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Thoughts Of You (my friend/my fantasy)

You are never far frommy thoughts, especially when I'm all alone.
As I lay here everything is silent, my wife gone for the day shopping, the kids off with grandma. I languish in the silence of it all. Lying back on the bed, in just a t-shirt and basketball shorts, I begin to write to you on my little net book. There seems to be so much I want to say, but still I hold back. I’m not sure of how far we can or how far we should take this. I want to pour my heart out to you, but I don’t want to scare you away either. After all I am more than twice your age and I am married. You on the other hand are a mere twenty-five and single. But even you have to admit there is a certain amount of chemistry between us. I see how you laugh and smile, not to mention look at me. There is a mutual interest, on both parties. I find it so hard just to stay away from you. I’ve even told you that we’re like magnets drawn to each other, and to my chagrin, you agreed with me.

So, here I am, alone with all of these thoughts of you running through my mind. My hand subconsciously wanders down to my crotch, where it proceeds to give my flaccid cock a few obligatory rubs. But even I know that that’s not enough to squelch the fire burning deep inside of me. I close my eyes briefly and imagine to myself what would I do if I had you here at this moment. Again my hand travels southward, this time I reach in to my shorts and pull on my semi-rigid cock a few more times before I finally settle in to simply massaging my swollen balls. It doesn’t take long before I have a full-blown erection. I move my hand up and once again wrap my fingers around my shaft and give a few slow, teasing strokes. God, I wish you were here to indulge me in my fantasy, that of you being near.

With eyes closed I reminisce about looking in to your beautiful, dark eyes. I see that smile that you so readily share with me. I imagine lifting your dark navy blue blouse over your head, exposing the white lace bra, which so invitingly covers your small, firm breasts. From there I reach down and unsnap your khaki colored pants, slowly unzipping them and then finally pushing them down over your shapely hips and beyond your bubbled butt. With your muscular runners legs, you step out of them. You now stand before me in just panties and bra. My erection is pressed hard against the front of my shorts as a sure sign of approval. You look absolutely stunning, but you know that already, don’t you? You have me so aroused, I have no other alterative but to remove my shorts and boxers.

I lay back with only a t-shirt on. If only you could see my cock standing proudly, all because of you. I let my thumb and fingertips slowly masturbate it up and down, right behind the head. I can’t get the thoughts of you out of my mind, as I continue stroking myself. Eventually I have to stop myself because I don’t want to cum too soon. After all, I don’t even have you totally undressed yet (smile). I close my eyes as I reach behind you and I unclasp your bra. I watch as you pull your shoulders together, letting the straps fall down your arms. The cups are held in place by your biceps and as you lower your arms to your sides, the bra falls to the floor. I stare, as your breasts are just as lovely as what I had initially imagined. They are not overwhelmingly big, nor small, but they fit your frame exactly.

I instinctively pull you close, feeling your hard nipples poking into my chest. I reach behind you and grab your pantied ass, pulling you closer still. I want you to feel my hard-on poking in to you. I want you to feel exactly what you do to me. This time your instincts take over and you grind your pubic bone in to me. Again, I must reach down and begin stroking myself. Imagining, wishing it was you. My cock is throbbing, seeking relief. Can you feel it? I imagine your nylon pantied pussy rubbing against it, with any ooze of precum quickly absorbed by the thin material. You continue teasing me in this manner, raising the crescendo even higher.

My cock in my hand once again is practically working overtime, I want to cum in the worse possible way but still my thoughts are all of you. Again, I imagine reaching out to the sides of your panties and slowly lowering them down passed your hips, whereas just the very top of your neatly trimmed pubic hair is visible. I inhale deeply as I lower them the rest of the way, dropping to my knees to stare directly in to the treasure that I have wanted so badly. I’d swear I could smell the delicious fragrance of your sex. Again, I inhale deeply. I want you so bad, but still I hold back, my hand now slowing the pace on my throbbing member. You look more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, but still, I go on.

I kiss you fully on the lips, and soon our tongues darting in to one another’s mouth. You push me backwards, and I watch intently as you slowly straddle my crotch. The excitement between us has you so aroused that the head of my cock slips past your pubic hair and gently parts your well-lubricated pussy. I want to push my hips forward but something tells me that this is neither the time nor the place for it. The warmth of you finally surrounds approximately half of my six inches. You slowly rise back up, and you flash me that devilish grin of yours. The combination of your juices on my cock and the cool night air sends a shiver through my body. You smile again, before you sink down and take my entire length up inside you. You stay like that for what seems to be an eternity.

Finally, you begin to rise and fall in earnest now. My hands reach up and fondle your breasts, pinching their tiny nipples, making them stand out even prouder. In real time my hand begins stoking my cock in rhythm with what I imagine ours would be. Up and down you would ride me, reaching down every so often to steal a kiss. I can feel my balls beginning to tighten. I tell you that if you don’t slow down, that I will cum very quickly. That seems to put you in a heightened state. You begin bucking your hips even more frantically. My hand continues to match you thrust for thrust. I imagine you, every part of you, all that I yearn for.

I am so close to cumming now, that even if you were to slow down I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I close my eyes tightly, knowing full well that I want you to feel me my cock pulse. As my hand moves ever quicker, I fantasize that it is you riding my cock. I whisper to you that I am going to cum and soon afterwards my orgasm overtakes me, as the first spurt erupts from deep within me, I imagine still that I am buried deep within your cunt. You ride me, full force, pulling the cum from deep within.

Spurt after spurt shoots from my cock. I want you to feel it. I want you to have that most intimate part of me. God, I want to share it with you so bad. This is what you do to me. This is how bad I want you. As my orgasm subsides, I still think of you. And long after it’s gone, I will still think of you. This is my tribute to you. And maybe someday you will understand exactly what you do to me. You drive me crazy, in more ways than you know. Probably in more ways than you’ll ever know.

I realize now that I have a mess to clean up. And one might ask if it was worth it? I’d respond with a resounding hell yes. You are my friend, but you are also my fantasy. I can only dream of a day when we could be together. But oh what a dream it is. I’m so glad that you flirt with me; you make me feel twenty something all over again. Oh, if only I could turn back the hands of time, what a couple we would make. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I did,.

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