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Ticked off a friend

I have a few friends that I have done dares with in the past.  These two, K and C respectively, have witnessed me do things I have never been willing to do in front of anyone, usually at my request so I could overcome my shyness.  Allowing them to do this has led to them becoming more viscious with their dares, more creative and evil it seems as we go along.  Both K and C were very shy and sheltered when I had first met them, but after willingly being their 'dare slave' for years, they seem to have almost lapped me in the dare department.

K is about 24 years old, about 5'1, large DD breasts, a tight ass, and long curly brown hair.  C is almost the opposite.  She's about 23, 5'8, perky C breasts, a pretty decent ass, and long straight blonde hair.  They only things they have in common, aside from the decent ass and tits, is their original shyness.  Now, they're almost alike in their perverse natures, and always looking for a good way to humiliate me, whether in public, or in the comfort of one of their homes.  Let me get to the story.

About 3 years ago, I had made a comment in a joking manner which C had taken personally.   I apologised profusely, but she was royaly pissed.  I didn't want to lose a friend, so I offered to do any dare she wanted me to do, no matter what it was.  She almost didn't take it, and to avoid losing my friend, I offered to do any dares she or K could come up with for an entire day.  She jumped at the offer and it seemed as if her anger had been a ploy.  She planned it for 2 weeks later, on her birthday so she would enjoy it better.

The day came, and C showed up at my apartment with K in tow at about noon.  I had a bad feeling about it because that meant I was in for a longer day.  They started by making me change my clothes, in front of them.  I hadn't been naked in front of a girl since I was a child and here I was about to get naked in front of two pretty hot girls.  I grabbed the clothes they asked me to put on, a pair of baggy sweatpants I had cut off into shorts, and a t-shirt.  The shorts were so lose on me, they would fall on their own if I was just standing there, no matter if I tied them or not.  So I stripped, slowly at first until tey began to yell at me, then I finally just dropped my clothes in the middle of my living room.  I began to put my clothes on, but they stopped me.  They had decided I should stroke myself until I was hard, THEN I could put my clothes on.  I'm not a 'well hung' individual.  My dick is about 6 1/2 inches hard, and it doesn't seem proportional to my size.  I began to stroke myself, trying to get him hard as fast as I could so I could get dressed, my entire body blushing at this time.  C told me to slow down while K just laughed. 

Finally, after getting a ragin hard-on, I was allowed to get my clothes on.  K told me I had to gather up the trash in the apartment, about 3 bags worth, and carry them across the parking lot of my apartment complex, about 200 feet from my door.  I had to carry the bags with my arms outstretched to the side and if my shorts dropped, I was to strip naked and leave my clothes where they were, then continue taking the trash to the dumpster and return to the apartment still nude.  I was hoping and praying that my shorts would stay on until I was on my way back.  I made it about 5 steps out the door onto the landing.  C and K started laughing hysterically as I had to strip, my dick still hard, and streak my way across the parking lot in broad daylight(it was about 12:30 now) carrying trashbags.  I finally got to the dumpster, which thankfully is located inside a fenced in area.  Looking around before heading back, I began to run across the parking lot to get back to the apartment.  About halfway across, C yelled at me, telling me to go back and start again, but I had to skip across this time since I had hidden myself behind the fencing.  I walked back, my dick already dripping precum onto my balls and down my legs, and began my trip back, skipping as I went.  My dick was flopping up and down, and it kinda hurt my balls.

I made it back, and was coming up the stairs when the door below me began to open.  I started to hurry when K yelled for me to stop and wait were I was.  The lady who lived below my apartment looked up at the shock and blushed as she turned and hurried to her car.  I was just seen naked, in public, by a stranger who lived in the same complex as me.  My dick was harder now than it had been when I started.  C told me, after the lady left, that I had to stand where I was for 5 minutes and pose for pictures on K's camera phone, flexing y muscles and waving my dick around while I stood there.  Finally, the 5 minutes passed with no further witnesses(I think) and they allowed me back into the apartment.  I was out of breath, blushing, sweating, and my dick was so hard it hurt.  They told me I had just begun.  K and C then told me to sit on the couch between them.  C had never actually seen a naked man in real life, and wanted to watch me masturbate K said.  My heart sank lower than my jaw fell.  I can't believe they wanted me to go this far.  Turns out, they wanted me to go further, I just didn't know it yet. 

I sat on the couch and asked them if I could have a towel to clean up with when I came.  I got a resounding 'NO' from both of them.  Katie pulled out a 6 sided die.  She told me to roll it ad see what I got.  I rolled a 4.  C rold me I had to cum 4 times in 1 hour or I'd be in trouble.  I had to cum onto my stomach and chest, and I wouldn't be allowed to clean up until I was completely done, providing I got it done in time.  My dick still raging, I waited until they started the clock.  Within 5 minutes, I had my first orgasm(not my first ever, just my first this day), my cum shooting up onto my chest and dripping down.  It was pretty nasty.  I continued stroking furiously, waiting for my dick to get hard again.  I came a second time at the 20 minute mark, all over my stomach and chest this time.  C was just loving it, and K was laughing like mad.  I came the third time at the 45 minute mark, my cock getting pretty sore from all the stroking so far.  I asked them if I could clean my hand at least since the cum was drying and becomming sticky, which caused friction, asking for some lube as well.  They argued about it for about 5 minutes, then said yes.  I cleaned my hands quickly, and added an ample amount of lube to my dick, getting it as slick as possible.  I began stroking like mad, my dick harder than it had been all day, and was just about to cum when the timer sounded.  K told me to stop and remove my hand, immediately.  5 more stokes and I swear I would have cum.

K told me to get up, not allowig me to clean myself, and get her bag from beside the living room door.  I brought it to her, fearing the worst.  It was a good idea for me.  She pulled a large feather duster from her bag, it's handle was about 7 inches long and about 2 and a half in diameter.  I gulped loudly as I imagined what she wanted me to do with it.  For the record, I am straight.  I have never been much for anything up my ass, but a dare is a dare.  But this was ridiculous.  She wanted me to sit on the couch upside down, legs in the air, resting on my shoulders.  I did so and the cum began running up my chest and onto my neck.  It did not feel wonderful.  K then told me I had to be punished, so I had to lube up the handle and shove it up my ass, until nothing but feathers were showing.  I probably turned about 9 shades of red as I looked at C, an evil grin plastered onto her face as she watched.  I lubed it up, and placed the tip onto my asshole, a shiver racing through me.  Slowly I began to push it into my ass, eyes closed due to the humiliation.  I had never done this before, much less in front of anyone, even less in front of two females. 

I finally got the feather duster placed, my asshole screaming, but thankful that the handled was gripped, meaning it was actually thicker on the tip, so my ass wasn't stretched out so much.  I was breathing pretty heavy, almost hyperventilating as K and C told me the next part.  I had to work the handle in and out of my ass as I sat there, upside down on the couch, my dick hovering over my face.  At the same time, I had to stroke my cock, which had betrayed me and was hard once again.  When I came, I was to keep my mouth open and aim for my face.  If I actually got some in my mouth and swallowed, my punishment would end.  I was pretty much pouting as I began to stroke myself, working the feather duster in and out of my ass.  The cum had begun to leak down my neck and to the back of my head, which thankfully I keep shaved.  C was sitting there with her wicked grin as I looked over, her tongue rubbing around the edge of her lips.  I looked to K and saw that she was recording me, making a video on her cellphone.  I gasped.  The humiliation had pushed me over the edge and I came, shooting my load all over my face, a rather large gob shooting into my throat as another nailed my on the lips, running onto my tongue.  It was not the best taste in the world, let me tell you.  C almost looked demonic as she told me to swallow.  After what seemed like an eternity, I swallowed, taking my own cum down my throat, thankfully not gagging.  I began to pull the feather duster out of my ass, when K stopped me.  Even C had a shocked look on her face at this. 

K told me that I had done good, and I wouldn't be punished further, but I did have to complete a punishment from earlier.  As the girls gathered their stuff, I was allowed to stand, keeping the feather duster in my ass and not being allowed to clean myself up.  K told me I had forgotten my clothes out on the parking lot and had to go retrieve them.  Sighing and hanging my head, C laughed and told me I should walk them to their cars as well.  I was still blushing as I walked out of the house, down the stairs(awkwardly) and escorted them to their car, picking up my clothes along the way.  I watched them leave, as instructed, then raced back into the house.  Once inside, I made my way to the bathroom, pulling the feather duster out as I got there and jumped into the shower for an hour long clean up session.  After stepping out of the shower, I went to check my e-mail.  K had sent me something about 20 minutes ago.  I checked it and opened the attachment, bombarded once again as I watched myself cumming onto my face with the feather duster up my ass.  I shut it off, and read the rest of the e-mail.  K told me C had a blast and wasn't mad anymore, but I wasn't safe yet.  I had to be on call until they said otherwise, or she'd start showing the video off to people. 

Just to let you know, it's now 3 years later, and I'm still on call.  One of the things I've been told to do is post here and do whatever dare I was ordered to do, by whoever it was.  I can turn it down if it's gross, involving shit or piss, but other than that I was fair game.  I've been a member on here for awhile, and just now got up the nerve to post.  I wait patiently for the replies, and embarrassingly look forward to any dares I might receive.  Thank you.

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