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There Is Something About A Hotel Room

When the hotel room door closes, I cannot get my business clothes off fast enough!
I have just experienced the best night of masturbation, ever. Here's how it all "came" down:

I had checked into a very nice hotel for a business conference, and I always get way horny when in a fancy hotel room with king bed all by myself. Just me, my cock, my ass and my rock-hard nipples, which are very sensitive to the touch. As soon as I walked in the door and locked it behind me, the clothes came off rapidly. Soon I was standing naked in front of the mirror, rubbing and tweaking my nips as my cock got rock hard.

I had just learned about e-cigarettes, and found the nicotine rush created a euphoria that exaggerated my arousal. So I pulled one out and began puffing, and my cock and balls became so hard, I thought they were going to explode. With gentle touches, I caressed my balls and the nether regions just behind them, all the way up to the rim of my asshole. This light teasing sent me into orbit and as I stood before the mirror puffing and caressing, my nips grew even harder and longer. This was getting good. It was time to move to the bed.

I laid out everything on the huge bed, perfectly made with a mountain of hotel pillows to play with. I had both of the e-cigarettes I had brought, a fairly large full water bottle, some essential oil, moisturizer, and my laptop with about four hours of hot porn - a collection of unbelievably sexy Asian star, Asa Akira. As I strolled around the room collecting all the goods, I kept puffing on an e-cigarette, further igniting my passion. With each pass past a mirror, I would stop, take a few long drags and slowly caress my cock, balls, and ass. At this point, I thought my nipples were going to explode.

With lights turned down low and a wide bay window next to the bed showing a glamorous city view from my 12th floor sex loft, I laid myself out on the bed and began the first video. It all felt so good, running my fingers over my nips, down my flat stomach, lightly around my shaved pubes to my rock hard cock, continuing with a feather touch around my balls to my ass where I fingered my ass just a little bit. I then reached for the water bottle and slugged down the entire thing, filling my bladder with the lovely water that would eventually spray with gusto from my throbbing cock into the bathtub as warm, fresh piss.

After almost floating over to the sink to refill the bottle, I returned to the bed and continued watching lovely Akira fucking some dude with a huge cock. This woman loves to fuck and suck, and almost delirious, I reached for both both e-cigarettes and slowly placed them both in my mouth so my hands could remain free to molest my now sweating body. I toked on the e-cigarettes, rushing my brain with nicotine, sending me into orbit. I dripped a few drops of essential oil on each nipple, and some on my cock, rubbing all of it in slowly. Then I sucked down the entire water bottle, again filling my bladder for later.

As the porn played, I continued to toke heavily, drink tons of water, and pump my cock up with jelqing actions until it was red and throbbing. Each time I felt the need to come, I would pull back, edging numerous times. With each dry orgasm, my entire body trembled as I clinched my strong PC muscles, holding that sweet cum inside...building an even bigger load. This went on for an hour, toking, caressing, guzzling water, cock pumping, edging, over and over until I could not stand it any more; the piss inside me was about to make my bladder explode.

So I proceeded to the darkened bathroom, where I positioned myself in the tub, feet high on the wall over the faucet, so my hard-as-hell cock was now pointed straight at my face. Using a technique I had been practicing, I very slowly unclenched my PC muscle to release just a dribble of piss, which was incredibly hot and sexy. With tiny releases, I built up pressure until I could not hold it, and began pumping warm piss out, shooting it on my face, head and body in the same manner you "shoot" big loads of cum. But since I had so much piss, I could "shoot" many, many times, big and powerful each time, soaking my face, mouth, hair and body with fresh piss. I shot piss onto myself over and over, until I was covered in piss and had drunk a good amount. All the time, my cock remained rock solid, with my balls drawn up tight as could possibly be.

I laid there in a pool of piss and stroked myself as I fingered my ass, going deep inside with two and three fingers, shoving my own piss inside as lube. I gaped myself, shoving fingers inside, pulling my ass cheeks apart, flooding my ass with liquid. After several minutes, I stood up and wrapped myself in the luscious heavy robe the hotel provided, still soaking wet in piss. I tied the robe together and dripping, I made a sexy stroll back to the bed, pulling hard on my erect nipples as I walked by the open window so all the world could see my ecstasy. My night was only just beginning.

So far, I had been stroking myself right to the edge for about two hours, and it was heaven. This had to be the sexiest I had ever felt, jacked up on an intense rush of nicotine, lying on a giant hotel bed, moist from head to toe from my own golden shower. So why stop now? I hit play on the next Asa Akira video in my collection, and kept going and going. Without any chemical help, my cock was staying hard and my balls were tight and hard against my body, as if ready to erupt at any second. Only I would never let myself get there, choosing to continually edge but never cum. All the while I was sucking hard on my two e-cigarettes, adding to my euphoria.

Since I was traveling, I didn't have any of my ass toys with me, so I improvised. Edging is always so much better with something up my ass. But what this time? I was holding my e-cigarettes, nice long, slender tubes, not fat enough to act as a serious dildo, but kinky anyway. So after taking long hits off of one, increasing my euphoria, I licked one finger and slowly jammed it inside and around my ass before sliding the e-cigarette up inside about half way. Not the end you put in your mouth, and it felt great. It was slightly warm from so much toking, and I gently moved it in and out, back and forth. As I laid back on the thick white hotel robe, stroking my cock and rubbing my sensitive nips, I slid the second e-cigarette up into my ass. Now two warm rods were filling up my tight ass just enough to send new erotic sensations to my cock and balls. After a few strokes, "fucking" myself with these two e-cigarettes, I slowly pulled them from my ass and raised them to my lips to again suck in a large toke of nicotine, drawing on both at one time. It was wild; as I did this, my excitement went off the charts!

I continued to do all of this over and over, stroking my cock and balls, gently teasing my nether regions with the lightest of touches, yanking on my hard nips and slowly running my hands over every inch of my body, now moist with a combination of piss and sweat. I also kept drinking more bottles of water, reloading my bladder for yet another piss party as soon as I could hold it no more.

When that moment came, I again turned off the lights in the hotel bathroom so it was pitch black and ran some warm water in the tub, filling it about three inches deep. I laid back into the warm liquid, imagining it was the piss of 100 hot men, all pissing on me Bukkake style. With feet raised up high on the wall above the faucet and cock rock-hard, I let myself go. This time instead of shooting it all over my hair, face and body, I let go a long stream and aimed for my mouth. I was able to piss right into my mouth for a long period, and again imagining this was coming from several male porn starts encircling me, it sent me into orbit.

Now at about the three-hour mark, I again wrapped my piss-drenched wet body in the luxury of the think hotel robe and moved to the bed. I cued another video, and stroked my cock, which was now dripping with the ooze of tasty pre-cum. I savored every drop and put that into my mouth - yet another erotic moment that heightened by arousal to another level. I could feel a mammoth load building, and when the pressure was stronger than my hard-clinched PC muscles, I let myself go.

Using load-shooting techniques I have mastered by practicing with my very strong PCs, I built the first load, and shot it all the way over my head onto the headboard of the big king bed. The second hot load hit me right in the face, and the third was a bulls-eye right into my mouth. The fourth and fifth loads hit my hard nipples. It was a shower of hot cum, and it tasted amazing. When I was empty, I laid there for 30 minutes, covered in piss, sweat and cum, thinking that this was indeed the best masturbation session I have ever experienced.

There is something about a hotel room. It just lights me up. Can't wait for next time I get to be alone in a hotel...just me, my cock and everything else that makes me explode.

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