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Thrill Masturbation

Masturbating in public

I was on an airport run. The person I was picking up landed early morning, so I had to leave the house about four a.m. It was winter, so it was dark and would be until seven-ish. To get to the airport I'd decided on not going on the larger motorways, but to go a more direct but quieter route. I had been focused on just getting to the airport in the first hour of the journey, and what was about to happen didn't even cross my mind.

I started thinking about how quiet these country roads were, and that I hadn't seen more than five or six cars since getting into the countryside. I then thought how hot it would be if my wife had come with and we fooled around in the car, as we'd often done in the past, as that is one of my top sexual turn-on's.

But she wasn't along... But I was here in the car... Light bulb moment. I checked (as if that made any difference) if any cars were behind me. I then loosened the tie in my tracksuit bottoms and pulled out my cock, I started to stroke it very lightly, as I was really turned on and could probably make myself cum very easily. I did this for five minutes or so; a car passed me by in the other direction, but there was no chance of being seen. I then pulled down the tracksuit bottoms to just above my knees and started to stroke my cock and balls. Damn, this felt good, mainly because it was so naughty.

I then reached a village; it was about 5:15am, still dark and no one around. There was a set of traffic lights which I had to stop at. There were street lights and houses with lights on as some people wake early for work etc, and you could see fully into my car and exactly what I was doing. This was a massive turn on, but it was not my intention to flash anyone, nor has it ever been. But this particular time the thought of being seen was incredibly hot to me.

Once I drove through the village, I was driving through a forested valley. The sky was now getting a lighter shade of dark purple and I knew soon the beginnings of sunrise would set in motion. My cock was so sensitive and hard that I knew when I eventually came that it would be amazing, so I decided not to do it whilst I'm driving as it would be a little dangerous. I pulled up at the side of the road.

It was a small parking bay, in the middle of nowhere, and because it was in a valley with lots of trees it was particularly dim and you could barely see anything. A car drove past whilst I sat and waited to get out. Once the car was gone I jumped out the car, holding up my tracksuit bottoms, and walked into the tree line. It was so dark that from the road you couldn't see more than a few feet in, so I knew I was completely invisible even if a car drove past.

I decided that I wanted to be completely naked, so took off my t shirt and tracksuit bottoms hung them on a tree and started my stroke my cock and balls again. I was ready for bursting when a car started approaching, I knew there was no way they could see me, but I was a little hesitant whilst they passed; still, I carried on pleasuring myself. I started thinking how much of a turn on it was when I had been masturbating in the village, and the thoughts of an early morning commuter looking out her window seeing my trousers down to my knees and cock in hand really got me going.

I heard another car approach. I could hear the car for thirty seconds, at least, before it was visible. With this knowledge, I started thinking how much more of a turn on it would be to masturbate out in the road, fully naked.... Oh my god! That was it, I decided to wait for the next car to pass and then I would go out to the road.

After the next car passed, I walked out to the middle of the road, feeling the cold air all over my body. I couldn't hear anything, no cars approaching. The tip of my cock was so wet and slippery; as I stroked it, it was like lube! There was so much of this pre-cum that it trickled down my fingers. My balls were swollen and ready to release! I squeezed my cock so hard and started rubbing it really fast, my heart beating so hard. I could feel myself climaxing!

At this point, in my head, I wanted a car to drive past, I wanted to be seen, and if I heard a car approaching I would have stayed in the same position. With hindsight I'm glad that never happened as I would have regretted it massively. But the thought of being caught was overwhelming.

My orgasm was the best I've ever had; my slippery, rock-solid cock first started to tingle, and the harder I squeezed it the better it felt until my cock was in full ecstacy. I've never felt that before, and it was absolutely amazing. That feeling then progressed into an even more amazing ejaculation. My eyes were tight shut, my whole body jerking, my semen was squirting so far away. Squirt after squirt, it just kept cumming! I was in full orgasm for at least sixty seconds. 

I slowly came round to the fact that I was stroking my cock in the middle of the road, naked, and made a sharp exit to the tree line. I heard a car engine in the distance and was glad to be hidden away. I put my clothes back on, and, feeling 100% satisfied, got back in my car and carried on to the airport.

That was the first and last time I've ever done that, and I'll never forget it... and I hope one day to do it again!




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