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Thinking of somebody else

Fantasising about a younger man while fucking my BF
I watch him sometimes at night. He lives in the house opposite and often walks into his room naked. He's about 19 or 20, tall, well built. I've stared many times as his taut arse, even his cock. I have touched myself while watching him upstairs, the light out. And on one bonus, bonus occasion, I saw him masturbating in front of the mirror. Did he secretly know I was watching and masturbating too? I can't get enough of taring at his young, muscular body. I came watching him that night.

When I was sucking my boyfriend's cock later that same night, I imagined his, hard and throbbing in my mouth. I imagined him straining his young body not to cum too quickly in my mouth, as I tickled my BF's balls, called him a dirty fuck and told how I loved tasting his hard cock in my mouth. I pictured him exploding in front of his mirror, with that big jerking movement men, especially young men, do when they are really excited. As my BF licked my tits, my legs, my clit, I was imagining his young, stubbly face there between my legs, tasting how wet he had made me earlier.

As my BF's stiff, puling cock penetrated my wet cunt, I thrusted up to meet him, imagining the younger man, excited, over excited, desperate not to cum. I slid my finger over and into his arse, told him to imagine he was fucking someone else, anyone he has thought about fucking and as I did I squeezed my cunt muscles hard around his cock. It went into spasm immediately, he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow, pushing, thrusting, throbbing inside me. "Cum inside her,"I said. "Fuck her like you do in your fantasy. Fuck every girl you have wanked over." That did it, he was over the edge, cumming fast just as I suspected the young guy would, grunting, moaning, thinking of some other girl's body.

And not knowing I was thinking of another, younger man's hard cock as I came too.

I saw him earlier today. I pased him on the street and unthinkingly smiled and said hi. He looked a little startled. That made me think, to my embarrassment, that he knows I spy on him. He gets off on the idea and that was the reason for the solo show. I had that mad rush of adrenalin, mortal humiliation, even fear. And something else. As I went and got on the bus to go into town, I had that naughty, creeping feeling in my groin, like a lovely poison dripping through me. I could feel a dampness growing in my knickers and I could feel my clitoris growing, stiffening, throbbing. I went to the shops, all the while thinking it's true, he performed for me, he knows I am a pervert who watches him naked, checks out his naked body and masturbates over him. Maybe he even knows that I fantasise about fucking him when I am with my man. Does it turn him on or is he faintly disgusted at a woman over 10 year older wanking over him? Maybe a bit of both.

When I got home, I stripped naked and stood in the window upstairs, with the lights on. I stroked my tits, squeezed my nipples and then started to masturbate, though that would have not been visible from across the road. So I stood on the bed for one moment, stark naked and rubbing my clit gently. Then I put the light out, lay down nude and rubbed myself to maybe the biggest orgasm I have ever had. When I finished, I stood up. He was in his room, fully clothed. I had no idea whether or not he had seen my show. But I still masturbate about it to this day.

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