the outline of my now very hard cock straining against the fabric. The small triangle of fabric only just holding me in – the sight before me was not only very arousing but also extremely sensual. The tip of my cock was just visibly above the little white bow – I imagined what Michelle must look like in them.

Loosing track of time, I heard a front door closing and realized that Michelle was back – panicking I quickly took them off and got dressed – but what to do, how could I get them back on the line without her noticing? I sat at my desk wondering what to do and then to my horror I saw Michelle walk out into the garden and take down her now dry clothes.

The rest of the day passed in a bit of a blur – there sitting on my desk was a beautiful pair of Michelle’s panties, the thought of them sent shivers of delight down my back. What would she do if she found out? Well I was to find out later that evening, when just as I was about to light the bar-b-q – Michelle called over the fence and asked if I would like to join her for a glass of wine. Now who could refuse her, when you saw the mischievous twinkle in her eye?

We talked aimlessly about life in general and what we had been up to, then out of the blue Michelle asked me out right if I had liked seeing her washing on the line this morning, more particularly if I like her choice of underwear. Caught completely off guard, I blustered than I had not really noticed. Really she said, finding that somewhat surprising. I asked what she meant by that, now looking rather sheepish. To which she replied that her cleaner had seen me in the garden this morning and when she came to bring in her laundry, Michelle had discovered that a pair of her panties had gone missing.

I realized that I had been caught red handed, I hadn’t even seen the cleaner and so had some explaining to do. I explained that I had seen the washing and noticed that some of it had fallen on the ground, so I had come round to pick them up for her. A very lame story but it was the best I could come up with. Very well she said but what about the pair of panties that were missing, not believing for one minute my made up story. I mumbled something about putting them in my pocket by mistake but that nothing unsavory had happened to them. Michelle frowned and suggested that I bring them back tight now. I went back and retrieved them, wondering what would happen next.

When I returned, Michelle seemed in a more lighthearted mood and had even refilled our glasses. Casually she I asked if I liked her panties and with out thinking I blurted out that they looked great on. TRAPPED – I hadn’t even thought about what I had just said but Michelle picked up on it straight away. So I had worn her panties, did I enjoy wearing them? I tried desperately to explain it wasn’t anything like that but Michelle wouldn’t let it go. Was I turned on, was I thinking about her – so many questions and all I was doing was digging a bigger hole for myself.

Just went I thought it could get any worse, Michelle demanded that I put them on for her right now. Mortified, I couldn’t believe that she wanted to put them on in front of her. I dare you she said or of course I could tell your friends that you like stealing panties. Resigned to my fate, I stripped off my jeans and reluctantly pulled on her lace panties. There I was standing in the middle of her patio in a pair of white lace panties. Michelle asked me to turn round slowly and model them for her, taking great pleasure in my discomfort and embarrassment. They actually suit you she said – they look nearly as good on you as me – now she was teasing me.

Now at last I had an opportunity to get my own back – Prove it I said I dare you. I think I had chosen the wrong person to dare, I could she that steely glint in her eye. I am not sure if it was the wine or just that Michelle like a challenge but no sooner that I had said that she had pulled down her panties and handed them to me – Swap she said and lets see who looks the best.

I stood there in stunned silence, we were standing in the middle of her patio, in the early evening half light, me now pulling on a pair of Michelle’s still warm panties. She took the pair that until 30 seconds earlier I had been wearing and stepped into them. She swiftly pulled them up to the tops of her now very visibly thighs and to my delight I saw the very neatly trimmed triangle of her pussy. As the light caught the soft curls of her velvety soft mound, I could make out the folds of her lips. She caught me looking and smiled, asking if I liked what I saw. Very much I said too eagerly, as I feel my cock slowly hardening in her panties. She said she could tell and I realized that I was now fully hard and the thin fabric did little to hide my arousal. With this she brushed her hand gently across the front the fabric, picking my gentle as she did so.

I could smell the delicate perfume on her and inhaled the fresh fragrance of her hair. This seemed to make me even harder, as she cupped my balls and lent into me. She ran her finger over the head of my cock and very lightly scratched the tip with her polished nail. The made me jerk with anticipation, I could feel a small drop of pre cum seep through the material. Michelle’s hand slipped inside the waistband and now she had my cock in a firm grip. Realizing, that I had not done anything, I attentively tried to touch her. She gently pushed my hand away and smiled – not this time she said, this is my revenge.

I felt her thumb not slowly massage the head of my swollen cock and then dip down and squeeze my balls. Alternating between soft and hard, slow and fast – Michelle slowly teased me, every time stopping just sort of making me come. As my breath became sorter and sharper, she sensed that I wouldn’t be able to hold back my longer. Taking my cock in both hands, she started to build up a slow steady rhythm, her blues eyes burning into mine. I stiffened in her hands as she gave my balls one final squeeze, this was enough to send me over the top and I came in a high arc, covering not only her hands but sending a large pools of my cum over her cream dress. I shuddered involuntarily as she gently stroked me to submission. Still smiling she wiped her hands on my panties, pulled her dress over her head and handed it to me saying it looked like my laundry was starting to fill up.

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