The |Yes Man part 4

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I meet Sally's Sister Sarah

Well here we go, perhaps I need to change my outlook on life, perhaps I should explain, I had just read the Yes Man by Danny Wallace, and it made me think did I said Yes very often, the answer of course was No. I did not want to fly all over the world, but I wondered if I should say yes more often?

Well it is over 2 months since I took Kelly to University and I thought I would update you on what has happened since then. The Tuesday after that weekend, as I promised Sally (our best friend who I shagged for the first time only a few days before) I went to see Sarah, who she worked with and who she called a sister, to do some plumbing work. Sally drove me to Sarah's place as I had not met her; it was an apartment overlooking the river. Sally may have called Sarah her sister, but she was definitely a baby sister. She was wearing a white see thru blouse and a navy bra could be seen though it, she must be a 34C and had on a pair of old jeans with holes in the knees. She was about 5'7" and had long blonde hair, I wondered if she was a natural blonde unlike Sally. I checked out the problem she was having with the plumbing of her washing machine and told her I would need to buy some parts, and that I could come around the next evening and fix it. She said this would be okay, but she was going to her boyfriend's for dinner and so gave me a key.

Sally drove me home and asked what I thought of Sarah.

  “She seemed very nice and I like her, she did laugh after all at my jokes.”

  Sally turned off the main road, “where are we going”

“Just up here I need to do something.”

  She stopped the car in a lay by, away from the lights, turned off the engine, turned to me, leaned over and kissed me.

“No time for shag”    She undid the zip on my jeans and put her hand on my cock through my briefs

“Looks like you are happy to see me.”

She continued to rub my cock and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. We continue this for about 5 minutes when she withdrew her hand, zipped up my jeans.

“No time to continue. Maybe we will both get lucky at the BBQ, Dave (her husband) and I am holding next weekend.”

  I hate BBQ's but the thought of shagging Sally meant that we would be there (Beverley my wife would come as well).

She dropped me off, and Beverley asked how I had got on, find I said, going back tomorrow after I have got the parts and will fix the washing machine, Sarah is going to her boyfriend's so I got the key.

“Good, I arranged for Maureen to come over and I am going to help her with choosing some new clothes and undies. I will be able to show her some on the internet.”

Next day, I went to Sarah's there was a note for me on the kitchen table asking me to put some washing in the machine and turn it on, once I had fixed it. In the basket were some blouses, a short skirt and some of her undies, bras and thongs and a teddy. I imagined Sarah wearing them, as I started to fix the machine. I was not in a hurry, as Maureen would probably be with Beverley for a couple of hours, and so I put the kettle on and had a cup of tea. I had just fitted one of the two parts needed when I thought I heard a noise, like a door opening

  Who is there?”


. I went out to see her, she had on a see thru raincoat, under which I could see a little black dress (they say all women should have one don't they?) Her eyes were red as if she had been crying, I asked what was wrong.

She started to cry and asked me to hold her.

“It was horrible, I went to my boyfriends, I bought this dress especially, as we had been going out for three months and I wanted him to have sex with me tonight, I wore a matching new bra, panties and hold-up black stocking, to turn him on. I arrived early, but I had a key and went in, I heard a noise from the bedroom and so tiptoed up the stairs, the door was ajar and I looked in, I saw my boyfriend with another man, they were sucking each others cock. I ran down the stairs, with tears in my eyes, back to my car and text him goodbye, and you do not know what you are missing cocksucker.”

  Sarah kept on sobbing,

“Do you want a drink?”


“Take off your raincoat and change if you want to, and I will get you a drink and finish mending the washing machine and put the washing on.”

  I poured her a drink, gave it to her and went back to working in the kitchen.

I finished the job, put the washing in the machine and started it up, checking for leaks, it appear okay, so I went back in to the lounge to tell Sarah. She was sitting in an armchair with her legs tucked up, and I could see some bare flesh above her stocking tops. She had not changed and had her eyes closed. I put her key on the table picked up my tools and started for the door.

She opened her eyes “Fred please do not go, come and hold me”

. Who am I to say no, I walked over towards her and she stood up, I was about to put my arms around her,


What is a matter I wondered?

“I do not want my new black dress to be creased or to get dirty,”

“Okay go and change and I will wait here.”

“ No”   and   pulled off the sleeves and let the dress fall down to the floor, “now you will not make it dirty, but you will me so take off your top clothes after all I am only in my undies.”

  She stood there in a yellow bra and I could see her nipples were slightly erect. Her bikini panties were also lemon, I wondered if she was a natural blonde. I stripped off my working dungarees and stood beside her in just my black briefs, hoping she would not notice the bulge.

“Are you Fred Flintstone?”

“Of course not”

  “Shame I bet you could make my bedrock “(get it the town in the cartoon)

“I do not know about that I said, but I wished that I had my camera with me, I could take some lovely shots of you.”

“Great, you do photos too, do you think that you could take some and make them into a calendar.”

“Of course “

“ Good some of the women at work want to give there partners a calendar for Christmas of racy photos of them and did not know who to ask to take the photos, if I can get a night they are all available and get them to come over here will you do it?”

. You know the answer by now how could I refuse. I hugged her as she had asked.

“By the way there is no way that you are going to fuck me tonight but I will give you a peek and may be something else as I can see that you are happy to see me. Sit and down and get a drink, there is beer in the fridge.”

“Okay but I can only stay for one, as I am driving and I told Beverley I would be home by 9pm.”

“That’s okay we have got an hour.”

  I sat on the chair opposite Sarah, looking at her great body drinking my beer, while Sarah had another large shot of vodka. Sarah had her legs open slightly but I could not see anything so I concentrated on looking at her tits, trying to make out the aureoles and nipples with out any success.

Sarah suddenly startled me, “what was it like to shag Sally, was it better than fucking your wife?”

  I was lost for words; Sally had told Sarah I had fucked her.

“You know that we are like sisters they talk you know, how about comparing me with her.”

“I thought you were not going to let me fuck you.”

“No I am not,” but with that she slowly put her hand up to her bra strap on her right shoulder and started to pull it down, then she moved the left strap down and I saw the top of a slight pink aureole on her right breast, she continued to pull down the straps and I saw the left aureole and then a very small nipple appeared.

“Like what you see! yes okay you might as well see all of my breasts”, and with that she pulled the bra down below her tits, both the aureoles and nipples were very small, but she was definitely a C cup. Her aureoles were puffy, had they been crying like her?

“Would you like to tit fuck me?”

“Of course”

“Drop you briefs I want to see your cock and testicles that sally described to me.”

I dropped my briefs.

  “You had better come over here and let me touch it before your tit fuck me.”

I walked over and she put her hand around my cock and moved it up and down. Then she squeezed my balls.

“Ok I will lie on the floor and you can put your cock between my tits and touch and move my tits till you come.”

“Hang on I am naked how about taking off you panties?”

  “You just want to know if I am a natural blonde or like Sally”

“Yes “,

“Okay here is a peek”, she pulled down the front of her panties, till I got a good view of a hairy curly blonde bush, then she pulled them up

Now you know.

She lay on the floor and I put my cock between her tits and moved about, I held both her tits and the nipples grew erect, and as they were close together, the movement was making me real hot. I felt Sally move and I looked over my shoulder and saw her hand was inside her panties and looked like her had fingers inside her pussy.

“Do you want some help?

“No, just hurry up and come, I want to lick you clean as well as myself.”

  The thought of her masturbating, made me come quicker, I told her I was going to come

“Come on my tits a bit then put it in my mouth,” so I did the first shot went on her right tit and the rest, she opened her mouth and I shot into her.

“Ok when I finished, you can lick your cum off my tit.”

  I did and I spent five minutes with her nipples, kissing and sucking, and all the time she had her fingers in her cunt, suddenly she had an orgasm and pushed me out of the way.

  “Thanks” you had better go and I will contact you about the photo shot “

“Are you coming to Sally's BBQ?”

“No I Have to go home for the week end and let my parents know about my ex boyfriend he was going to come down with me, and share my bed.”

I got home and saw Beverley, Maureen had gone, and Beverley told me that Maureen was a natural red head, but I knew that already, I wonder if I will be able to confirm it, but that is a different story, as is the BBQ at Sally which will follow if I get decent feed back.